Top 10 Richest Real Estate Developers in the World (Ranked!)

So who are the richest real estate developers in the world, and how much they are worth today? You will know all in this article according to the Hurun research last year.

This report is official from Hurun, a leader in the research industry. The head office is in Mumbai and Shangai. They say China has the maximum no of real estate billionaires. 

A recent report says there are 275 real estate billionaires, and the number is increasing rapidly. Recently, the net worth of those billionaires skyrocketed because of the pandemic. You can see the list below.

CountryWealthy Developers
China 52
United States17
United Kingdom8
France 1

Top Richest Real Estate Developers in the World Right Now

Real estate is always a source of wealth-building platform, and it will be the same till the end of the day. So let’s find out who is the richest and how he made it there from scratch. Here are the 2022 global real estate rich lists.

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1. Li Ka-Shing

Li Ka-Shing from China

Li Ka Shing was born in 1928 in South China and moved to Hong Kong with his family in 1946 because of the Sino-Japanese War.

  • Net worth: $33 Billion
  • Country: Hong Kong
  • Source of wealth: CK Hutchison Holdings

At 20, Li Ka Shing becomes a manager in a small company. By saving and investing it in real estate, he becomes the richest real estate tycoon.

I have watched his interview about how he made it to the top, available on YouTube. His famous quote says:

  • Save your first bucket of Gold and use it for investing.

He says whenever I get the opportunity, I try to enter a new industry, which is the main formula of my success. I was able to manage the cash flow well. Cash flow is the king, he says. And I think this manta made him the richest real estate developer in the world.

2. Lee Shau Kee

Lee Shau Kee from Hong Kong

This guy is a self-made billionaire. He is the funder of Henderson, a land development company. People call him the Buffet of Hong Kong.

  • Net worth: $27 Billion
  • Country: Hong Kong
  • Source of wealth: Henderson Land Development Company

He was born in a small merchant family in Guandong Province, China. Lee Shau came to Hong Kong with just $1000 in his pocket At the age of 20. After many struggles, Lee finally founded Henderson Land Development Company in 1976.

Lee is a true inspiration for people like us, a real self-made man. His net worth is around $26 Billion. He is 2nd on the Hurun rich list.

3. Yang Huiyan

Yang Huiyan from China

Yang Guoqiang (her father) founded Country Garden Holdings in 1997. In 2007, Her father gave her a big portion of the company Country Garden Holdings, about 70 percent stake, before the IPO. She is 3rd the Richest real estate developer in the world since that time.

  • Net worth: $26 Billion
  • Country: China
  • Source of wealth: Garden Holdings

Yang Huiyan is the richest woman in China and the No.1 woman who made it to the richest real estate developers in the world by Hurun, with a net worth of $26 Billion.

4. Peter Woo Kwong

Peter Woo Kwong from China

Peter was the chairman of Wheelock & Co, a property development company till 2015. After that, he stepped down, and his son Douglas took the company public.

  • Net worth: $18 Billion
  • Country: Hong Kong
  • Source of wealth: Wheelock & Co.

In 1972 Peter started his career with Chase Manhattan Bank in the US. But after a few years, he returned home and joined his family’s real estate development business. He is the 4th Richest developer with a net worth of $18 Billion in 2022.

5. Wu Yajun

Wu Yajun from Hong Kong

She is the chairperson of Longfor Properties, a Hong Kong-based real estate company. She founded the company in 1993 and has a degree in engineering and worked as a journalist before entering the real estate industry.

  • Net worth: $17 Billion
  • Country: Hong Kong
  • Source of wealth: Longfor Properties

She is the 6th Richest real estate developer in the world with a net worth of $17 Billion in 2022.

6. Wang Jianlin

Wang Jianlin from China

In 2017 he was the richest real estate developer, but today someone else. You will know how they have started their journey.

  • Net worth: $17 Billion
  • Country: China
  • Source of wealth: Wanda Group

Wang Jianlin is the founder of the developing company Wanda Group and a philanthropist. He won a 15 percent stake in Atletico de Madrid, a famous football team in Spain.

This rich list does not matter for these people as they never focus on personal achievements. Their main focus is on the growth of their real estate company. They do not care where they are on the first list or the last on the list. Today Mr. Wang is the 5th Richest real estate tycoon with a net worth of $17 Billion.

7. Hugh Grosvenor

Hugh Grosvenor from England

Hugh is the youngest real estate billionaire in the world and the 7th Duke of Westminster, England. A member of the royal family.

  • Net worth: $16 Billion
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Source of wealth: Grosvenor Group

In 2016, he inherited the Grosvenor Group, a company that started back in 1677. Yes, he is not self-made, but he is one of the richest real estate developers in the world, with a net worth of $16 Billion.

8. Doland Bren

Doland Bren from USA

In 1958 he started a developing company named Bren Company. It was a successful move. The company was performing well enough. 

  • Net worth: $15 Billion
  • Country: United States of America
  • Source of wealth: Bren Company

But in 1970, he sold that company to International Paper Co. for about $34 Million. After just two years, a major recession hit California state and the whole country, and the company was for sale. He bought back his company from International Paper Co. with just $22 Million. Wow, that was a master move.

In 1977 he renamed it ‘Irvine Company. After that, he never looked back. His wealth is continuously growing. Donald Bren is one of the richest real estate developers in the USA, with a net worth of $15 Billion.

9. Joseph Lau Luen Hung

Joseph Lau Luen Hung from china

He is the chairman of the company Chinese Estate Holdings and the biggest shareholder, about 61 percent.

  • Net worth: $14 Billion
  • Country: China
  • Source of wealth: Chinese Estate Holdings

In 1974 after graduation, Joseph Lau joined his family business, a small Ceiling fan manufacturing company. But that was not good for his vision. He wants to do something different.

In 1978 Joseph renamed the real estate company Evergo Industrial Enterprise. But till then, he has no interest in the real estate. After some years, probably in 1985, his company focused on property management and stock investment business.

They bought a 43% stake in the Chinese Estates Company, a hotel development company. It gave Mr. Hung total control over the company, and he started building properties. In 2006, he officially became a billionaire in the real estate industry.

His journey is simple for an average man like you and me. But today his net worth is estimated at around $14 Billion.

10. Li Hua

Li Hua real estate tycoon from China

He is the 10th richest real estate developers with his company ‘Excellence Real Estate Group based in China. Li Hua is the biggest landlord in Shenzhen, with a net worth of $11 Billion.

  • Net worth: $11 Billion
  • Country: China
  • Source of wealth: Excellence Real Estate Group

In 1996 Li Hua founded Excellence Real Estate with his brother Li Xiaoping in Guangdong Province. 

Its Biggest achievement came in 2018 when the company crossed the mark of RMB 100 Billion in sales in just three years, RMB 32.5 billion, and RMB 45.6 billion (RMB is the Chinese currency).

Last Words

The real estate industry is simple and rewardful, develop buildings and become a billionaire. Anyone can do it, but not everyone will, the question is, will you?

I hope this article gave you the answer on the richest real estate developers in the world. Thank you, see you soon.

Richest Real Estate Tycoon FAQs

Richest Real estate tycoon FAQs

Who is the richest real estate developer?

Li Ka Shing of Hong Kong is the richest real estate developer in the world, with a net worth of $33 billion.

Who is the richest real estate developer in the USA?

Donald Bren is the richest real estate developer in the US with a net worth of over $15 billion.

Who are the top property builders?

Li Ka Shing of Hong Kong, Lee Shau Kee of Hong Kong, and Yang Huiyan of China are the top property builders in the world.

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