What is the Average Real Estate Developer Salary

Let’s find out the real estate developer salary around the world, covering almost every country there is. So you can know how much you can make on average if you choose to become a real estate developer.

But first, let me tell you, to date, there are more than 275 real estate billionaires around the world, and the no is increasing year on year according to famous Hurun research. Today, the richest real estate developer is from China, with a net worth of $37 billion. The real estate development business has huge potential if you wish to join it. 

As a beginner, you will start with the basics by taking a job in a good company and learning from them the ins and outs of the industry, and in the future, you will start your own business. That is the way to reach that billion-dollar mark. So without more delays, let’s start the game.

Real Estate Developer Salary Around the World

So how much does a real estate developer make per year? Well, that depends on many factors, including the country you live in, the purchasing power of the currency, and the experience you have.

Here I will share the salary for a real estate developer in country basics, countries where real estate development is popular. If your country does not fit in that, you can look at your closest neighboring countries to know the salary of a real estate developer. So let’s start with the North American country.

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1. North America

commercial real estate developer salary in each country

In North America, I have taken all the top countries as there are not many popular real estate industries, and the USA is the bigger one, following Canada and Mexico. Real estate developer salary in North America is as follows.

  • United States: $56,269 
  • Canada: $58,930
  • Mexico: $53,6762 
  • Central America: $50,000
  • Caribbean: $60,000

All the Central American countries have almost the same salary, if you live there, you can assume it. The same thing also works with all Caribbean countries.

2. South America

Now move to South America and see what this continent has to offer to real estate developers. Let’s start with Brazil.

  • Brazil: 104.031 BRL
  • Argentina: 1.781.295 ARS
  • Peru: 38,732 PEN
  • Colombia: 34.506.399 COP
  • Venezuela: 256,000 VES 

The real estate industry is not popular here, like in North America. But as we all know, Food, Clothes, and Houses are basic human needs. So we can say the demand for property will be always there as long as humans exist. No matter the country, the demand for homes will be there.

3. Europe

Now things will go a little interesting. Europe is the home for most real estate tycoons, especially in the UK, following France and Germany. As I have said earlier, we can not list all the European countries here, but you can take Bulgaria and Croatia metics for almost all Balkan counties. The real estate developer salary is almost the same in those counties.

  • United Kingdom: £30,375 
  • Spain: 29.039 € 
  • Portugal: 21 556 €
  • France: 35 680 €
  • Germany: 39.847 €
  • Italy: 31.117 € 
  • Croatia: 129.110 kn 
  • Bulgaria: 21 455 лв.

Europe is one of the best places for developers to start a career and build a real estate development company.

4. Middle East

property developer salaries in Middle east countries

Ah, Burj Khalifa. It is the tallest building in the world. But Saudi Arabia is building a bigger one in Jedda, which is a height of 1000 meters, bigger than 828 meters Burj Khalia. These Arab countries are like competing with each other, who can provide the best development.

  • Qatar: QAR 16,257
  • United Arab Emirates: 119,715 AED
  • Saudi Arabia: 103,879 SAR
  • Egypt: 85,625 EGP
  • Turkey: 86.600 TRY
  • Israel: 133,138 ILS
  • Iraq: 19,949,040 IQD
  • Oman: OMR 80,000
  • Yemen: 13,900 YER 
  • Libya: 4,420 LYD
  • Algeria: 89,507 DZD

All these counties pay good salaries to real estate developers to start a career. As you can see, they give a good amount of money as a salary.

5. Africa

In Africa, Nigeria is the best place for real estate development as the country is growing rapidly with many new opportunities opening. But don’t forget South Africa and Morocco. They are also good players in the real estate development business.

  • Nigeria: 324,064 NGN
  • Morocco: 89,524 MAD
  • South Africa: R398,375
  • Congo: 310,000 XAF
  • Kenya: 113,656 KES
  • Sudan: 70,600 SDG

Africa is growing, but it will take time. Let’s see what happens. Now let’s move to Asia.

6. Asia

China has everything you can think of, most real estate billionaires, the maximum no of skyscrapers, and the development industry. They say real estate development is the backbone of the Chinese economy, not the exports. Because of their development, they are the 2nd in the world GDP list. Here are the salary along with other powerful Asian counties.

  • Russia: 94,168 RUB
  • China: ¥169,195
  • India: ₹9,67,837
  • Pakistan: Rs 1,268,834 
  • Malaysia: RM 5496
  • Indonesia: Rp 174.622.755
  • Vietnam: 269.006.639 ₫
  • Japan: ¥4,583,230 
  • Singapore: $54,545 
  • Philippines: ₱470,614

China, India, and Russia have a strong real estate market, following Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines, but China tops them all.

7. Oceania

Property developer salary in Australia

There is not much to talk about Oceanian countries. Australia is the highest bidder on real estate developer salaries, followed by New Zealand.

  • Australia: $66,377 
  • New Zeland: $57,762
  • Paupa New Guinea: 7,527 PGK

Australia is the king in Oceania. Case closed.

Last Words

All these real estate developer salaries will change over time based on market conditions. These are the average base salary for real estate developers. If you have more experience, you can earn more.

So that is all for real estate developer salaries in the world. Tell me, where you live and how much they pay you. Thanks for reading. See you soon.

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