10 Super Crazy Home Buying Myths People Still Believe Today

home buying myths

In this article, I will share ten crazy home buying myths people still believe in today and are afraid of. On the internet and in local areas, some scary advice is floating all around, and if someone got good advice, they think twice before acting on them. The myths have become the new truth in … Read more

10 Ways to Find the Cheapest Homes for Sale as a Beginner

How to Find the Cheapest Homes for Sale Under $10k

In this article, I will share how to find the cheapest homes for sale in the USA under $10,000. But that is not easy. If you follow ideas, maybe you can find one in your neighborhood.  Here, I will give you ten tips to do so. But first, let’s understand the basic ideas behind these … Read more

How to Buy a Cash Buyer Only House Online and Offline

How to Buy A Cash Buyer Only House

In this article, I will share what is a cash buyer only house and how to find one in your country. Plus, some advantages of cash buying and some disadvantages so that you can understand the game better with a special tip on due diligence at the end. Have you ever noticed that some sellers … Read more