20 Best Real Estate Apps for Investors (free and paid)

In this article, I will share with you some of the best real estate apps for investors that will make your work super easy. If you are an agent, investor, or developer, you must try these real estate apps to make better decisions in your business.

Best Real Estate Apps for Investors

These apps will help you to do the following things.

  • People management
  • Clint matching
  • Property matching
  • Email marketing
  • Lead generation
  • Sending notifications
  • Campaigns management
  • Progress tracking
  • Business development

Okay, now explore what these best real estate apps for investors are and how much they will charge you for basic use. Please note that there are some free apps also you can try.

1. Trello

Trello is a free CRM software for anyone who wants to manage their work. The basic plan starts from $5 to $17 for big enterprises.

  • Price: free

You can use it on IOS, Android, and on your computer. Plus, you can integrate any other software on this platform and extract data. For example, Excel sheets, Gmail, and any other useful apps for analyzing everything better.

It’s popular in the financial industry, and you have seen ads for it somewhere on the internet. It’s a real estate app you can use it.

2. Monday

Monday also is a free app for real estate agents, free for a lifetime. It is the most interesting thing on Monday. Monday also has some pricing, but not for individuals. It is free forever if you are a single agent. The pricing starts at $10 and goes up to $24 per month.

  • Price: free

Monday is a popular real estate CRM software for everyone who wants to learn about the data management technique in the property business. If you are a new agent you should use this real estate app.



One of the best CRM software in the industry right now. Price starts at just $10 and goes up to $35 for big enterprises. ZOHO CRM app is used by many reputed real estate companies, including Shapoorji and Pallonji Real Estate. It is one of the best real estate apps for investors out there.

  • Price: $10

4. Salesforce

The price is a little high, from $25 to $300, used by real estate companies. You can have a free trial without a credit card. Big enterprises are using Salesforce, and it is popular among them.

  • Price: $25

You may have heard of this one. They do marketing also on social media platforms.

5. Pipedrive

You should know this app if you are in the business. It is popular among agents. The interface is simple and time-saving. Pricing starts from $15 and goes to $99 per month.

  • Price: $15

6. Nimble

The pricing is not too high, but the interface looks promising. You can start with a free trial. No credit card is required. Enter your email, and try it out. Pricing is just $19 per month if you take the annual plan. Otherwise, it’s $25.

  • Price: $19

7. Airtable

It’s free for individuals and small businesses. A good real estate app that you can start using. Pricing starts from $10 to $20. The most liked software among realtors. You can try it.

  • Price: free

8. Property Base


Warren Buffett‘s  Berkshire Hathaway Real Estate company uses this property app for their work. Plus, over 4500 rand uses this app. So popular in the real estate industry.

  • Price: $69

The pricing is a little high, starting from $69 and going to over $99. You can take a free trial of it if you like it, then you can subscribe.

9. Asana

It’s also a free app for real estate beginners. But for teams, the price starts from $10 to $25. The interface is so simple that you can learn it with ease. It’s one of the best real estate apps for investors

  • Price: free

10. Freshworks CRM

It is the last and the best CRM app among agents. The price starts from $12 to $69, but for individuals, it’s free. It is the best app you maximize your real estate potential. It can change the game.

  • Price: free

11. HubSpot

You have heard of the HubSpot blog. They wrote everting you need as an internet marketer. HubSpot is a bundled app with three apps, which are:

  • Marketing Hub
  • CMS Hub
  • Service Hub

You can use it to track calls, send emails and manage your pipeline in one place. 

  • Price: free

12. Zendesk Sell

People also all this app Base CRM. It will help you enhance productivity and visibility. You can use it for email automation, call recording, sales scripts, funnel tracking, and prospect searches. It’s a professional real estate app used by many agents.

  • Price: $19

13. IXACT Contact

It’s a marketing automation solution app built for agents to help them automate their real estate marketing efforts. The apps will help you with contact management and lead nurturing to get the best results.

  • Price: $33

14. Wise Agent


It’s made for agents to make them wiser. It offers various kinds of services. like:

  • Transaction management
  • Automation
  • Time management, and
  • More

Wise Agent can help you manage all your area in one place. That is very rare in real estate apps.

  • Price: $29

15. AgileCRM

It’s not an exact real estate app, but many realtors recommend this, especially for unlimited document storage, tracking, and appointment setting. It has no match in these services. The app is free for up to ten users.

  • Price: free

16. Market Leader

If you want to make your house selling process smoother, then you should try this app. Their tools will help you generate leads and turn them into permanent customers.

  • Price: not fixed

17. Follow Up Boss

As the name suggests, this app helps to better follow up with your clients by sending auto emails, inbound and outbound call management, and text messaging on one platform. Most agents use this app to sell more houses. 

  • Price: $69

18. Close

If you want to automate your sales process and close more deals, this is the app you need. With built-in calling and SMS, it will give the best experience while closing a deal. You can integrate Zoom for meetings and get way ahead of the competition. Close is a fabulous app for closing the deal. 

  • Price: $22

19. Realty Juggler

An expensive app made only for organization that has thousands of clients. Everything you need in your real estate business is built here. The best part is that it gives a daily to-do list to act on a daily basis. Expensive but worth the investment. It’s one of the best apps for real estate investors.

  • Price: $180

20. Rethink CRM

It is also an organizational app made for real estate brokers and commercial real estate professionals. It helps to manage every aspect of the client pipeline with many features like:

  • Tenant management, 
  • Capital markets
  • Development projects

If you are a broker, this can help you out.

  • Price: not fixed

Last Words

So, here is my best real estate apps for investors can use to move to the next level. Some are free, and some are paid. Use it according to your needs.

What is the best free real estate app?

Monday is a free real estate app that lets you use it for a lifetime as an individual.

What are the best real estate apps?

Trello, Asana, Monday, Freshwork, Zoho, and Property Base are the most popular CRM apps in the world.

Why do you need a paid CRM app?

The free version works perfectly for an individual, but for a company you may need the big power that only a premium CRM offers.

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