Top 10 Best Real Estate Attorneys in the World

In this article, I will share the ten best real estate attorneys in the world based on public reviews. Plus, who founded those companies, the total no of attorneys they have, how many votes they got, and why they are the best? I will share everything I have found to help you choose the best lawyer for your exact property needs.

If you are looking for some great real estate attorneys, this list can help you as these companies work worldwide. In the US, they are popular in handling big real estates companies like Blackstone Group, Bill Gates’s Cascade Investment Group, The Walt Disney Co, and many others. Surely they can help you out.

Ten Best Real Estate Attorneys in the World

These real estate attorneys are the best, according to research. Their annual associate survey reveals that these companies are top spot hitters based on public reviews having votes of more than 25% around the world. So let’s start with Holand and Knight LLP, the top real estate attorney in the world.

1. Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson

Fried, Frank LLP the top real estate Attorney

Fried Frank was founded in 1890 by a few attorneys in New York City. According to research, they are the top real estate attorneys in the world, based on the reviews. They have many offices, including Washington, London, Frankfurt, and Brussels.

  • Year Founded: 1890
  • Founder: Walter Fried
  • Headquarters: New York, USA
  • Votes: 29.52% 
  • Attorneys: 650 
  • Specialties: Legal advisors

In 2020, Fried Frank generated over $779 million in revenue by just providing legal services. Indeed they are the best in the world right now.

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2. Kirkland & Ellis

Kirkland and Ellis are one of the top real estate attorneys in the world. The company was founded in 1909 by Robert McCormick in Chicago, USA. They currently have more than 6,500 employees (including 3,000 lawyers) operating from offices in 18 cities across the United States, Europe, and Asia.

  • Year Founded: 1909
  • Founder: Robert R. McCormick
  • Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois, USA
  • Votes: 22.61% 
  • Attorneys: 3,000
  • Specialties: Law and legal services

If you are in the law industry, you should have heard the name Kirkland and Ellis, as they were the #1 commercial real estate attorney a few years back. But still, today holds the #3 spot.

3. Gibson, Dunn, & Crutcher

Gibson Dunn & Crutcher is a leading global law firm that advises clients on transactions and disputes. They consistently rank among the top real estate attorney firms in industry surveys and major publications.

  • Year Founded: 1890
  • Founder: Walter Trask
  • Headquarters: Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Votes: 24.73%
  • Attorneys: 1,700
  • Specialties: Various legal services

Walter Trask founded Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher in 1890, with more than 1700 attorneys working for them today. Their reputation is huge as they still in the business for over a century.

4. Greenberg Traurig

Greenberg Traurig has more than 2500 attorneys in 43 locations in the United States, Europe, Latin America, Asia, and the Middle East and crossed a gross revenue of over $2 Billion for FY 2021.

  • Year Founded: 1967
  • Founder: Larry J. Hoffman
  • Headquarters: New York, USA
  • Votes: 21.14%
  • Attorneys: 2500
  • Specialties: Legal Services and Attorney

Larry J. Hoffman founded Greenberg Traurig LLP in 1967 in New York, providing legal and attorney services. Law360 Pulse Leaderboard said it is the top 15 firm right now, and many other recognizable research teams have given them the title of the world’s top shortlisted legal firms respected around the world.

5. Simpson Thacher & Bartlett

Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP was established in 1884 by Simpson Thacher and John Simpson. It has many offices, headquartered in New York, with offices in Beijing, Brussels, Hong Kong, Houston, London, Los Angeles, Palo Alto, Sao Paulo, Tokyo, and Washington.

  • Year Founded: 1884
  • Founder: Simpson Thacher and John Simpson
  • Headquarters: New York, USA
  • Votes: 9.84% 
  • Attorneys: 1,000
  • Specialties: All legal services

You can see the founding date of Simpson Thacher, back in 1884, and still, they are in the business. That means they have something that made them alive over almost 140 years.

6. DLA Piper

DLA Piper is a global law firm based in the United Kingdom. Its first founding year date in 1764. But in 2005, they rebuild that company, and officially it was founded in 2005. 

They are one of the best real estate attorneys with offices in more than 40 countries throughout America, Asia Pacific, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. In 2014, they had a total revenue of $2.48 billion.

  • Year Founded: 2005 
  • Founder: 
  • Headquarters: London, England
  • Votes: 11.04%
  • Attorneys: 4,200
  • Specialties: Global Legal Services

DLA Piper offers almost everything in the world of legal services, including intellectual property, litigation, mergers, acquisitions, private equity, real estate, tax, technology, and many more. Surely they are the top real estate attorney in the United Kingdom.

7. Latham & Watkins

Latham & Watkins top commercial real estate attorney

Latham & Watkins is one of the best real estate attorneys in the world. It was founded in 1934 by Paul Watkis and Lana Latham. As of 2021, they are the most profitable law firms in the world. Their profits per partner exceed $4.5 million.

  • Year Founded: 1934
  • Founder: Paul Watkis and Lana Latham
  • Headquarters: New York, USA
  • Votes: 9.57%
  • Attorneys: 3,000
  • Specialties:  Global Legal Services

Latham and Watkins work in more than 15 countries and only recruit the best of the best. It’s one of the oldest law firms in the world right now, with more than 3,000 lawyers and offices in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and the United States.

8. Skadden, Arps, & Flom

John Slate founded the law firm Skadden in 1948. From New York, USA to Shanghai, China, the name Skadden is a worldwide brand with approximately 1,700 attorneys across eight offices in the US and 21 offices in major financial centers around the world.

  • Year Founded: 1948
  • Founder: John Slate
  • Headquarters: New York, USA
  • Votes: 8.91%
  • Attorneys: 1,700
  • Specialties: Global Legal Services

Skadden LLP is known for innovative and creative thinking. They can handle the most complex transactions, litigation issues, and regulatory matters from big corporations, governmental entities, and charitable institutions.

9. Holland & Knight

Holland & Knight is a global law firm with 1,700 lawyers and other professionals in 32 offices around the world. Holland and Knight LLP primarily works in litigation, business, real estate, and governmental law. 

  • Year Founded: 1968
  • Founder: Chesterfield Smith
  • Headquarters: Miami, Florida, USA
  • Votes: 7.58%
  • Attorneys: 1,700 
  • Specialties: Global Legal Services

The company Holland and Knight was founded in 1968 by Chesterfield Smith, a professional property lawyer in America. It has 29 offices in the US and six more around the world. 

10. Paul Hastings

Paul Hastings is a global law firm that works in finance, private equity, and litigation. They specialize in government disputes, energy, infrastructure, and intellectual property.

Paul Hastings always prioritizes mentorship, training, and long-term career development. That is the reason they are well-recognized worldwide. 

  • Year Founded: 1951
  • Founder: Lee Paul, Robert Hastings
  • Headquarters: Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Votes: 8.64%
  • Attorneys: 1,000
  • Specialties: Law and legal services

Paul Hastings holds a strong presence throughout Asia, Europe, America, and the U.S. They are one of the most innovative global law firms.

Please Note

All these ratings, reviews, and data will change every year. So don’t take them for granted. All these real estate attorneys are the best in the whole world, and all of them work in most countries. I am not recommending anyone. It will be your choice if you choose one.

Last Words

So that is all for the ten best real estate attorneys in the world. I have shared all the historical data, the services they offer, and their founders. I hope this article will help you at some point in your journey. Thanks for reading. See you soon.

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