5 Best Selling House Flipping Books a Beginner Should Read

In this article, I will share the best house flipping books that can change the whole flipping game if you read them all. These books will teach you everything you need to know to build a good house flipping business. Whether you want to sell it within a few months or hold it for a year, these books can help you.

But first, know flipping houses is a business. It is not a quick scheme where you can earn money easily. You have to work and think like an entrepreneur. You have to manage the cash flow properly, do the right thing with it, and most importantly, know how to find an undervalued house that you fix and flip.

The competition is huge, but if you use the ideas and lead-generation tactics shared in this house flipping books, you will generate sales and money for your business. 

Best House Flipping Books (our top pics)

Now let’s learn what those best house flipping books are and what you can learn from them, as every book offers unique insights you will not find anywhere else. That is why it’s best for you to start with the basics and then move forward to the in-depth with rehabbing and other flipping stuff. So that, your education can become complete. 

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1. The FLIP by Gary Keller

FLIP by Gary Keller

I think it’s one of the best house flipping books I have read so far. It teaches you from the basics and moves along with the depth as you understand the flipping game.

The author shares everything you need to know to start flipping houses near your local area, with some maps and lead generation strategies to help you begin with. For example, he mentions that remove those neighborhoods from your Map that have little potential for flipping and choose only those that are close to your home or office with good profit potential.

When you filter those investments, your strategy will become more accurate the chances of success will increase. There are many more new ideas shared in this book that a flipper must know before he starts the business.

It’s a step-by-step guide on house flipping business absolutely for beginners and a little advanced people. The maps and lead generation ideas are very practical with easy-to-read and understand the text. But the extra stories in the book might irritate you, and it has many boring pages that you want to skip.

2. Book On Estimating Rehab Costs by J Scott

This book breaks down all areas of a property and the types of repairs that one could encounter, from knowing how to evaluate a property, pricing repairs from the largest to the smallest, and preventing getting priced out by the contractor. It teaches all. 

Plus, it goes deep through the cost for each type of repair, units of measurement for each repair by the square foot and by the sheet, and prepare you to deal with contractors and get estimates for anything.

If you want to cover all your repairs and keep your investment profitable, read this house flipping book, know what to expect, and prepare yourself to handle the unexpected.

The book literally covers almost everything about rehabbing costs when flipping as it gives you a great baseline to start the business. The text and the story editing could have been better to engage the reader more, but overall it’s good. And the average cost-shared in this book might not be applicable in your area. You have to check that.

3. The Flipping Blueprint by Luke Weber

The author shares the entire process of buying and rehabbing real estate. He instantly goes to the point without wasting any time and teaching how to be safe from those scams or sales pitch classes that most people pay thousands of dollars to attend. He strictly does not recommend those. 

He recommends joining real estate investor groups and networking with other investors to get more quality leads. The drawings explained in the book are simple to understand. It is one of the perfect house flipping books for newbie to intermediate real estate investors looking to get started.

It included some fantastic tips for starter house flippers with real-life information, not vague, ambiguous points with a few tips to help you to stay away from scams and fake courses. But please don’t expect some deep knowledge like managing taxes and capital gains, it does not offer those. It mainly focuses on working with realtors and contractors, not doing the rehab yourself.

4. Flip Your Future by Ryan Pineda

I think you may know Ryan from his youtube channel, where he always talks about real estate investments. It’s another great beginner-friendly house flipping book.

It’s a short, easy-to-understand book that teaches you many simple things about the house-flipping business, like dealing with hard money lenders, managing rehabbing costs, and finding a good house to flip. That is priceless to a new investor. If you are looking for a short book that has almost all the basics, this is the book you need.

It’s a very short book, with some unique ideas to find and rehab a house. You can read it in a day. Plus, you can get in touch with him personally via his youtube channel. But it’s not suitable for advanced investors as you already know all the topics discussed here. And I think, it’s a little bit odd to read as the grammars are not accurate. But overall you can understand these points.

5. Book on Flipping Houses by J Scott

This book is also written by J Scott, like the Rehabbing Cost book. But it mainly focuses on flipping strategies. The strategies for buying and selling homes are very good. Whether you are an investor, a flipper, or a wholesaler, this book will help you. 

It has full of checklists, advice, and actionable tips that you can use to find and fix homes for a profit. This a must-have book on your bookshelf if you are serious about house flipping.

It s a solid read with clear, concise, and useful tips for newbies with some good layouts and an overall guide on house flipping. But for advanced investors, it’s not sufficient enough, and the book is also boring to read.

Last Words

So considering all the best house flipping books, our favorite book pick is FLIP by Gary Keller. It provides a basic and detailed explanation to get started with house flipping. You can go for it.

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