15 Best Real Estate Apps for Agents (Mobile and Computer)

So you are looking for the best real estate apps for agents, you have come to the right place. Here I will give you 15 apps that will help you generate more leads, manage your business efficiently, boost your property sales, connect with other agents, sign the documents digitally on a Tab or a mobile, and grow in the process.

Best Real Estate Apps for Agents (Mobile and Computer)

So here are those ten best real estate apps for agents that you can use to boost your sales and business. Some of them are free, and some paid. Check thoroughly before selecting one.

1. AgentsTown

AgentsTown app for realtors

Their primary focus is to boost the income of their fellow agents. They shall help you list the property on the platform and sell it fast via their network.

They have 1000+ agents on their platform which makes the selling process faster. You can chat with them live with a messaging option they have created.

  • Price: Free

You have to follow five steps to get started:

  1. Sign up with your Mobile No.
  2. Make a profile.
  3. Add your requirements.
  4. Find a matching property.
  5. Close the deal as fast as you can.

AgentsTown is one of the best real estate apps for agents for new real estate agents with the power of networking. You can use it to generate quality leads as beginners. Take a look.

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2. DotLoop

DotLoop app for realtors

Yes, close the deal on the road using pocket-sized Transaction Management Software made by Zillow Group for realtors.

  • Price: $32

It offers almost everything you need as an agent:

  • It helps you manage the property documents.
  • Edit the forms and verify them.
  • E-signing on the digital device. 
  • Collaboration with other agents in the area.

Over 9000+ brokerage firms use DotLoop including, ‘Keller Williams and ReMax.’ You can also do the same. It’s a helpful app in the real estate industry.

3. DocuSign

DocuSign app for agents

You take digital signatures from your clients using this app n your mobile phone. During the lockdown, many agents sold the property this way. They emailed the documents and took the sign digitally. That helped DocuSign grow significantly. 

  • Price: $10

But is it legal to do so? Yes, it’s legal since the year 2000. DocuSign operates in over 188 countries and serves over 225,000 companies, available in 44 languages.  

4. Evernote

Evernote app for brokers

As an agent, if you want to manage all the data you have in one place, then Evernote might be the perfect choice for you. An app to reduce your workload.

  • Price: Free

Everyone uses it, and you should use it too.

5. Insightly

Insightly app for agents

As an agent, you should use CRM software for your business, and Insightly might be a good choice for you. A freemium and easy-to-use app available for both computer and mobile.

  • Price: $29

It helps you in:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Projects management
  • Planning
  • Other data

The basic plan starts at $29 per month. A good CRM software to integrate your business within.

6. Right Inbox

Right Inbox app for realtors

When you can not meet your clients physically, you have to use emails then the app comes in handy. It will help you design the email, send it at the right time, and make a good impression on those clients.

  • Price: $6

If you do some email marketing, this app can help you out.

7. Magic Plan

Magic Plan app

Before your customers purchase a house and want to know how it will feel inside, the floor design, the kitchen, and all the kinds of stuff, this app can help them out. 

  • Price: $10 – $100

During the time of the pandemic, the only app realtors used to sell their houses was this. Because physical visit was prohibited, they had to use virtual visits to full the desires of their clients. The real estate app will be your best friend in that situation. Use it.

8. Contactually

Contactually app

It’s one of the best real estate apps for agents. If you want to analyze all the information about your real estate business in one place and want to keep a long-lasting customer relationship, this app can help you.

  • Price: $59

You can use it for:

  • Client management
  • Tracking
  • Client matching
  • House matching
  • Marketing campaign management

All in one app for realtors, You can use it.

9. Bubble Level App

Bubble Level App

If you are an agent and you think this house needs a modification, not much but a little, maybe the door or the floor, then you can use this app to get the measurement with the camera function the app has.

  • Price: Free

It will help you send potential customers to you with those photos. Use this app made only for realtors.

10. Lab Coats Agents

Lab Coats Agents app

LCA, or Lab Coats Agents, was built for real estate agents to become PRO at social media marketing. It helps you create beautiful-looking content in just a minute from anyhow in the world. 

  • Price: $59

Canva is made for all content creators, but LCA is only for realtors to help them succeed in social media marketing.

11. Canva

Canva app for agents

Canva is one of the leading content creation platforms right now. You don’t need to use Photoshops that only work on computers. You can use Canva on the go on your mobile and create content for your audience.

  • Price: $12

I personally use this app, and it never let me down.

12. Bomb Bomb

Bomb Bomb app

If you want to build a long-lasting relationship with your clients, this is the real estate app you need. You can send personalized video messages, emails, and texts to build good relationships with your clients.

  • Price: $49

It’s suitable for big organizations who was thousand of loyal clients.

13. Cloud Agent Suite

Cloud Agent Suite app

CAS or Cloud Agent Suite helps you keep track of your MLS listing, helps with lead generation, and gives alerts for potential leads or complaints.

  • Price: Not fixed

Plus, it shall give you a colorful digital CMA report that you can use to grow your business.

14. Buffer

Buffer app

Buffer the king of the social media management platform. It helps to schedule your post in real-time. You can use it to save a lot of time which can help you to focus more on important tasks.

  • Price: $15

There are a lot of free social media platforms available, but I think if you are professional, you should use Buffer.

15. Waze

Waze app

If you have ever taken a Uber, you might have seen it. It’s not exactly a real estate app, but it will help you to drive faster via their verified Map route.

  • Price: Free

If you want to save your time while traveling, you must use this app.

Last Words

These are the best real estate apps for agents you can use for your business to boost sales, generate quality leads, and connect with other people in the real estate industry.

Real Estate Apps FAQs

Real estate mobile app FAQs

What are free real estate apps?

Agents Town, Evernote, and Bubble Level App are the top free real estate apps.

How to choose a good real estate app?

First, select what is your primary goal and how powerful a real estate app you need, then choose a good app from the above list.

What do real estate apps actually do?

They are designed to make it easier for buyers, sellers, realtors, landlords, and investors to find each other and get more qualified leads.

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