10 Funny Real Estate Memes to Make You Laugh Out Loud

In this article, I will share the ten most hilarious real estate memes you can use in your social media post, text messaging, and email attachments. These funny memes will help you connect with clients through humor, gain influence and followers, and target a larger audience who might become potential leads in the future.

Plus, you can also use some of the best real estate jokes to make it funny by alternating the memes on a weekly basis. For that reason, you need a plan and some good graphic designs to make it work.

Ten Most Hilarious Real Estate Memes

The real estate memes you will share must represent your brand and personality. You can integrate your interests and hilarious real estate jokes and highlight your expertise in the area. 

When your followers interact with your real estate memes, they will share the content and, in turn, expose your real estate services to their friends and families. So here are those top realtor memes for you to use.

1. For Sale by Owner Meme (FSBO)

For Sale by Owner Meme
  • Theme: For the FSBO house. I will find you, and I will list you.

Liam Neeson said I will find you and list you if he is a realtor. Share this real estate meme as part of your marketing campaign on converting for sale by owner leads. FSBO listings can be successful as it informs homeowners selling their own home is not easy.

2. A Referral from a Friend

Hilarious Real Estate Memes
  • Theme: When you check your phone and it is a referral from a friend.

Real estate agents who have a network can build a successful career by asking for a referral lead via email and text marketing. By sharing funny referral real estate memes with email attachments or text messages, you can connect with clients and can quickly respond with any available referrals.

3. Clients Don’t Believe the Reports

Zillow home buyer memes
  • Theme: Your home was worth what?

Many home sellers will do their research when selling a house, but the internet is not always right. The price of a house always depends on the market, not on the thoughts of an average person. This meme is a way to share your real-world expertise with your clients and show them you understand the market better than those amateurs on the internet.

4. The Relief when You Close a House 

The Relief of Closing on a deal Meme
  • Theme: At that moment, you get clear to close the deal.

It is an exciting moment when your client has collected all the documents to close the deal. You can share this real estate meme with your clients to celebrate the victory. It is also a way to let your clients know that you are getting results.

5. Realtor Daily Life Meme

Real estate agent life memes
  • Theme: Me trying to explain my work schedule to my close friends.

You can share this meme when someone asks you about your work and how you do it. You know you have to explain it in an easy way, but when you begin, the list goes on. Share it with your network, who can relate to this real-life meme.

6. Bad Advertising Examples

  • Theme: MLS description said Lovely Outdoor Kitchen

There are many bad advertisements you may have seen o the street. You can make fun of them and create a meme over them. For example, the MLS description said the house has a lovely outdoor kitchen. And it has but just the dishwasher.

You can use such funny memes to share with your clients to make sure they know you will always do your due diligence and see the property in person before offering them.

7. Celebrating Your Win Meme

Realtor client memes
  • Theme: That moment when your clients find their homes.

Celebrating your win is a wonderful feeling. This meme shows that you are their biggest cheerleader, no matter of financial gain on your end. Clients want to work with someone who wants the best for them and is capable of helping clients secure a house in the market. Use it to let people know that you are happy to help them and you are a winner.

 8. Close Your First Deal

When you close your first deal ever
  • Theme: When you close your first deal ever

I can not explain as a real estate agent when you close your first-ever deal. You feel like you can achieve everything and can sell anything. The hand work it takes after months of struggle will be worth it when you close your first deal. Share that moment and express your gratitude, with this funny real estate meme to your client.

9. Best Realtor Life Meme

realtor real estate memes
  • Theme: What people think realtors do, What we actually do

No, it is not funny for a professional agent. Because they work like that. But, sharing some insight into your life as an agent can help you connect with your network. People have doubts and wrong information about what it’s like to be a real estate agent. Because it is not a 9-to-5 job, and your salary is based solely on commission, not on time.

10. Required More Paperwork

  • Theme: Going home on a rainy day after driving for a buyer who does not have pre-approval yet. 

When you have done everything, you get to know, they do not have all the pre-approvals for the deal to be completed. I know how frustrating that is. Use this meme to share your feelings with your followers.

You can share funny memes like this to start the conversation and educate them on the required paperwork like pre-approvals, financials, credit history, and home preferences needed to buy a home.

Last Words

So these ten are the best real estate memes you can use to increase your social media engagement and gain more followers. But use them creatively and with the goal in mind. Do not misuse them, as people will feel off and unfollow you. Create a plan and then use them.

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