How to Build a Good Landlord Tenant Relationship

In this article, I will share the ten best tips for a successful landlord tenant relationship so that both parties can live happily without any misunderstandings that may lead to big problems in the near future. If you are a landlord or a tenant, you will know what other parties want from you and what you must do to make them happy. 

Look, if you remain calm and follow all the rules in the building, and society, nothing can harm you. The local laws give both parties some power and restrictions that both need to follow. A landlord will never want that his property remains vacant for a legal dispute, and a tenant will never want that they become homeless. So it’s a mutual understanding. But we need to clarify why the tenant landlord relationship is so crucial.

Why Landlord Tenant Relationship is so Crucial?

As you know, it’s not an easy job, as managing all those tenants can be challenging for a landlord. Sometimes your tenants will refuse to pay on time, create continuous noise in the surrounding, and break something that may cost you huge bucks.

You don’t want that or the tenant. So both parties need to be in a mutual position where both can win and help each other manage the property better. That is why the landlord tenant relationship is crucial, and you don’t want to damage the relationship. Here are those ten tips you must follow to have a good relationship with both parties.

1. What Tenants Want from landlords

As a landlord, if you understand what your tenants really want from you, it will become easy to manage them. Look, most tenants do not respect their landlord as he is not a good person. But research says that people who live in a building for many years express warm feelings for their landlord. About 49 percent believe their landlords are better, not the best, but better than most in the neighborhood. 

Do you know why those people like their landlords? Because he does the following things.

  • Respond quickly to any property issues.
  • They maintain the house on time and with care.
  • Keep the rent affordable.
  • Treat their tenant like human beings.
  • Provide proper security to the building.

When asked tenants what they want from their landlord, over 70 percent of them said that a good landlord is someone who responds quickly to property issues and cares about maintaining their home. That is their primary need, with a little on keeping the rent affordable. But the main thing is to respond quickly and maintain the property.

2. What Landlords Want from Tenants

What Landlords Want from Tenants

Now, what does a landlord want from the landlord tenant relationship? The research says a good tenant always follows these points.

  • He pays rent on due time.
  • Keep the house clean and undamaged.
  • Follow all the building and society rules.
  • Respect the landlord.
  • Help solve the problem with other tenants.

The main problem for a landlord is the damage some tenants make to the property. More than 48 percent say they are more worried about broken items than late payments. That explains why some landlords want renter insurance. 

Their main goal is to maintain the property at a minimal cost with the best service possible and without any dispute. But also, they expect their tenants to help them solve some of it if they can. It is a mutual understanding that both parties need to follow. 

3. Be a Good Tenant and Landlord

You know, it’s difficult to build a good relationship with the other party that remains peaceful for years to come. Don’t focus on little problems and try to understand the other party. Be a problem solver, not a creator. 

If something is broken in the house, repair it yourself, if you can, without disturbing the landlord. If you can not do it yourself, then inform him, and as a landlord, be ready to solve all the problems even if they don’t inform you about it. Respect each other and make the necessary move without disturbing each other.

Some landlord creates a bad tenant list that says these people are not worthy of a good tenant. Do not be that guy, as the law does not allow it to have a Do Not Rent List. It will create a bad impression on the landlord tenant relationship if they find out about that. 

Although you can check their employment, payment habit, rental history, credit score, and criminal history. It will help you decide whether they are good or not. Be a good landlord and good tenant so that both parties can win.

4. Set Your Expectations Beforehand

Let both parties know what they can expect from you from the beginning so that it does not cause any misunderstandings. The policies and the legal rules will be there, but some things need to talk about on a personal level. Make sure you make them clear. 

And also, tell them not to hesitate to come to you with any concerns. It will help you establish a welcoming persona and make it easier for both parties to approach you.

5. Do not Hesitate to Talk about the Money

The cost of living is increasing. The middle class and below-middle class are suffering the most. Most landlords raise the rent every year. You don’t want to be in a position where you can not pay on time. 

For that, negotiate with the landlord. If you pay your rent in advance, will they give your a break on a personal level? Most people will agree, and it will help you stay on the property for more years as you do not have to pay a big chunk of your income to the landlord. 

For some people, it is a good idea, and for some not. They love to pay on monthly basics the whole amount. It is your choice what you want. But do talk about the money and make it clear.

6. Respond to Concerns Immediately

Respond to Concerns Immediately

As a landlord, when receiving a complaint or maintenance request, respond as soon as you can, even at night, if it’s urgent. Do not make your tenants wait too long and be impatient. Act quickly and help them with their concerns.

And as tenants, when addressing problems, do it politely without making him angry with you. Let him know that it is urgent and you can’t wait. Most landlords offer an online service to submit a maintenance request. You go there and inform them about your needs. It will be done within days. Here convenience is the key.

7. Maintain a Healthy Relationship

Maintain a healthy relationship whenever you see them greet, and let them know you are happy to meet. Give them a phone number and email address, and visit the property on a regular basis just to check if everything is good. A personal touch is better than a phone call.

8. Give Respect and Take Respect

Maintain your authority, or else they will not respect you. That will cause late payments, problems, and ultimately a vacant house. Maintain your personal authority and be the tough guy they can rely upon. It is psychological, and the effect is long. If you want respect, act and be like one.

And as a tenant, be a sensible person. Do not look like an amateur who complains about everything. Be the guy your landlord want you to be. Give respect and take respect. It is the most important thing in a landlord tenant relationship. What do you think?

9. Maintain the Property Well

According to the Landlord-Tenant Law, you are required to give your tenant a livable condition unit. Ask yourself, can you live in that unit if you were a tenant? If the unit is not good enough for you, it is not good enough for your tenant. Perform maintenance and repairs if you spot anything with upgrades or improvements to make it more livable.

10. Be Tough but also Soft 

As I have said earlier, don’t appear too soft and maintain your authority so that they respect you and pay on time. But don’t go too far in being a tough guy. Create a balance with it and follow the agreement and rules in the property and society, like no pets or overnight guests allowed. But be ready to negotiate if it’s important to them. Be soft but not too much, and be tough but not too much.

Last Words

So these are the top ten tips for a successful landlord tenant relationship. It’s all about mutual understanding. The better understanding you will become, the better your relationship will be. But maintain your authority if you don’t want to lose their respect. Treat it like a business and follow the law. Your efforts will keep you safe and happy.

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