Top 10 Dangerous Property Disputes You Must Avoid

In this article, I will share ten dangerous property disputes and how to avoid them completely. Plus, if you ever get stuck in a real estate dispute, how to get out of it, and how to find and hire a good property disputes lawyer in your area so that you can deal with them legally.

Here I will share the top ten that are the most destructive ones. If you know how to deal with them, then other disputes will not harm you, as these are the most dangerous ones. But first, we need to know what is a property dispute and why it occurs.

What is a Property Dispute?

Disputes mean disagreements about a particular property that needs a legal solution by the state court or a person-to-person fight by considering anything that both parties do not like.

Property disputes arise mostly from the following things: 

  • Disagreements over property lines
  • Responsibility for repairs on construction
  • Blocked views or flow of fresh air
  • Rightful ownership or Co-owner
  • Zoning issues or law violation
  • Property damage

A property dispute may include all types of real estate. From homes and apartments to empty lots, raw land, and roads. Your property dispute may occur with many people, including:

  • Home buyers and sellers
  • Landlords and Tenants
  • Your Neighbors
  • Family members
  • Local Homeowners’ associations
  • Government agencies

Disputes occur if you do not have proper documentation of the property you now possess. And sometimes, people will sue you for any reason out of jealousy. Many things can happen, and this world is full of shitty people. You must know how to deal with them.

Ten Common Real Estate Disputes and Ways to Avoid them

Common real estate disputes

Now, let’s move to the ten common property disputes you may have seen in your neighborhood or at least heard from friends and family members. If you have, then it will be easy for you to understand.

1. Title Deed Dispute

As you know, some properties are co-owned by more than one person. If you buy that without verifying it, you will face Title Disputes. If the co-owner disagrees and claims it in Court, you will face huge trouble. 

That person who scammed you by telling you he is the rightful property owner will get away, but you will get stuck for years. You can’t even use that property, or neither you can sell it. It will become like a dead asset until the Judge decides.

That is why you should never trust the seller completely about the Property Title Deed. Verify it yourself by hiring a good personal property lawyer. Then, you will know who owns it and how much of it.

2. False Promises Disputes

If you are buying an under-construction apartment and the developer has promised you many things but does not deliver them, you can file a case against the developer if you don’t mind the hassle.

It happens most of the time with amenities. They will promise to deliver all the amenities like GYM, Pool, Common room and much more fun stuff. But in the end, they do not build all of them. 

In the place of the pool, they will build other things to earn more money. It happens all the time and comes under false promises. You can file a complaint against them and demand a refund, and the government will take care of that.

3. Approved Plans Fraud

All the Developers must follow the plans approved by the government. But time by time, they cut a few out for any reason. That is why when they start building the building, you go there every two weeks and see if it is being developed according to plan. If not, you can remind the developer to do so, or you will file a complaint.

4. Deliberate Delay Fraud 

Delay frauds are common in the developing world. The developers will delay the delivery of the apartment by showing various reasons. If you do not get possession of that house within the due date, you can ask for a refund.

Here the government rules are very strict. If the developer can not deliver the house within the date, he has to pay the buyer some cash as compensation for late delivery. Here disagreement will appear, and a possibility of property disputes. 

5. Force Cancellation Fraud

Sometimes developers will force you to cancel the booking as he has found another buyer ready to pay a higher price. Developers do this. You can contact the regulatory authority and file a complaint against them, and they will make sure you get possession. Force cancellation is a common dispute that occurs in properties.  

6. Rent Agreement Disputes

It occurs most of the time between the landlord and the tenant. Both parties sign an agreement or contract when a property is purchased, sold, or leased. It confirms all the terms and conditions are fulfilled and agreed upon.

Most of the time, the landlord agrees to provide repairs and allow the tenant to use the property, and the tenant agrees to pay the rent on time and follow the rules outlined in the lease. That is how the rent agreement works.

But if someone does follow their promises, a rental property dispute will occur. It will break the relationship between the landlord and the tenant and ultimately end up in court.

That is why do a background check on the tenant if you are a landlord and do the same if you are a tenant to know the past history of that person. Then you can be sure that disputes may not occur. Both parties live up to their character and their promised words.

