Best Wall Art Decor Buying Tips

10 Best Wall Art Decor Buying Tips in 2023

In this article, I will share the ten best wall art decor buying tips that you can use to buy the best decor for your room. Wall decor that is stunning, durable, long-lasting, handmade, and increases the overall beauty of your room. Choose the wall art that suits your room perfectly, as there are many styles, shapes, and colors to choose from.

Wall Art Decor Buying Guide – 10 Best Tips

Now before you choose anything, have a look at these points. These can create a big impact on the wart art decor you are about to buy. With these, you will pick the best art for your wall. 

  • The size of that art that fits your wall.
  • How popular and good the brand is in your country.
  • Pros & Cons of that decor that people are saying.
  • Their ratings and reviews on the site you are buying.
  • Why choose one art over another. What is so special about it.

I will try my best to help you choose the best wall decor that is elegant, fits your wall, and comes along according to your unique taste. But, in the end, you will decide whether to buy that decor or not. So here are those ten best tips for buying good wall art decor.

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Know Your House and Room Well

1) Know Your House and Room Well

Before searching for the best wall decor, understand your room and the wall first, the landscape, the paint, total room space, the size of the walls, and how it will look from the corner of your house. Consider them all. Your wall art needs to be noticed and attract attention from your guests. 

You have to imagine how your whole room might look after the placement and how that piece of decor can enhance the look and feel of the room. It should look beautiful, like the WOW factor. For that, perfect planning is required. So know your room well, and then imagine how to make it more noticeable to you and your guests.

2) Try to Make It More Noticeable

When you plan to buy wall art decor, make sure the installation is smooth and looks almost similar to the design in the product picture. As it’s the trickiest thing to do that will make your room glow or dark.

Nowadays, companies are providing installation services along with the product purchase as a package along. If not, then the panel should have the instructions on DIY, how to install them most likely just hang them on your wall. 

But some arts may need some additional equipment to arrange them. Read that DIY or watch a tutorial video and do it. That way, you will know what to do when doing small maintenance on the art, like cleaning.

3) Maintenance Must Be Easy

Maintenance of these home decor must be simple and easy. It is the most important thing to consider while ordering art. Choose the dust-resistant, waterproof, and durable that needs minimal maintenance. Install it and be done with it. There is no need to worry. But they might require a little cleaning occasionally.

4) The Size and Shape

All these wall decors come in different sizes. You should measure your wall first and choose the right size for it. Plus, consider the size of each piece of wall art, as most wall decor comes with three or more pieces of art. Ensure that you can easily get attracted from a long distance.  

5) Now Choose Your Style

If you are comfortable with any size or have chosen one, it’s time to choose the style. Choose art that feels special and reflects your feelings. Here are some feelings that most people look forward to when buying wall art.

  • Do you want a wall decor that feels like you are on a beautiful beach? 
  • Or over a mountain looking at the stunning sunrise? 
  • Do you want a beautiful smell hovering over your house through some flowers? 
  • Do you like something Rustic or Boho design?
  • Any moving gear wall clock that seems like the machine has a life?

Just imagine that feeling, what you want to feel, and select your style. I know it’s a hard choice, but don’t get distracted by the many options available to those sellers. Choose your top three and buy the best one. 

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Select the art by Color

6) Select It by Color

Now it’s time to go for the color hunt. I would say the color is a personal choice, and no one can suggest anything. But try not to match the wall art with our room’s overall look. If you do, the art will remain hidden there, and you don’t want that. You want to make it attractive and increase your room’s attractiveness. Ask your heart and select a color that goes with your taste.

7) Material Used in the Art

The type of material used for making the wall art decor is an important thing to consider. Some wall art is made of wood, some are canvas printing, and some are metal. But only a few decorations have a combination that is light and durable. Don’t go for the art that has a plastic built. It might not last long. 

8) Where Will You Place It

Select exactly where you want to fit the wall art above your sofa, fireplace, living room, kitchen, or any other place. Search for an optimal position where the art will glow, and where people will notice and admire it.

Select a place to hang it, and then choose the size that fits perfectly on your wall and goes with the room color. Don’t place it in a place where people can pass without noticing it. Avoid placing it in a place that has a low light problem. Use some lights to make it noticeable.

9) How to Keep the Art Safe

Now know how to keep that beautiful art safe. Don’t place it somewhere where it can get broken or catch fire instantly. If you are installing it above the fireplace, make sure it’s well-protected. If you are installing it beside an electrical line, also make sure to protect it as it can catch fire through the electrical short circuit. Keep the wall art safe. It will last a very long.

10) Consider All Angles of The Room

Step a few steps back from your room wall, check the art from different angles, from every corner, and try to understand how will it look. Ask yourself questions about which art will suit your wall the best in this situation. You can ask a friend’s opinion. Choose only one that goes with all angles.


So after considering all these ten features, choose a wall art decor that is stunning, durable, long-lasting, and handmade which provides an elegant and rich look. Thanks for reading. Good luck.

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