Top 30 Real Estate Marketing Ideas for New Agents

In this article, I will share with you 30 unique real estate marketing ideas that you can use to generate more leads for your real estate business as an agent. I am not going to guarantee anything that if you use these real estate lead generation ideas, then your business will become the best in your area.

No, this article is for those who are not looking for a quick fix rather than a permanent solution like a water pipeline. The water will continue to flow year after year.

If you are that guy, then I welcome you. Here, I present to you the whole process of real estate lead generation, starting with the basic there psychological hit.

How to Generate Real Estate Leads

In this real estate lead generation process there are three things, and those are:

  • Awareness: Make them aware that you are here to help them buy their dream home.
  • Interest: Do everything to impress them. So they become interested in you. Hmm, this guy seems good. Let’s see what he can offer.
  • Action: Now, help them to take action, to buy the house or sign the contract.

These are the three main steps in real estate marketing. Everything I am going to share will fit in these three. That’s why you must learn how to use these steps physically and psychologically to get more leads and sell more and more houses.

Best Real Estate Marketing Ideas for Agents

Here we go, my feveroit 30 lead generation ideas for agents who are looking to sell more properties and earn more money.


1. Two Types of Real Estate Leads

There are mainly two types of real estate leads, and those are:

  • Inbound Leads: Inbound leads will come to you automatically, like a referral.
  • Outbound Leads: You have to go there to get customers like advertising.

Everything you will learn here will be either inbound lead ideas or outbound lead ideas. Some will be free, and some will cost you a little. Also, you will learn the psychology of real estate marketing.

2. Build Awareness Among Your Clients

If you are new to the market, no one will recognize you or call you to buy a house. You must tell them that you have a wonderful collection of homes. You can help them in every way.

If someone notices you via your advertisement or any means, they will first compare you with other agents in that area. 

  • Is he a good agent?
  • Can he help me to find my dream home?
  • How good are his services than others?
  • What kind of houses does he have?
  • Why is he the best?

You must answer these questions via your real estate marketing campaigns. That will build awareness among them, and they will become interested in you and your listings.

3. Make Them Interested in You

After they become interested, your job is to hold that interest till they call you in your office. How are you going to do that? You will create a beautiful website to keep them remain interested. 

Post frequently on your social media platform and maintain your authority in every post. So that. they can be 100% sure that you are the man they were looking for.

If everything looks promising, they will visit your office and probably buy it if you can negotiate with them properly, after a visit to the house and verifying the property documents.

4. Help Them to Sign The Contract

After these two steps, they will make up their mind to buy the house, but there will be some problems before signing the contract. They will say:

  • House is too far from the city.
  • It is expensive, can’t afford it.
  • The water supply is not that good.
  • Too many power cuts in a day.
  • The shopping mall is quite far.

Your customers will have these problems, and you must solve them before they say NO to the house. Just as them one question:

  • If all their problems are solved, will they buy the house?

Most clients will say yes, which means they have no other problems. You have to solve these five problems, and this is how you are going to do that.

Solving the Problem

First, tell them yes, the house is far from the city but not too far, and there is a reason for it. You will be safe here from criminal activities, traffic problems, and political rallies. This place will give you peace.

We can install a power backup to solve our electricity problems, and the water problem also can be solved if you give me time. I can manage them all.

If you think it’s expensive, then it is. Because, there is no other house as good as this, fully furnished house, with a balcony, car parking and a great location. Tell me can you have those in things cheap houses?

  • Remember, the price is never an objective. If you can show them the value, they will buy it no matter how high the price is.

So, this is how the whole real estate business operates. All these real estate marketing ideas are focused on the awareness part. If you can make a good first impression, they will buy it. 

Now let’s talk about the different kinds of real estate leads and how to target your clients using them. 

5. Get More Leads by A Free E-book


You can generate a good amount of leads if you give your clients some free kinds of stuff. Maybe a free E-book that contains all the basic steps to buy a house legally or a PDF that explains a little bit more about the house, or you can combine all of those data and create an Infographic to help them understand everything in one go.

Buy how to apply these and where? Use an email collection tool to capture emails. You can add a link to your social media profit to get those emails. 

People want free stuff. They will feel free to sign up to get those free ideas. That is the whole concept of this stuff. Use it and generate leads.

You know, it’s all but numbers. If you get 100 leads, 10 of them will call you, three will visit you, or maybe one will buy. It’s all about numbers. The more leads you have, the more house you will sell. That is one of the real estate marketing ideas I have ever seen.

6. Your Work Email, Please

But, some people will not give you their primary emails, and those emails will be no good for you in lead generation. To solve this problem, write in your lead magnet, “your work email, please. If you tell them what exactly to put in that box, they will sign up for the primary emails.

7. Use FSBO Signs

This is one of the oldest real estate marketing ideas that is still running today. You have seen it. People put a signboard on their house “For Sale by the Owner. If you wish to get that lead, you have to make the owner more money.

Research says if property Owner hires an agent to sell their homes, they make more than if they try to sell the house by themselves. Your work is to make them realize you can make them more money. Convince them and get the leads. FSBO would work really well if you visit the area and look for it.

8. Use Call to Action (CTA)

In every advertisement, online or offline, make sure to add a “call to action to it”, For example, if you say, 

  • Get your dream home at Scotland Yard or get your dream home at 222 Baker Street, London. Call at 20,7265,3986. 

In your opinion, which one will be more effective? I think the 2nd option. Because you are directing people where exactly to go, and most probably, they will visit you once or call you. 

Without a good CTA, your advertisement money will go to waste. Make sure to have a direct CTA in your message while marketing.

9. Use Social Proof

If still, you are not getting enough emails, then use social proof. Tell them, “join 10,000 happy customers who bought a house from us and living a happy life”. This will help them trust you and lead them to sign up.

