5 Best Selling Commercial Real Estate Books You Should Read

In this article, I will share the best commercial real estate books that can change the game if you read them all. These books will teach you everything you need to know to build a good real estate business in the commercial field, whether you want to generate rental income or want to sell it to a good company that will pay you some premium fees. These books can help you out.

But first, I want you to know commercial real estate is not like residential real estate. Everyone you will deal with is a professional person. They have tremendous experience in the field, not an amateur who just wants to buy their dream house. You have to become a professional, an expert in the niche you are working on, and then you will become successful.

But someone needs to guide you to find and follow that path as a beginner if you do not have a mentor. These books will become a real-life mentor for you and guide you to the path, you must follow to become a successful commercial real estate professional.

Best Selling Commercial Real Estate Books (our top pics)

Now let’s learn what those best commercial real estate books are and what you can learn from them, as every book offers some unique insights you will not find anywhere. That is why it’s best you start with the basics and then move forward to the in-depth so that your education can become complete. Here I will help to choose those. 

1. Crushing It In Commercial Real Estate By Brian Murray

Crushing It In Commercial Real Estate

It is a great book to start with. It breaks down every step towards becoming a sophisticated investor and being successful in your future of real estate investing, full of motivation and quotes. The advice the author gives from his own real-life examples is priceless. It will work as a mentor who will walk you through the process.

The material presented in this book is meaningful. Here you will learn how to find commercial properties, get a basic understanding of financing your real estate deal, and how to grow the business single-handedly.

It’s a masterpiece and super motivating with quotes from famous people like Nelson Mandela to learn the foundations of commercial real estate with some good resources for new investors. It’s an overall idea of commercial real estate, not a detailed explanation, and a little complicated in some places.

2. The Book on Rental Property Investing (Brandon Turner)

When talking about the best commercial real estate books, you can not miss BiggerPocket’s book on rental property investing. A blueprint on commercial real estate investing and generating positive cash flow year on year.

The author takes you through the journey of how he finds and analyzes deals, builds a great team to find and buy more properties, and tax strategy to protect your wealth. As you know, taxes are the biggest expense that you have to pay. But with a good tax strategy, you can save them. This book also teaches you that.

Brandon shared in this book 22 steps for a beginner to invest in a rental property by passively working on it, starting from, how to invest in rental properties, generate cash flow every month, and live a happy and financially free life. You can know all.

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It’s a detailed book on renal property designed with many tax strategies, positive cash flow, and lead-generation ideas for beginners. But it does not have much detailed explanation if you need them. I would recommend the ABCs of buying a rental property by Ken McElroy. Basically, it’s not suitable for the advanced reader who knows a little more about real estate investing.

3. What Every Real Estate Investor Needs To Know About Cash Flow (Frank Gallinelli)

This book will take you to the world of financial metrics and formulas with examples you must know. The author uses some humor to help you keep going. It is a must-read for every real estate investor.

The base part is in this book to learn how to evaluate numbers and deals so you can determine the exact value of a property and whether or not the deal makes sense for you. That is an experienced level investor’s work who is not learning but doing the work practically.

This book is full of case studies and dives further into the technical side of investing than any commercial real estate books do. You will learn Cash flow rates, Net Operation income, Cap rates, IRRs, and how to calculate your Cash on cash returns. I mean, all the mathematical formulas are explained here.

The book has included many mathematical calculations with examples that will help you manage your cash flow better. For experienced investors, it’s the book you need to go to the next level ad to add value to your real estate cash flow knowledge. But you need to do a lot of cross-checking to know if a formula includes depreciation, tax deductions, and related loopholes.

4. The Real Estate Game By William Poorvu

The information shared in this book might seem outdated to you. But they are still just as relevant and informative as newly published commercial real estate books. Because the real estate sector dont change in five years, it takes decades, maybe 5 to 10 decades. 

The author shares the opportunities and pitfalls you will encounter investing in commercial real estate. It follows a step-by-step format covering the concept and ideas of development through buying, building, operating, and the big issue involved in selling commercial real estate.

He also includes REIT investment analysis and provides several insightful comparisons of real estate investment to publicly traded equity investments. You will have a better understanding of the hidden game of this business. 

The book helps you understand the real-life experiences that you may have and how to conquer them with case studies and REIT investment strategies. But you might lose interest while reading, as it was written decades ago, which can confuse you a bit.

5. How to Add Value Handbook By Brian Hennessey

If you are a beginner, reading this book will give you a complete understanding of commercial real estate investing. You will learn about the different types of rent and leases and what to look for when hunting for investment property with many pieces of technical stuff. 

The most important thing in this book is the human perspective that most people do not follow. Just behaving like a good human, seeking solutions mutually, and focusing on the positive side of every deal will push you the long way. 

Plus, the author suggests various techniques and sites on the Internet for developing yourself as a commercial real estate investor. You can also level those things.

It has some good instructions for adding value to commercial real estate investments with much due diligence process that is real and applicable. But it’s not for an experienced investor, as you will feel irritated.

Last Words

So considering all the best commercial real estate books, our favorite book pick is Crushing It In Commercial Real Estate. It provides a basic and detailed explanation to get started with commercial real estate investing. You can go for it.

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