10 Best Real Estate Podcasts to Invest Like the PROs

In this article, I will share the ten best real estate podcasts you can listen to on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts. They will help you stay updated with the latest market news, get tips from home buyers, learn from the mistakes of the experts, know how to invest in commercial real estate, and get some insight from tax experts in the industry.

These real estate podcasts can give you some invaluable information you will not find anywhere else. And by applying them in your investment or home buying process, you can get ahead faster than ever.

Ten Best Real Estate Podcasts for You

Now, why podcasts? Why not read the books of those experts, as many experts in these podcasts are best-selling writers? My answer is time. Reading a book takes a week, and creating time for it is also tough work if you are not a reader. To save time and get updated quickly podcasts are the best.

1. Real Estate Today Podcast

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) created the real estate today podcast. It runs like a standard news radio show, with interviews with industry experts. The hosts discuss trending topics, like smart home technology, buying a second home, and advice for first-time homebuyers and sellers. 

  • Host: Stephen Gasque and Bill Thompson
  • Primary topic: General real estate news and advice.
  • Platform: Apple Podcasts.

Stephen is the Manager of broadcasting and audio communications for NAR, and Thompson serves as a news anchor for the radio in Washington. They share some valuable tips through this property podcast to help an average person.

2. BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast

I think this is one of the best real estate podcasts available in the market right now. The feeling is like a few friends sitting down over a hangout and sharing their successes, failures, learned lessons, and what keeps them motivated in business and life. It’s friendly and super motivating.

  • Host: Brandon Turner and David Greene
  • Primary topic: Best for interviews with experts.
  • Platform: Apple Podcasts.

With more than 700 podcasts produced, you can start learning from the beginning and advance level or browse the topics that interest you. You can get it in the Apple podcast.

3. How to Buy a Home

Best podcast for homebuyers

This home buying podcast shares everything you need to know for buying a home and how current economic conditions impact the real estate market. Here David gives honest advice ideal for first-time home buyers that are also useful for resellers with some experience. 

  • Host: David Sidoni
  • Primary topic: Home buyers tips
  • Platform: Spotify

David also shares his best tips for making an offer on a home, interviews many new home buyers, and discusses options for you to adopt.

4. Black Real Estate Dialogue

This podcast is designed for a beginner investor who is just getting started. Sam shares his experiences with his first rental property and interviews industry experts, who discuss growing a brand, buying an investment property, and long-distance property management.

  • Host: Sam Dolcine
  • Primary topic: Real estate investing for beginners.
  • Platform: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts.

Sam, in the podcast, shows us that anyone can be a real estate investor and provide some tools and resources to help other real estate investors succeed.

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5. America’s Commercial Real Estate Show

If you are a commercial real estate broker or investor who wants to know more about the future of commercial investment like office, industrial, retail and multifamily property, listen to this real estate podcast.

  • Host: Michael Bull
  • Primary topic: Commercial real estate investing.
  • Platform: Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

The best part is that here economists and analysts are regularly featured. Plus, many successful brokers and business leaders also share their tips and tricks on the show. For a professional, this commercial real estate podcast is the first podcast you should listen to. 

6. Real Estate News for Investors

Best podcast for Real Estate News

One of the best real estate podcasts to get updated with the current market condition. It keeps you informed about market conditions and recent trends. Kathy Fettke reviews the latest reports from national organizations and market data analysis to inform and educate listeners about building and holding an investment portfolio. 

  • Host: Kathy Fettke
  • Primary topic: Investing for beginners and related news.
  • Platform: Apple Podcasts and Overcast.

The show discusses many real estate topics, such as the best real estate markets for investing, the latest news on property and tax law, and the latest information for flippers.

7. The Money Pit Home Improvement

The Money pit home improvement is also a nationally syndicated radio program in the USA. The primary focus of this podcast is home improvement and repair. Tom Kraeutler and Leslie Segrete cover almost everything on homeowners and how to repair it yourself. 

  • Host: Tom Kraeutler and Leslie Segrete 
  • Primary topic: Homeowners looking to remodel.
  • Platform: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify.

There are more than 1,000 episodes available explaining various aspects of home improvement hacks, no-stress closet organization, high-return home improvements, and the best kitchen lighting.

8. The House Party

If you like learning about real estate through the mistakes of celebrities, House Party is the top real estate podcast for you. The podcast discusses home improvement TV shows, housing market trends, and celebrity home transactions. So you know the recent pop culture real estate in detail.

  • Host: Natalie Way, Rachel Stults
  • Primary topic: Pop culture real estate news.
  • Platform: Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Many experts share their stories on home disasters, moving across the country, and more. You will find plenty of real estate insights in an entertaining way that you will enjoy.

9. The Indicator from Planet Money

If you want to understand the real estate business, the economy, and basic terms, you should check out this short podcast. It’s also known as A Little Show about Big Ideas.

  • Host: Wailin Wong
  • Primary topic: Buyers, sellers, homeowners, and investor tips.
  • Platform: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify.

The topics may vary, but the real estate content areas like home sales, moving trends, the commercial real estate market, and renting are very insightful, as a whole.

10. Making Money in Multifamily

If you ever wish to invest in multifamily properties this real estate podcast is for you. The host is Dave Morgia, a real estate investor who talks with industry professionals about practices and principles for success in this real estate field.

  • Host: Dave Morgia
  • Primary topic: Multifamily housing investors.
  • Platform: Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Dave also talks about the setbacks each investor has faced, and what they learn from them, which is priceless for beginner investors. The podcast goes deep into multifamily investing, which is valuable to new and experienced investors.

Last Words

So these are the ten best real estate podcasts you start listening to increase your real estate knowledge over time. These podcasts are popular and well-researched, and most importantly, you will get tremendous insights that no person normally shares in the industry. Choose the one you like and start listening. 

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