Top 10 Real Estate Investor Leads Idea for this Modern World

In this article, I will share ten proven real estate investor leads you can use to boost your sales. As you know, real estate is all about leads and leads. Without them, no business can survive. 

  • Real estate leads are like the fuel of your car. Without them, you can not go far. 

But lead generation has changed a lot in recent times. Those old ideas do not work anymore. You must be ready and updated with the current market condition to get the best out of your advertising budget. 

This article is all about that. How to generate quality real estate leads in this digital era and make your competitor clueless. Like, how are they doing it?

What are Real Estate Investor Leads

So basically, it’s a process of gaining quality customers via different advertising techniques and engaging with them for life. It’s a process of finding motivated buyers and sellers through marketing, sales, and data management system.

Creating a consistent lead pipeline is critical for every real estate investor. It allows them to grow their businesses more seamlessly and analyze a predictable number of deals every month without thinking about anything else.

The Ten Best Real Estate Leads for Investors

real estate leads for investors

Now I will share ten real estate investor leads that have proved their worth in the market. As you know, today we have more opportunities than ever because of this ever-changing digital world.

The digital market is driving more the 45% of total leads to its agents or investors. You can use those online and offline strategies to get the most out of your ads. Here is how.

1. Use the Direct Mail System

The direct mailing system is an old-age game, but it still works today. You will send physical paper mail (not emails) to your probable sellers who want to sell their homes.

First, you will target an area and try to find some homes that are for sale or have any disputes. Maybe, the owner just wants to get rid of it because he can’t afford to repair their house. They want to sell it anyway.

You will find these motivated sellers using your research team and agent data. You will send them Direct Mails to buy their homes in the condition that it is currently at a fair market price.

You will write something like this in the Direct Mail.

  • We buy homes. Call 999190.

Make it simple, like a small telegram, and don’t send them. Send it twice a month, no more than that. If you do, they will feel irritated and ignore your Direct Mails completely. 

Design your mail in a way that attracts attention. That separates it from other mail in the mailbox. If that person wants to sell his home, he will call you. Then you will start your negotiation skill to buy that house below the market price.

It works. Gary Keller also says this in his book FLIP. Direct mail can change the game for you to use it. Use some CRM Apps to manage the mail list.

2. Craigslist Advertisement 

Craigslist is a classified advertisement website with sections devoted to jobs, housing, services, for sale, items wanted, community service, and gigs. You can compare it with OLX in Asia.

Craigslist is very useful for finding cash buyers. Post ads in the real estate category as For sale by Owner. That will become more effective than any other strategy. You can try it out.

3. Attract People through Trendy Social Media Content

In this media world, social media is a key to quality leads. Select a few social media sites that people use most in your area and start to post amazing and informative content. Remember, consistency is the key here.

4. Use the Skip Tracing Method

Now imagine you have found an undervalued property while driving in a market. But no one lives there, and the neighbors have no idea where they went. How can you reach that owner?

Skip Tracing is here to help. It is a process of finding contact details by using other personal information that you can get through their friends and families.

Surely someone in their contact will have their Phone No, and then you can send direct mail to them or call directly to buy that house. It is very effective. You should use this method.

5. Run Display Advertising Campaigns

Run Display Advertising Campings

Print some physical ads and put on on the street or in a nearby location where most new home buyers come to visit. Find a perfect spot in your local area and place the ads with a CTA (call to action) with it. Like a phone no, call us at 962000.

You have seen it in your local area. There are lots of street billboard ads promoting their product or service. But to get that spot can be expensive. That is why before you offer them make sure you budget for it and do not overspend your advertising money.

6. Facebook and LinkedIn Groups

Facebook and LinkedIn groups are some FREE sources that you can use to generate good real estate leads. I have seen people post in these groups and discuss with the people there, and someone from it becomes interested in that house.

But let me tell you, some groups have monthly membership fees ($10 – $100). Give a search, and you will find groups to join.

7. Leverage Existing Data from Agents

All the agents in your area have a lot of buyer and seller data. Plus you will gain access to the MLS listing via that agent. Use all of them, filter some homes according to your needs, and then approach them. Your agent will help you connect with the owner or the buyer. 

8. Use Specific Podcast

Podcasts are buzzing these days. Start a home buyer or seller podcast with some useful information for your customers. It can create a good amount of trust for you, and that trust will convert into leads in the coming days. Just educate them on what to do and what not to do while buying a home.

9. Try Search Engine Optimization

Start a blog and use search engine optimization techniques to drive free leads to your business. Many professional real estate investors use this SEO method. They educate them about the industry and ask them for their email. People will be happy to sign up for your free newsletter.

10. Run Facebook and Google Ads

And lastly, run Facebook and Google ads campaigns to target specific people from a specific area. These are expensive but work the best. I think Facebook ads because they have much more accurate information about the home buyer list.

Buy Quality Leads on Fiverr

Buy Leads on Fiverr

Although you can buy real estate investor leads on Fiverr. The are some high-rated lead generator freelancers who can help you generate leads. Now I am not saying they are the best buy you can try if they work in your country.

Let me tell you, everyone needs quality leads, and people will do everything to get a lifetime customer. That is why I think you should try every option available in the market that is raising some hope.

Although you can also try other freelancer websites like:

  • Upwork
  • Freelancers
  • PeoplePerHour

But I think Fiverr is a great way to start. It’s your choice.

Last Words

So there are the reviews of those ten best real estate investor leads. I hope you got your answer and this article has helped you. Just don’t run for real estate leads. Try to build relationships with your clients. That will drive more free leads to you via referral. I wish you the best of luck. Thanks for reading. See you soon.

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