10 Best Real Estate Instagram Post Ideas

In this article, I will share the best real estate Instagram post ideas that can boost your likes, shares, and overall engagement on the platform and possibly lead to your business.

Plus, these content ideas will help you build trust with your followers over time if you maintain consistency with them. 

With over 1.3 billion active users, Instagram is one of the most used social platforms in the world.

It’s an untapped market for real estate marketers to target the young generation as the average age is about 25 to 35, which makes it a good platform to promote your new listings. 

Ten Best Real Estate Instagram Post Ideas

According to research, only 15 percent of realtors are on Instagram. At the same time, more than 80 percent of all home buyers reported wanting pictures of properties online on the platform. 

So it’s most likely your audience is on Instagram, waiting to see attractive pictures of your listings.

So here are those real estate Instagram post ideas that you should use to generate more leads and sales.

1. Share Real Estate Market Updates

Posting updates on housing prices, the number of homes sold, and the average price of each unit available to you and giving honest opinions and advice to the buyer and seller would present you as an expert in the people’s eyes. A person that they can trust. 

It will help you get more property leads, as your name will be on the top of your customer’s heads when they think of either buying or selling a house.

You can do it via the Reel, posing informative images, or using infographics with possible regular stories.

Nowadays, reels are performing well. Focus on it more and grab people’s attention with just a 15-second video.

2. Use Instagram Live for Q&A Sessions

Use Instagram Live and answer their questions. Going live also helps you connect directly with your potential clients, answer their queries, and bring more clarity to their buying and selling problems.

It will build your brand awareness, get more people to inquire about your services, and ultimately a new way to get some more leads. The game is huge. So think long term.

3. Post a Video Tour of Your Listed Property

When thinking about real estate Instagram post ideas, never forget those house tour videos most real estate agents use to attract and gain more followers on their Instagram accounts. 

Home tours help your clients explore every corner of the house and get qualified real estate leads, as those potential buyers already have an idea of what the house would look like.

Video tours make it easier for them to imagine. Use it and gain more followers using the Reel.

4. Advertise Your New Listings

Create New Listing posts using the story and post section. But don’t do it regularly. Once a week is enough to let people know what new homes have arrived on your listing. 

Create hype using real estate ads to target your exact client in that neighborhood who might be interested.

You can also use a reel video as it is attractive and looks professional if you create a good video with a trendy song.

5. Promote Your Events

If you are conducting an event that most agents do once a year, create a few real estate videos for your Instagram profile and promote them to attract more guests to your event.

It’s a great way to network and share valuable information with potential buyers while boosting brand awareness and building trust. 

6. Create Just-Sold Posts

Just Sold posts help attract prospects who want to sell properties similar to the one you just sold or want to buy a similar property you have sold recently.

You can help them to get that same kind of house.

It will create more attention towards your business as you are showing them your work and telling people that you not only talk but also do the work.

Just Sold products are very influential. Don’t miss them.

7. Post More Memes

Memes around real estate help people express their emotions and opinions and encourage them to share them, which will increase your reach if you put your brand name in it. 

Sharing a funny real estate meme makes you memorable and earns you more engagement and following.

Try to post at least 10 percent of your Instagram posts as memes, and you will see that engagement is rising and you are gaining more followers.

8. Post Local Photos

You will constantly look for properties in your area to sell or buy if you see a beautiful house snap a picture and post it with some editing. It helps people see their local places from a new perspective.

Look for things and homes that people may not have seen or noticed.

Show them a different side of the area, and add some historical information to make it more interesting and make you look like a guy who lives there with them.

9. Showcase The Whole Neighborhood 

Every person first wants to know how is the neighborhood, and how is the area, before they look for properties.

They want to know if that palace will match their lifestyle and personality. Promoting the neighborhood and local area helps attract the right prospect to your property.  

10. Harness the Power of Quotes

When planning your real estate Instagram post ideas, extract some quotes related to buying and selling from the internet. Design them in a way that makes them feel the motivation in the text.

Your quotes should follow the core message of your business. If you deal in single-family homes, post a quote on it. When dealing with commercial property, post a quote related to it.

I mean, maintain your niche so that people can remember you.

Last Words

The primary point of creating these real estate Instagram posts is to drive more engagement and followers.

The engagement is all you need that get the dice rolling when looking for a potential client for your listings. 

Harness the power of advertising and target those who may be interested in your content, then, with a plan, convert them into a lead.

But maintain your consistency, and you will make your account grow. I wish you the best of luck. Thanks for reading.  

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