7. Hidden Details Fraud

Sometimes people hide information to sell that property. Because they know if they reveal all of that, the property might not sell. If you buy that unknowingly, then you will face a serious problem.

That is why before you make the payment, do due diligence on the property and only pay if everything looks good. Because this property fraud is very common around the world, and I also have witnessed this.

8. Boundary Disputes

It happens between two neighbors. One party will say, if you cross the line, I will give you hell, and the other will say, it’s legal, and I own it. This kind of dispute always occurs between two neighbors. 

I have seen for a few meters people fight in the court. You might not be the guilty one but fighting over a boundary dispute in court is not a good solution. Negotiate with the other party and settle it. The court will take time to solve that, and it will not be worth the expense for that few meters of the boundary.

9. Government Laws Violation

There are some rules in every city that every homeowner or builder needs to follow. If you ever found yourself in that situation, solve it in peace without fighting with the government. It will be hard to win against the government.

Although some people won the case against the government. Most of the time, you will face more trouble. It is up to you and on your property whether to fight or not.

10. Forcefully Occupied Dispute

If you leave a property for a long and do not maintain it well enough, people will occupy it and use it as if it’s theirs. If you ask them to return it, they will not. 

If that happens, know it is time you go to court and threw them out of the property. That is why if you have property, maintain it. Make sure no one can occupy it.

How to Find a Good Property Dispute Lawyer?

Property Dispute Lawyer

First, you will select some good lawyer from your local area who deals in property disputes. Then do a little due diligence on that person to narrow your list. Find answers to the following questions.

  • How long has he been dealing with property disputes, and how many he had successfully solved?
  • Make sure your property dispute lawyer knows everything about that particular property type. Some lawyers only work in apartments and deal in commercial offices. Check that out.
  • Ask him what his plan would be for this case scenario. Most lawyers have a default plan to deal with a type of property dispute. If they can not tell you how much they charge for the attorney service, that person is not qualified enough.
  • Ask him, what is your fee? Always know, what you have to pay for the whole case, and never hand him over the case before finalizing the price. Otherwise, you may have to pay extra beyond the basic fee.
  • Ask his past clients, if possible, to know how good the person is and why you should trust him.

All these questions will help you choose the best possible property dispute lawyer in your area for that specific property needs.

How to Avoid Property Disputes Completely?

Avoid Property Disputes Completely

Avoiding property disputes is never in your hand. But sometimes taking a few precautions can help you get rid of it. Like, complete due diligence on that property and on the owner. Use these ten due diligence methods and never fall victim to a property dispute.

  1. Do a Title Search before purchasing the property. Look for how many people previously owned this property, and is this owner legit according to the government data?
  2. Verify the sale deed and learn whether the property is completely transferred to his name.
  3.  Know that inherited properties can be risky. In every country, the property inheritance law is different. Most of the time, it contains more than one owner. If you are buying an inherited property, double-check on the owner.
  4. Sometimes you need municipality approval to modify the house after purchase. Learn how difficult it is to get that approval from that local municipality.
  5. Check all the government codes. If that property does not follow all the legal codes set up by the government, then in the future, you may lose the house, and a property dispute will occur.
  6. Do a background check on the owner to know if the person is of good character and honest.
  7. Ask people in the neighborhood about the house and owner if they have something they will be happy to share. Get a review.
  8. Verify bank approvals before you purchase to make any payment to him to keep yourself from financial fraud.
  9. Check the delay clause in your contract. Delay cause means the delivery might get delayed for a few reasons. Developers will try to add these, but you might don’t want that.
  10. Verify the broker through whom you are making a purchase. Never go with an unknown broker. Use recommendations and verify that the broker is legit.

So by following these ten tips, you can avoid almost all property disputes if you pay a little attention while purchasing a house.

Please Note

It is not legal advice, and I am not a lawyer. It’s only for educational purposes only. For more in-depth info, contact a certified lawyer and then handle these property disputes.

Last Words

So these are the most dangerous property disputes, and how you can avoid them completely by following some simple tips and hiring a good property disputes lawyer. I hope this article will help you to fight your disputes. Thanks for reading. See you soon.

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