What is the Average Real Estate Attorney Salary?

Let’s find out the real estate attorney salary in the world covering almost every country. So you can know how much you can get paid on average if you choose to become a real estate attorney.

As a beginner, you will start with the basics by taking a job in a good law firm and learning from them the ins and outs of the real estate industry, and in the future, you will start your own law firm as everyone does.

Real Estate Attorney Salary Around the World

How much does a real estate attorney make per year? Well, that depends on many things, including the country you live in, the purchasing power of the money, the experience you have, and the reputation of your law firm hold in the market.

Here I will share the salary in country basics, countries where real estate disputes are popular. If your country does not fit in that, you can look at your closest neighboring countries to know the real estate attorney’s salary. So let’s start with North America.

1. Countries in North America

real estate attorney salaries by country

I have taken all the top countries in North America as there are not many popular real estate markets, and the USA is the bigger one, following Canada and Mexico. Attorneys in North America are given salaries according to the following list. 

  • Canada: $139,014
  • United States: $130,473
  • Mexico: $586,278 MXS
  • Central America: $125,230
  • Caribbean: $4,559,799 JDM

All the Central American countries have almost the real estate attorney salary. If you live there, you can assume the same payment. The same thing also works with all Caribbean Island countries. That is why I did not list them separately here.

(All these countries and payments will be local, if you want to convert them into dollars, you can do so. But they are not US dollars).

2. South America

Now move to countries in South America and see what this continent has to offer. Let’s start with Argentina.

  • Argentina: $3.601.342 
  • Brazil: R$180.046 
  • Colombia: 86.220.588 
  • Peru: S/88,186 

The real estate market is not that popular here like in North America. But as we all know, Food, Clothes, and Homes are the things that every human being needs. So we can say the demand for homes will be always there as long as humans exist on this planet. No matter the country, the demand for new homes will be there, and the legal property problems with it.

3. Europe

Now, in Europe, things will go a little more interesting. Europe is the home for most real estate billionaires, especially in the UK, following France, Germany, and Russia. 

As I have said earlier, I can not list all the European countries here, but you can take Croatia and Bulgaria’s metric for almost all Balkan counties. The real estate attorney’s salary is almost the same in all those counties.

  • United Kingdom: £74,317 
  • France: €88 908  
  • Germany: €101.580  
  • Russia: ₽1 842 327 
  • Italy: €77.778 
  • Spain: €72.795 
  • Portugal: €56 545 
  • Bulgaria: лв48 797

Europe is one of the best places for real estate attorneys to start a career and build an ever-lasting law firm.

4. Middle East

real estate lawyer salary in Middle east

Most of these Middles Eastern Countries are ruled by Kings and Royals. Most global law firms do not deal here. But all those local real estate law firms offer salaries similar to these.

  • Turkey: ₺229.543 
  • Israel: ₪ 292,947
  • Iraq: 43,333,834 IQD
  • Saudi Arabia: 262,593 SAR
  • United Arab Emirates: 381,678 AED
  • Egypt: 272,195 EGP

All these counties pay good salaries to their real estate attorneys to start a career. But you can’t be sure.

5. Africa

Morocco and Nigeria is the best place for real estate attorneys to start a career as the country is growing rapidly with many new opportunities opening. But dont forget South Africa and other newly emerged African counties. They are also good players in real estate dispute handling. The real estate attorney salary in Africa is similar to the following.

  • Morocco: 294,704 MAD
  • South Africa: R773,337
  • Nigeria: ₦80,000
  • Kenya: KSh 552,000.
  • Congo: 918,000 CDF

Africa is growing, rapidly. But it will take some time. Let’s see what it can bring to the table. Now let’s move to Countries in Asia.

6. Asia

real estate lawyer salary in Asia

When it comes to the real estate industry, China has everything you can think of. They have most real estate billionaires, the maximum no of skyscrapers, and a huge property market with many disputes registering daily. The salaries for real estate attorneys look like in these Asia nations.

  • China: ¥378,826
  • India: ₹17,02,340
  • Pakistan: Rs 2,743,043
  • Malaysia: RM160,372
  • Singapore: $130,321
  • Philippines: ₱977,015
  • Japan: ¥11,393,021
  • Vietnam: $75792
  • Indonesia: Rp474.809.876

China, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, and the Philippines have a strong real estate market, following others, but China tops them all.

7. Oceania

There is not much to share about Oceanian countries. Australia is the highest bidder on real estate attorney salaries, followed by New Zealand and others.

  • New Zeland: $153,762
  • Australia: $170,211
  • Papua New Guinea: 8,070 PGK

The country Australia is the king in Oceania. The case is closed.

Last Words

The real estate attorney’s salary will change over time based on market conditions. These are the average base salary for attorneys in the world. If you have more experience in the real estate industry, you can earn more. Thanks for reading. See you soon.

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