Top 10 Property Investment Companies in the UK Right Now!

In this article, I will share the ten best property investment companies in the UK. Although there are many great companies in the United Kingdom, no one can distinguish all of them and tell you which one is the best one. 

But these property investment companies performing the best for many years, and people like them. They serve better, perform better, and rank better in the current market.

Ten Best Property Investment Companies in the UK

Choose those investment companies with a good amount of experience in finding great, low-risk investments for investors. Choose those people, who are committed to serving you by doing the due diligence and other paperwork. Plus, choose after talking to local people who worked with those companies.

Because not all online reviews are verified, they are mostly biased, and you don’t want to trust them. Traditional research is the best way to identify a proven property investment company. So let’s start with North Capital Group, a recent established property company but made it’s mark in the market.

1. North Property Group

The company was founded in 2017 by Oli Banks and Tim Coen with the intention of establishing a company that offers only the best developments to its investors.

They are an independent agency that works exclusively for the benefit of its clients, helping them to buy, sell, rent, or let properties across the UK.

  • City: Leeds, England
  • Founded: 2017
  • Industry: Residential and commercial
  • Assets: Under £1 billion
  • Projects: North Crescent, Kirkstall Gate, Quay Central.

North Property Group also has another office in Manchester. With their Tenant Find Only service, they will source tenants for a property and then pass the responsibility to the landlord to manage it.

2. Seven Capital

property investment company Seven Capital

The company Seven Capital is Birmingham’s largest privately owned property development firm. It was established in 2009 by Balbinder Sohal. The vision is to help clients create wealth through property investment.

  • City: Birmingham, England
  • Founded: 200 9
  • Industry: Residential, commercial, and hospitality sectors. 
  • Employees: Over 130 and growing
  • Assets: £1.5 billion and gaining momentum
  • Units: 4,500 residential units and five million square feet of space.

For investing in the UK, Seven Capital is one of the best property investment companies in the UK that you work with to build your investment portfolio.

3. Gore Browne Investment Management

Gore Browne was established as a partnership in 2004 and incorporated in 2013. They provide investment services for private clients, family trusts, charities, pension funds, and professional advisers. 

  • City: Salisbury, England
  • Founded: 2004
  • Industry: Owner-managed boutique

The main office of Gore Browne Investment Management is in Salisbury and Harrogate, and the business has clients all over the UK and abroad.

4. Rathbone Investment Management

Rathbones Group is the UK’s oldest investment management company, established in 1742, 280 years ago in London. They specialize in wealth management services for private investors and trustees. They also provide financial planning and tax services.

  • City: London, England
  • Founded: 1742
  • Industry: Residential and commercial
  • Assets: £68.2 billion

If you are looking for a property company that offers long-term profits to its clients, Rathbone Investment is for you as it is the best property investment company in London.

5. Global Investments

Global Investments has properties for all budgets and requirements. Single-tenant properties to large-scale developments and students, they can get you all.

  • City: Manchester, England
  • Industry: Residential and commercial
  • Properties: For all budgets

Global Investment works hard to give its clients correct market-value properties without hidden commissions. First established in the USA and moved to the UK market and become one of the best property development companies in the UK.

6. Sequre Property Investments

property investment company Sequre Property

Sequre is an experienced property management company allowing small investors to access highly discounted deals. And most importantly, Sequre clients get access to pre-negotiated discounted rates, which are only available exclusively to their investors.

  • City: Manchester, England
  • Industry: Residential and commercial investment with a mortgage.
  • Services: Property deals, due diligence, mortgages, furniture, management, and portfolio builder.

If you want to invest more than £500,000, contact the Director of Sequre Property.

7. Track Capital

It one of the top property investment companies in London, UK. Track Capital is an innovative property investment company with a portfolio across UK cities and Dubai. 

  • City: London, England.
  • Investors: 20,000+ buyers.
  • Services:  They work with investment brokers, property developers, management companies, and residential estate agencies.

If you want to maximize your return on investment in the UK and Dubai’s top-performing residential markets, Track Capital is for you.

8. Cardale Asset Management

Cardale reviews each client’s needs and evaluates potential changes in response to their circumstances. They also work with their other professional advisers to gain a detailed understanding of their situation.

  • City: Harrogate, England
  • Industry: Residential and commercial investment.
  • Services: Tax efficient investment planning, inheritance tax mitigation, retirement planning, and family protection.

Cardale Asset’s initial discussion is free, without obligation, and without any charges for advice.

9. Alliance Investment

property investment company Alliance Investment

A residential property in the UK in the right location can make significant returns from rental yields and also capital growth. Alliance Investment is here to help.

  • City: Manchester, England
  • Average price: £170,000
  • Services in cities:  Manchester, Clapham, Preston, Birmingham, and Altrincham.

If you are looking for a place to live and also gain a good rental yield, then Alliance Investment is the best choice you have.

10. Elavace Property Investments

Elavace Investment is a property services company that helps new and experienced entrepreneurs generate wealth through property. 

  • City: Liverpool, England
  • Average price: £135,000
  • Services in cities:  Liverpool, Manchester, and Bradford

They offer an end-to-end solution for owners who are looking for a hands-off way to generate improved yields on their capital.

More Property Investment Companies UK

There are many property investment companies in the UK to choose from. The above list is the best one. You can also choose these companies for your special purposes as not all might be available where you live. Check them out.

  • Residential Estates
  • Pure Investor
  • Aspen Woolf
  • RWinvest
  • Sourced Capital
  • TrackCapital
  • Fabrix
  • CityRise
  • One Touch
  • Thirlmere Deacon
  • Ashby Capital

Although you can choose according to your analysis. It is just a reference. Don’t take them for granted because the ranking and the performance will change over time. 

  • I am not recommending anything. This article is for educational purposes only.

All companies are good. The question is, who do you need for your specific purposes?

Last Words

So here are your ten best property investment companies in the UK and why those are the best. Plus, some more companies to help to expand your options. I hope these articles will help you to choose the best possible investment company for your goal. Thanks for reading. See you soon.

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