Top 10 Popular Real Estate Accountants in the World

In this article, I will share the best real estate accountant in the world based on the review people game them. And also on the trustworthiness of those companies by covering some valuable data in their company. Data like:

  • Their min project size
  • Reviews and rating
  • Their average hourly rates
  • No of the employees they have
  • Location of work

By analyzing these, you can make a better decision. What real estate accountant company to choose for your particular needs?

Who is Real Estate Accountant?

Real estate accounting is used for property management that involves enormous sums of money. Recording and tracking transactions are known as real estate accounting.

A good real estate accountant will help you see, if you are making a profit and which properties are performing the best. Plus, it will help you compare your financial performance, estimate your cash flow, calculate your tax return, and make timely payments.

Every real estate business hires a real estate investment accountant. Without his person, you can’t track your money. Where your money is going, and where the money is coming from. You must have a real estate investment accountant.

Ten Best Real Estate Investment Accountants in the World

Ten Best Real Estate Investment Accountant in the World

Now let’s understand who is the best real estate accountant in the world and why so with the performance and experience they have.

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1. Avenues Financial

They specialize in providing all accounting, and financial reporting needs for businesses which include bookkeeping, accounting, controller services, CFO services, and CPA services

  • Min project size: $1,000+
  • People’s Rating: 5.0
  • Average hourly rates: $199 per hour
  • No of employees: 10+
  • Headquarters: Lehi, Utah, United States

Currently, Avenues Financial is the top real estate accountant in the world. You can use their service.

2. Numetrica City

As you know, most small businesses struggle with their taxes. Numetrica City uses QuickBooks Software to organize your bookkeeping, allowing you to run your small business effortlessly and file your taxes accurately.

  • Min project size: $1,000+
  • People’s Rating: 5.0
  • Average hourly rates: $300+ per hour
  • No of employees: 10+
  • Headquarters: Ottawa, Canada

They have a unique story of the founder of the company Moe Tabesh. You can read it on their about us page. It is amazing. He started his journey at 21 years of age and built one of the best real estate accounting firms, in the world.

3. N R Doshi and Partners

It is one of the top real estate account firms in Dubai, which is in business for over 35 years. They offer many services, including audit and assurance, VAT consultants, bookkeeping, accounting, consulting firms, business setup, and account outsourcing services.

  • Min project size: contact them
  • People’s Rating: 5.0
  • Average hourly rates: may vary depending on the work
  • No of employees: 100+
  • Headquarters: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Their real estate investment accountant consistently ranks among the top auditing firms in UAE.

4. Berry Dunn

Their primary goal, as they say, is to help each client create, grow and protect value while delivering exceptional service based on integrity, expertise, and a constant commitment.

  • Min project size: not disclosed
  • Ratings: 5.0
  • Average hourly rates: not disclosed
  • No of employees: 1000+
  • Headquarters: Portland, Maine, USA

Their clients include small-town businesses, state governments, healthcare businesses, non-profit organizations, and top real estate companies.

5. MindSpace Outsourcing Services

MindSpace Outsourcing Services accountant real estate

If you want your finances to be airtight, you should try Mindspace, as they say. They offer services in many countries, including the USA, UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, UAE, and India.

  • Min project size: $1,000+
  • Rating: 5.0
  • Average hourly rates: $25
  • No of employees: 250+
  • Headquarters: Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

Mindspace offers bookkeeping, payroll, and accounting services across all major countries of the world with quality.

6. Mowery and Schoenfeld

The company Mowery and Schoenfeld offers a reliable, forward-thinking partnership. They have one of the best real estate investment accountants in the world and maintaining a reputation for a long.

  • Min project size: $1,000+
  • People’s Rating: 5.0
  • Average hourly rates: $99
  • No of employees: 250+
  • Headquarters: Lincolnshire, Illinois, USA

Their primary services include accounting and assurance services, tax services, and business and transaction advisory.

7. Thompson Greenspon

Founded in 1956, the firm has the same dedicated team members. They are the largest CPA firms in the DC metro area. Their main specialties include taxes, financial reporting, advisory services, outsourced accounting, and employee benefit plan audits. 

  • Min project size: undisclosed
  • People’s Rating: 5.0
  • Average hourly rates: undisclosed
  • No of employees: 250+
  • Headquarters: Fairfax, Virginia, USA

Their CPA services are famous for some best industries, including construction, real estate, government contracting entities, professional service firms, and nonprofit organizations.

8. Fuller Landau

They are primarily accounting, tax, and advisory firms. They serve private businesses, high net-worth families, and advisors. That is what makes them unique.

  • Min project size: undisclosed
  • People’s Rating: 5.0
  • Average hourly rates: undisclosed
  • No of employees: 125+
  • Headquarters: Toronto, Canada

Fuller Landau is a global network of innovative accounting and consulting firms in more than 110 countries.


They do tax, consulting, and accounting work. They help private companies and high-achieving individuals implement smart, confident, future-focused decisions. 

  • Min project size: $1,000+
  • People’s Rating: 5.0
  • Average hourly rates: $99+
  • No of employees: 250+
  • Headquarters: Chicago, IL, USA

The biggest advantage of ORBA is that they have the same people working in the firm, and you can take them as a partner.

10. LYFE Accounting

LYFE Accounting Real Estate

It is a small business accounting services company that is one of the best accounting services that save you money, time, and frustration with more than 30 years of experience.

  • Min project size: $1,000+
  • People’s Rating: 5.0
  • Average hourly rates: $99+
  • No of employees: 10+
  • Headquarters: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

LYFE accounting services will help reduce your tax bill, increase profits, and scale your business exceptionally.

Please Note Before Choosing One

All these real estate account companies are great, and I am listing them according to their public reviews, which can change over time. I don’t recommend you choose a company over one. It’s your choice. It’s for educational purposes only.

Last Words

So these are the best real estate accountant in the world according to user reviews and industry stateless. You can choose any according to you. I hope this article has helped you. Thanks for reading. See you at the next one.

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