Top 10 Best Paying Jobs in Real Estate Investment Trusts

In this article, I will share the ten best paying jobs in real estate investment trusts that you can apply for and start your carrier with a bang. And everyone knows how trendy those REITs are. Every retail investor wants to be a part of it to make money or diversify their investment portfolio.

The Ten Best Paying Jobs in Real Estate Investment Trusts

So here are those ten jobs that can change your life as they did for those who understood the trend and have jumped into the industry. But first, you must know what REIT is, how it works, and most importantly, where to apply for the best job with a high-paying salary.

What are REITs

REIT means a real estate investment trust where a normal person can invest in the real estate sector with super liquidity. It means you can sell your real estate stocks in minutes, not in the months that physical real estate takes, which is about 3 to 5 months.

REITs are a form of stock that is traded in the stock market. Anyone with just a few bucks can invest there and earn some cash yearly as it offers to its investors, which is about 90% of their distributable dividend.

That means if you invest in a REIT, you will receive cash flow based on your investment once a year or twice a year, depending on the REIT you are investing in.

That is the best part of this investment. If you want a stable dividend income for years to come, you should invest in REITs.

A Little History of REITs

Before I give you the best paying jobs in real estate investment trusts, you need to know a bit of history.

In 1960, the US congress established the first ever REIT in the United States to boost the realty sector. They saw that people are getting interested in investing in the stock market, and most people are not buying properties as an investment because it takes a lot of hassle to buy, and operate a physical property.

So they thought if we eliminate all these hassles, and offer them a much easier option to invest in real estate, then most of them will surely put their money here, and the reality sector will get a boost. It’s a win-win situation.

They set up a REIT and listed it on the stock market, and encouraged people to invest in them by giving them lots of financial benefits. That is how the idea of REIT came into existence.

Types of Real Estate Investments Trust

Different Types of Real Estate Investments Trust

Today there are more than 500 well-established REITs all over the world, and they are all performing really well and generating good money for their investors. But not all the REITs are the same. There are many classes of REITs, and those are as follows. 

There are primarily three types of REITs you will see.

  1. Equity: They invest in rental properties.
  2. Mortgage: They give property owners loans and earn interest from them.
  3. Hybrid: They offer both Equity and Mortgage REITs option in a compact form. 

Most of the real estate investment trusts you see today are equity REITs. These REITs give a constant cash flow every year. History has proven that.

How many Jobs are Available in REITs

Here are those ten best paying jobs in real estate investment trusts. Choose what you liked the best. All of them can give you a good salary, but the choice is yours. So here are those ten best paying jobs in real estate investment trusts.

1. REIT Analyst

It is one of my favorite real estate investment trust jobs. A REIT analyst builds a complete financial model using the company’s assets, liability, and purchases. So the best brains in the company can make a better decision out of it.

An analyst works include:

  • Researching
  • Analyzing all the data
  • Monitoring the property market
  • Making wise decisions and 
  • A good plan while buying a property

An analyst earns an average of $100,000. But it can go up to $165,000 based on his experiences.

But to get that job is difficult. Here are the requirements that a REIT company will ask of you.

  • A bachelor’s degree in finance, economics, or real estate
  • Good analytical skills
  • A good sense of research skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Good experience in managing programs, and reports
  • And proper knowledge of financing and local property markets.

If you have those, you can apply if there is a vacancy for a REIT analyst.

2. Relations Consultant

A relation manager manages all the clients and helps them choose the best investments possible according to their needs. You gotta be a master salesman to fit in this category, and you must know how to please people. 

Their work involves:

  • Relationship with stockholders
  • Making investment reports
  • Setting up team meetings

They make about $74,000. But it can go up to $100,000 if you are that good.

Most people think it’s easy, but it’s not. It’s an emotional job, I would say, as no matter how good or bad your mood is, you have to treat your customers well, all the time.

3. Asset Management

First thing first, if you have over ten years of experience in Asset Management, you may earn up to $250,000 annually. That is an opportunity this job offers.

Asset Management is a big field where you have to manage all the company assets and make sure you make them safe from any legal disputes. That is why you need to have a good knowledge of real estate laws in the country.

If you don’t have any legal knowledge, work with a real estate lawyer to make things safe. The work is hard, but the pay is big, with an average salary of $86,000.

4. Real Estate Appraiser

Best Paying Jobs in Real Estate Investment Trusts the Appraiser

This REIT job is my 2nd favorite best paying jobs in real estate investment trusts as it is close to the Analyst job. An Appraiser helps the company increase the asset value by implementing some new ideas.

For example, an Appraiser will find a portion of the company where improvements can be made, with some changes that should not affect the company in any way. If he can identify that, he will fix it, and the company will grow in value.

Basically, an Appraiser helps a company increase its value. They make around $100,000 a year, but it can go up to $150,000. It is one of my faveroit best paying jobs in real estate investment trusts and you can joint it if you are not afraid of math.

5. Real Estate Attorney

As I have said earlier, a real estate attorney will work with the Asset management guy in the REIT company. But, when it comes to pure legal protection and other legal work, a special real estate Attorney is required.

Most people think a regular Attorney and a real estate Attorney are the same. But no, a regular attorney can not do all the real estate work. That is why REIT companies only hire real estate attorneys, not regular attorneys.

They make around $150,000 yearly, but it can go up to $200,000 based on your experience.  

6. Real Estate Broker

A real estate broker makes about $85,000. But an expert broker can make up to $180,000 annually.

The broker is not a real estate agent. A real estate broker is the head of all agents. Under him, all the agents work. Most brokers have their own firm, but sometimes they also work for companies on salary.

If you take a look at the market, you will notice that most brokers work on a contract basis with their REIT companies, and they earn some good money.

7. Real Estate Agent

real estate agent jobs

There are no explanations required for this guy, as most of you know what a real estate agent does, and it’s a super attractive real estate job all over the world.

I was watching a video on Instagram REEL that says how everyone is becoming an agent and making big bucks. It was a funny video, but it seems like the trend of becoming a real estate agent is on the rise, as they make some good money as a beginner, about $57,000, and the experienced one can make up to a million dollars if they are that good.

8. Real Estate Investors

An investor in the real estate investment trust does a lot of work to make the company profitable. Like, as buying the right properties in the right market or assigning a value to an old property with help of an appraiser.

Investor job is complicated as they take more risk and can earn the most money. Those who work in a REIT company also hold some properties of their own, most of the time. That way, they can earn more. The average earning is $124,000.

9. Acquisition Jobs

The Acquisition job is not so different than the investor’s as they both help buy good properties and make the deal possible. But this guy can make the work much easy for the company if the organization is big.

Those Acquisition jobs in a REIT are not easy. You can not apply for the job directly. You need to become an analyst first. Then you will be promoted to the Acquisition post with a salary up to $250,000 annually and a base salary of $90,000.

10. Development Jobs

A primary job of a real estate developer is to be in charge of a new building that is being construed. Most of the time, REITs just don’t buy properties but also build them where they can get the maximum returns. That’s why they hire a Developer. 

They make around $110,000 but can go up to $244,000 annually. Being a real estate developer is one of the best real estate investment trusts job you can have.

Last Words

So these are the best paying jobs in real estate investment trusts. Choose according to your needs. I would say the Analyst and the Appraiser job are the best job on this list. But you can choose others also. Good luck. Thanks for reading. See you soon.

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