10 Best Real Estate Books for Agents in 2023

In this article, I will share with you the ten best real estate books you must read once in a lifetime. These books will help you to get more leads, more loyal customers, and more growth for your business.

Table of Contents

Ten Best Real Estate Books for Agents

  1. The wealth of the nations
  2. FLIP 
  3. HOLD
  4. Worldly philosopher
  5. FRED factor 
  6. How to invest in real estate
  7. Book on rental property investing
  8. Book of yes
  9. Honest real estate agent
  10. Million-dollar real estate team

Let’s start with the first one.

Ten Best Real Estate Books for You

1. The Wealth of The Nations by Adam Smith

A 200-year-old book. The best book on Capitalism. It tells us:

  • How does the whole capital industry work?
  • What factors affect the change over it?
  • The economy, how does it work actually?
  • The money, inflation, banks, and all of the financial sectors, how do they work?

I mean, everything you need to know about the world’s economic affairs is written here. 

It’s not an easy read. The world selection is far too old. Although, you can read it as I did.

2. FLIP by Gary Keller

How to find, fix, and sell a house for profit. A must-read for investors. As it explains:

  • How to find the best property?
  • How to analyze it?
  • How to buy the right one?
  • How to renovate it and
  • How to sell it for a profit?

They are making millions by using these methods, and you can too. All you need perfect planning before you start investing in real estate.

The book holds a lot of maps, graphs, and real-life stories. You could gain immense knowledge of the flipping business by using them.

3. HOLD forwarded by Gary Keller

How to find, buy and rent houses for wealth. Different from the FLIP written by five authors. A book on building wealth. It teaches us:

  • How to find it?
  • How to analyze?
  • How to buy it?
  • How to manage?
  • How to generate cash flow?

Learn to manage and hold and then sell it for the right price. It’s all about that.

HOLD book by Gary Keller

4. The Worldly Philosopher by R. Heilbroner

A combined knowledge from the best economic philosopher the world has ever seen. From Adam Smith, Karl Marx, John Keynes, and many others.

I would say a complete overview of the world economy. Do not neglect it. If you want to read just a book on economics, then read “The worldly Philosopher.”

5. The FRED Factor by Mark Sanborn

As you know, the business of real estate is a people business. This book will help you to manage people to make the best out of them. It tells us:

  • How to make your service extraordinary?
  • How to best the market competition?

“Better service always leads to lower competition” is the main motto of the book, I think. An easy read, take a look and let me know if it is helpful or not?

6. How to Invest in Real Estate by Brandon Turner

Have you ever come across the Bigger Pockets blog? Brandon Turner started that, and he wrote this book. He has a YouTube channel also. 

It’s a beginner guidebook on how to invest in real estate. If you know nothing about the real estate industry you can start with this book. It will tell you everything you need as a beginner.

7. The Book on Rental Property Investing by Brandon Turner

Its also written by Brandon Turner. It will teach you how to invest in a rental property and generate cash flow from it, every month. Rental property has proven a safe and secure passage to build wealth and hold it for generations. You can start with this book.

8. Book of YES by Kevin Ward

Book of YES by Kevin Ward

Kevin is a real estate coach. He teaches in his book how an agent can use his simple scripts to get more listing and yeses. If you are not getting ahead in the business, you can use these techniques to sell more houses. They are really effective. Take a look.

9. The Honest Real Estate Agent by Mario Jannatpour

It is written for those who are just starting as an agent and knows nothing about selling a house. This book will guide them to get started. Their training program has helped many aspiring agents to become a successful man. I recommend reading this book if you are new in the business.

10. The Million-Dollar Real Estate Team by Chris Watters

  • The business of real estate is a team business, and this is one of the best real estate books on that topic. 

A team can make or break your deal. Choose the team wisely. If you want to become a broker, this book will guide you. Team management is hard, but not anymore. 

The best advice I got is that choose a person who is capable, not who is your friend or relative. It’s a team business. There is no place for emotions.

One Last Tip for Real Estate Agents

Look, reading these best real estate books will not help you sell more houses. Go out and try things out, and learn from them. Face problems and solve them.

  • One practical experience is way better than reading many best real estate books.

Join a brokerage firm and learn the way of business from them. Don’t try to do it yourself. Work for someone else, at least for two years, and then you can open your firm.

In this business, the ability to communicate will help to get ahead. Become a problem solver. Your customers will ask you many questions. You must ask them with logic and data. 

Most agents don’t show analytical data to their clients, and they think the customer is not good. No, they are good. It is your ability to convince them. That is why communication and negotiation skill is required to perform better in the market.

  • Real estate is a people business. Become human, and you will get leads that you can never imagine.

That is all for this article.


If you are serious about building your real estate business, you should read these ten best real estate books. Not only that. I have shared more books on this business check those out (below articles).

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