Top 100 Real Estate Investor Company Names to Start With

In this article, I will share the 100 best real estate investor company names that can give you a unique identity in the market and help your business to succeed. As you know, the easier the name is, the better the engagement. That is why I will also share with you how to choose a good and easy-to-remember name that will attract customers to you.

The 100 Real Estate Investor Company Names

So here are your 100 top-class real estate investment company names that you can use to start your business. But you are free to choose your own. 

All the names listed here are chosen with care and checked for the availability of the Domain. So that you can register any name you want, or you can search for more by the tool I will give you later in this article.

names for real estate investment companies

So here are those 100 amazing real estate investor company names with the availability of Domain.

The Investor’s ViewTransit RealtyVetco Capital
Gloria Vail RealtyStarks Equity FundLend Lease Capital
Luxor Capital RealtyThe Cushion EstateTarryn Real Estate
Irie Real EstateKantar PropertiesNellis Capital
Altar HomesCosby InvestmentsLance
Walker RealtyIntuition EstateTruWest Properties
Zumper Real EstateWeston ResidentialSolevo Realty Group
Takamatsu HomesWSM InvestorsRedken Realty
McCall HoldingsThe Rental RuckusGerson’s Real Estate
Chase Clark RealtyBargain ValuationsBrookfield Brokerage
Zillacot RealtyCentrifuge RealtyThe REIT Crowd
A+ AdvisersNova’s Real EstateReynolds & Boulton
LaVaughn RealtyBoustan HomesKiller Equities
Love speed RealtyCivic Property GroupBonds 2 Homes
The Realty CentreReckless WealthAltaCentury Realty
Livio Real EstateLas Pupusas EstatesLissa Holdings
Mark PropertiesShankar PropertiesCitrate Property
Budnick Real EstateHumbert HoldingsKarma Title Services
Reverse Risk RealtyHome Good GuysSandra Jones Realty
Mister Brown RealtyNippert Real EstateNavidad Real Estate
Mack Estate GroupThe Lincoln PropertyRealty ONE Group
Home One GroupSellyard ApartmentsTruWest Investments
Humble Pie RealtyAZ Equity PartnersRaxlow Realty
Luxury TenantShanter Real EstateAllClear Realty
Redcar PropertiesTruWest Realty GroupCity Fair Apartments
My Property CapitalGranada Home GroupFirst Home Trust
FreedalPropertiesDwight Realty
Phoenix East leaseHedco PropertiesRed Hill Estates
Ranadim FinanceTasco Real EstateLa Vista Property
Trusted First RealtyLazza PropertiesOne Home Investor
Value City RealtyPulitzer Real EstateBanksy Real Estate
Riviera Homes RealtyStrikers Real EstateJL Asset Management
Reid ParkinvestRizzz CapitalDynamic Realty
KeviLally HomesAmeriCorner Realty

You don’t have to take any of these real estate investor company names, but most of them are available to register as your website domain name. For example, Altar Homes will become But you got an idea of how to choose a good company name. 

These real estate investing company names are generated via NameSnack and Businessnamegenerator automatically. Some company names might not be available. Do your research first and select one.

Choose a Great Name for Real Estate Business

A unique real estate investment company name will help you to create a great first impression and be more recognizable to customers, tenants, lenders, and other real estate investors. 

Real estate is a vast world, and a good name separates you from the rest. A unique and easy-to-pronounce name will always help you to become the leader in the market and in the mind of your customers.

Whenever people want to buy a house or commercial property they will remember you. When a tenant is looking for a House to rent, they will think of you and your name and come to you to get their homes. That is why a good company name is the base pillar of your business.

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How to Find Names for Real Estate Business

How to Choose names for real estate business

Now the main question is, how to choose a good name for our real estate company? Here are five tips that you can use to find an attractive name for your brand.

1. Choose a Name that Reflects your Niche

Never choose something that don’t reflect your business or the niche you are working on. For example, you are an agent, and you are naming your company Boston Investments. That will not be a good name, but Boston Reality or Boston Properties will be. You got the point.

2. Select a Memorable and Easy to Spell Name

Just think about these real estate company names.

  • Keller Willimas Reality
  • Boston Properties
  • Brookfield Asset Management
  • Simon Property Group
  • American Tower

All these real estate investor company names reflect the industry they are in and the specific niche they are currently working on. Plus, all these names are easy to remember.

The list I have given you earlier, the 100 company names, look at those once again and think about some real estate company names. Write those down, don’t hurry, and give it some time. Do not pressure yourself. It will come slowly.

3. Search for a Domain Name Online

Visit any good domain registrar like GoDaddy or Name Cheap and search for your preferred name there. If available, they will show you the domain Extention you want. If not, then choose a different name. Do not misspell the domain name. It will damage your business.

4. Avoid Names that Sounds like Your Competitor

Never choose a name that promotes your competitor, not you. For example, if you have a competitor name Suntech Real Estate, you should not choose a name similar to Suntech Properties.

People will assume both are the same, and the popular one will get all the benefits. Plus, sometimes they might sue you for using their name. That is why never choose a name that your competitor has.

5. Follow Your State Laws for Naming The Company

There are some company name guidelines for every country in the world available on each state’s Corporation Commission website. 

You can also use it to see if another business has already registered the name you want. Follow your state name guidelines before finalizing the name for your company.

Now Start Building it by Following these Steps

Now it’s time to start developing your company from scratch. Follow these exact steps to do so.

  • First, register the company name in every state because you can not deal in properties in another state unless you have a license for it.
  • Book the domain name and start building the website.
  • Create an LLC company, not any A or C corporation, because LLC will help you in many ways.
  • Take your Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).
  • Collect all other required documents and start your business in a preferred location.
  • Now start collecting leads and sell your properties.

That is the whole process for starting a real estate company in any part of the world. Obviously, in every country, they have some different rules that you must follow. Hire a lawyer to start this company without any legal disputes.

Last Words

So these are the 100 best real estate investor company names that you can use to start building your business. I have also shared with you how to find a good company name, what it should consist of, and what not.

I hope this article will help you choose the right company name. I wish you the best of luck. See you soon. Thanks for reading.

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