Top 10 Real Estate Social Networks to Get Quality Leads

In this article, I will share the ten best real estate social networks you can use to get more leads and sales for your business. As not every social media out there is as good as it seems for your real estate business. Some are good at targeting a particular home buyer neighborhood, and some at building professional relationships. 

You have to choose the best according to your business. As you know, real estate is a location-based business. You should use a particular social media that targets each area accurately. But first, know which social media is the best for a beginner.

Why Choose One Real Estate Social Network Over Another?

You don’t want any random person getting an ad impression or an organic post impression that is not interested in your services. Every social media platform offers different kinds of audiences with different interests. If you want to track them and show them your ads or posts, you need to plan accordingly.

And please, never post the same image or video on every social media platform. Take every real estate social network as Unique that needs creative posts to grab people’s attention. It’s a huge game and requires patience with experience. 

But with a good network, your work can become easy as you can diversify them on other social networks once you have the attention on the platform. So here is the best real estate social network you need to get on as soon as possible.

1. The Facebook

Facebook is the big daddy of the Internet. It has a massive user base with built-in real estate marketing tools for targeting neighborhoods and demographics. While organic reach is not that good in modern times. But when you pay to run ads, Facebook is an excellent place. Here are some facts for you.

  • Over 72 percent of adults use Facebook daily. No matter what they say, it’s losing market share. 
  • Facebook has half of all social media usage.
  • Over 68 percent of Facebook users are between the ages of 25 and 65.
  • Over 80 percent of college graduates are on Facebook.
  • Over 75 percent of users with an income above $70,000.

If you are not promoting your business on Facebook you are making a huge mistake. Create a page now and start posting video content first, as videos get more impressions and views than images. I have seen it.

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2. LinkedIn 

Take advantage of this new raising star in the social media world. Get on LinkedIn now if you want your real estate business to be taken seriously by your clients and other agents. It is a necessity that you use LinkedIn with an account associated with your offices. 

This professional social network is used for networking and job searching. But it can also be used as a real estate social network by posting high-quality content related to your real estate business. Doing so can help establish your company as a professional brand in the marketplace.

3. Active Rain

Active Rain social network for agents

Like LinkedIn, Active Rain is another great networking platform, but for real estate professionals, as blog content, most of the time. It’s similar to, but all the content published on the platform is real estate content. 

It is a great source of digital support for your real estate business, as members offer advice to deal with your business. A unique referral system also provides additional functionality to your business. Try it on.

4. Instagram

If your ideal client is young, it’s worth investing more of your time on Instagram, especially on the Reels, as these days, they are getting more views than a post. But to maintain that audience, you have to use both. Post entertaining and informative reels with shiny images of your properties and advice for new home buyers.

The largest single age group on Instagram is around 25. Plus, 50 percent of adult users do engage on a daily basis, and 70 percent engage at least once a week.

Although it can never compete with Facebook. But for targeting young users with a shiny object Instagram is the best real estate lead generator with a few bucks spent on ads.

5. NextDoor

NextDoor is for building a positive reputation for your business and on the block where your offices are located. From sharing local tips and buying and selling items to asking for landscaping tips. It helps on a personal level and builds trust between your clients. And also, members can interact on an intimate level on the platform.

6. YouTube

use tiktok and youtube for real estate leads

Now YouTube is a search engine platform like Google with a global user base of about 2.6 billion people. In the USA, there are 250 million people who regularly visit YouTube. You can use it as a real estate social media network to showcase your properties on the platform and inform new home buyers and Dos and Donts. I have seen people generating leads just by doing that.

The average visitor spends about 20 minutes a day on YouTube. So don’t be afraid to produce longer videos if you worry about the watch time. People watch quality content. Produce those videos, and your reach will explode.

7. TikTok

No introduction is needed for TikTok as it has become like everything on the internet, even taking market share from Google. If you are a real estate professional, want to connect with other agents, learn fun tips and tricks of the deal, or show off your gorgeous properties, this is a great platform to land on. Just search real estate, and you will find millions of property videos and their followers.

8. Pinterest

People who have real estate blogs create pins with amazing pictures and refer people to their blogs. That way, they generate hundreds of dollars in ad revenue, affiliate commissions, and also sales. 

While another social media platform is designed to keep you there but here Pinterest is designed to send you somewhere else. That is why I think it’s the best organic way to get people to click on your landing page. Here is a little data that might shock you.

  • There are 80 million monthly active Pinterest users just in the USA.
  • Most Pinterest users are between 13 and 45 and female.
  • Most women like Pinterest for their search needs for new products or home improvement ideas.
  • Over 40 percent plan on getting their home within the next five years.

9. Twitter

Twitter is now changing because of Elon Musk. Nobody knows where it will go. But still, today it is a good idea to get on the platform and start building your authority.

It is ideal for short posts, for sharing images and videos, and is perfect for linking to content from an outside source. Hashtags are more important on Twitter than they are on Instagram and Pinterest. Use them often to increase your reach.

10. MeetUp

Our last real estate social media network is MeetUp. A social media site can help you network with real estate colleagues and professionals. You can interact with local prospective home buyers and share content relevant to your neighborhood. 

For more real estate leads also use these

  • Snapchat
  • Hubpages
  • What’s app
  • Reddit
  • Quora
  • Telegram 
  • We Chat

Last Words

So here are those ten best real estate social networks for you. But first, prepare some real estate social media posts, and then create as per each platform’s need and then post them at an optimal time. If possible, use advertising to get quickly followed and then continue your lead generation. I hope you will choose the best network for your business. Good luck. Thanks for reading.

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