How to Choose the Best Property Damage Lawyer in Your Area

In this article, I will share how to find and hire the best property damage lawyer near you. Plus, what are those common property damages that most homeowners face at least once in their lifetime, and how do they deal with them? How they claim it with their home insurance company with the help of a good personal property damage lawyer. I will share everything.

What Personal Property Damage Lawyers Do?

A personal property damage lawyer will help you to fight those insurance companies who have denied your claim by showing you various reasons for not paying. But in your eyes, the claim is legit, and those companies are just playing games with you. Here, a good lawyer will help you get what you be getting by using the law. 

Do I Need A Personal Property Damage Lawyer? 

personal property damage lawyer

Yes, you might, and most people do. Below are the ten common property damage most homeowners have experienced in their lifetime. If you want to claim your insurance, you first need to know which category the claim fits and who is the right person to help me with that.

As not all property damages lawyers are experts in all of them. You need to know who can serve you better with the minimum fee possible and obviously in a quick time. I will share what to consider when choosing a good lawyer but first, know about these ten property disputes and what might suit you.

1. Water and Plumbing Damages

Water and plumbing damages normally occur because of frozen pipes, burst pipes, roof damage, or water entering the home. It can damage your flooring, appliances, walls, and the property as a whole.

Sometimes, it may also occur by an external source. For example, a tree fell on the roof and broke it. It can cause a large hole. I will allow rain to pour into the house.

These kinds of water damage may occur, and it’s common. But sometimes, insurance companies try to deny or underpay these claims based on a few of their terms. They will say we don’t cover those types of damages, etc. They always do that. They never want to pay you. That’s how their business operates. 

But if you have a solid reason and a good lawyer with you, they have to pay. Plumbing damages are not a big deal, but sometimes they can be and make your home like a small pond.

2. Big Storm Damages

Tornadoes and cyclones can damage your whole house or tear it apart and can cause several losses and expensive repairs. These storms could do physical destruction to your house. Some of the property damages are as follows.

  • Roof damage
  • Broken windows
  • Barns, sheds, and other physical destruction
  • Total destruction of a mobile home.
  • And many more

The higher the wind speeds of the storm, the worse the destruction, and you can not do anything. You are dependent on that property insurance company to help you repair the house as soon as possible.

But the problem is not all insurance companies operate the same way. How a storm damage claim works will be different on your insurance coverage, carrier policies, and the types of damage.

Some companies have a separate policy for cyclones. Like, some will cover water damage but not flooding from the storm. If you live in an area where a big storm is common, review your coverage before taking insurance or filing a claim.

3. The Wind Damage

Research says winds that exceed 60 miles per hour can cause damage to property structures. And a wind of over 80 miles per hour can destroy a Mobile Home.

Each year, most of the property damages in America occur during strong thunderstorms and heavy winds. That is why people who live there take wind damage policies. Wind damage makes up over 40% of total claims.

4. House Hail Damage

Hail damages are common in the United States and in Canada. It occurs with thunderstorms and can happen almost anywhere and develop under any conditions.

Hail damage can completely destroy siding and roof materials, leaving the whole structure in danger, where rain and wind can cause more damage to it. Wind and hail damage costs billions of dollars in covered losses and repairs. 

5. Trespasser’s Damage 

Trespasser damages are also common in the US. When someone forcefully comes onto your property to steal, they break a lot of things, and all that can cause you a lot of money in repair.

For example, someone enters your property, breaks the main door, and steals your phone, laptop, jewelry, or other personal belongings. The company should cover the cost of all of this kind of damage. Again, if they do not pay, you can approach a property damage lawyer and snatch the cost from them.

6. Car Accident Damage

auto property damage lawyer near me

Do you drive? Yes, but I am a good driver. But they are not all as good as you. These people will damage your house if it is near a road. Most of the time, the driver loses control of their car and hit something to stop it. They might don’t want to do it, but it happens, and that person can’t do anything about it. You can claim to your company and get a repair.

7. Flood Damages

Flood damage can occur due to heavy rains, hurricanes, or other storms. It can cause damage to flooring, walls, and other home appliances. If you live in a coastal area, then flood damage can be a threat during storms. Make sure you have coverage for flooding. 

8. Earthquake Damages

Most companies often exclude coverage for earthquake damage by saying that it’s a natural issue and we can’t do anything. Earthquakes can cause extreme damage to property or force it to collapse. 

Damages can happen after even a small earthquake. That is why geographical location can affect the property damage you could face. Make sure you have the proper terms and conditions in place. Otherwise, they will deny it.

9. Fire and Smoke Damages

You can not control the fire. These damages are unpredictable. Like, electrical faults or any fuel mistakes in the kitchen. Make sure you have a policy for that, or else you will lose everything.

10. Vandalism Damage

Vandalism dames are similar to theft damage. But the damage is far worse than a normal theft. It applies to anyone who intentionally seeks to cause loss or damage to the public by destroying any property.

In short, all these damages contribute to polity holders according to the following.

  • 45 percent of claims for wind and hail damages
  • 23 percent of claims for fire and lightning damages
  • 20 percent of claims for water damage and plumbing damages
  • 11 percent of claims for other small damages 
  • 1 percent of claims for theft

Now you see the data and know what to target according to the location. Take a policy if you are sure that these property damages will occur in a few years in your area, or you might not need it. 

How to Hire the Best Property Damage Lawyer Near You

property damage lawyer near me

Now let’s talk about how to find the best property damages lawyer who can help you with all these claims in a company that is not paying you. Follow these five tips to identify those good people. First, make sure they are local.

  • How long has he been dealing with property damages?
  • How many claims had he successfully recovered?
  • Does he know everything about that particular claim? Some lawyers only work in natural damages and others in different. Check that out as soon as possible.
  • What is his plan going to be for this claim? Most property damage lawyers have a default plan to deal with a type of property claim. If they can not tell you the plan then know that person is not qualified enough.
  • What is his fee? Always ask how much you have to pay for the whole case, and never hand him over the case before finalizing the price. Otherwise, you may have to pay extra.
  • Get a review from his past clients, if possible, to know how good the person is and why you should trust him.

If you follow these tips, you will find the best personal property damage lawyer near you who will help you repair your house as soon as possible.

Property Damage Lawyer Free Consultation

Can you get a property damage lawyer free consultation? Yes, most law firms offer free consultations to attract customers and solve common service questions. Before hiring a property damage lawyer, get a free consultation, and if they seem good, then hire them.

Please Note It

The article is not legal advice, and I am not a lawyer. It’s for educational purposes only. For more in-depth info on property damages and how to solve them, contact a certified lawyer and then handle these claims.

Last Words

So these are the most common property damages you will see as a homeowner, and how you can claim them by hiring the best property damage lawyer in your city. I hope this article will help you to claim your damages. Thanks for reading. See you soon.

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