10. Use Real Estate CRM Apps

But the question is, with all those data, all those phones no, leads, and house addresses, how can I possibly manage all those? That is why you should use a Real Estate CRM App to handle all those data at once. There are some free and paid apps that you can use to get started, and those are:

  • Trello (free)
  • Monday (free)
  • Freshworks CRM (free)
  • Asana (free)
  • ZOHO CRM ($10)
  • Pipedrive ($15)
  • Salesforce ($25)
  • Property base ($69)

As you can see, there are some free and some paid apps. I suggest you start with those free platforms and then upgrade over time. These can help you in your real estate lead generation.

11. Build Your Brand, and Trust

Let me tell you, the best way to get more leads is to build your brand. You need trust, and that trust will convert to lead in the long run. So from the very first day, you should start to build your brand and make it recognizable. Create a logo, a slogan, or anything you can think of.

Whenever someone wants to buy a certain type of house, they will remember you, because there are none good enough to help them get the kind of house. That is your brand. Every brand is different, don’t copy others, build your own brand it will pay off.

12. Go for Local Sponsorships


Find a local festival or any public occasion and advertise your business there. This idea is old, but it still works today. Research says a customer sees an advertisement seven times before they get interested. 

If you put a big banner there, people will notice it, and if one of them is looking for a house, they will consider the offer they have seen on that banner, not once but more than seven times. 

Visit your local area and look for local events to sponsor. If possible, sponsor every event that will be more effective as people will see that ad more and more. Yes, it’s expensive but worth the effort if you do it right with a CTA.

13. Offer Home Valuation Services for Free


As I said earlier, free stuff can do wounder. Free webinar works well. If you want more leads, offer them a free home valuation service. Some people don’t know the exact value of their house. People ask them to sell it for $80,000, or $90,000, but they are not sure this is the right price for their home.

In that case, your home valuation service will help them. They will fill out the form on your website and check for the valuation. And then they will decide at what price is perfect for selling the house.

But what will you get? You will get their contact and the physical address of that property. You can use those to generate leads in the future.

14. Use Regional Languages

If you live in a country where people speak different languages, like in India. In every state, they spoke a different language. So if you convert your message into their own language, then the arrow will hit the right spot. Look, not everyone is English friendly, speak their tongue, and they will become a probable purchaser for you. 

15. Give Them A Free Webinar

People love free things. You have seen it on Instagram. A lot of experts give “free masterclass”. Just like they do, invite them to join your free webinar and then educate those first-time home buyers. Explain to them the complete process,

  • Documents required
  • Possible frauds
  • A little about your service and 
  • Why it’s better. 

Educate them as much as possible. If they think you are giving some quality information and will start to trust you. That will become a lead for you in the future.

In this digital era, free webinars are doing wonders for agents. Include it in your real estate marketing ideas and generate more leads.

16. Advertise on Both Radio & Television

You might think Radio and TV are old stuff, and will not work in this digital era. You might be right. But, people still watch TV, especially the Old People. If anyone buying a house in their family, those Old People, have a good effect on it.

And if mid-aged people watch that ad, they will also get interested in it and might double your chance of getting discovered. Most agents neglect this real estate lead generation idea, but it works, still today. So don’t think radio and TV do not work anymore. Find out how to target your clients and what kind of massage can have the maximum effect.

17. Create A Facebook Page

Create a Facebook page or join an existing group. Many agents are generating leads from Facebook pages and groups. There are lots of groups out there. You just search and join, and after you make yourself noticeable, you can post your listings there. Some Facebook groups will charge you some money to join, but it is worth the investment.

18. Work with A Social Media Influencer 

There are not many social media influencers in the real estate industry. But if you find an authoritative guy with a good following, you can approach him to promote your Listings. It works pretty well if you are covering some large neighborhoods. Find a site or social media handle, and then talk to them to promote your houses.

19. Start A Educational Podcast or Blog 

You can use a podcast or blog to get an email address. There is a big demand for real estate podcasts and blogs. Lunch podcast on Spotify or any other platform you know, collect emails and convert them to lead.

20. Use Twitter for Direct Brand Building

Hashtags are popular on Twitter. But maximum time to get noticed, you have to promote the hashtag. You can use the hashtag trend to promote your hashtag. But I think investing a little money to promote will work best.

21. Sign Up for Google My Business

Sign up today for “Google My Business. Brother, you are missing out a lot if you are not on that platform. You can generate enormous leads in your locality by submitting your business to Google. I guarantee you will get more extra real estate leads every month than before. That’s my challenge.

22. Run Ads on Facebook and Google

Targeted Ads always do best on any platform, but for real estate marketing, Facebook is the best. Big companies are using Facebook ads to generate sales for them. You can use it like them too.

Some agents get better results on Google ads. The process is the same, but somehow they get different results. You can use both, but I think Facebook ads are better.

23. Try PPC Services

Most agents don’t want to include PPC service in their real estate lead generation campaign, but research says it still works if it’s available in your country.

You can use PPC services. PPC means pay per click. It’s an online real estate marketing system that many agents use to generate traffic and leads to their site. You sign up, pay the fees and drive traffic. Here are some PPC services you can use.

  • Revlocal
  • Thrive
  • Lead Horse Marketing
  • 220 Marketing
  • Realty Tech

All these platforms can give you leads by spending a few bucks, from $1,500 to $5,000 a month. Try it if you have not yet.

24. Ask for Referrals

Research says more than 32 percent of leads come from referrals. It’s the best kind of lead that you can get by doing a little work. When you sell a house, tell your clients if any of their friends want to buy a house, you can help, and maybe they will get a discount. Some people will recommend you to their families if your service is good enough.

25. Free Offers, Discounts

Offer some discounts to your clients. Discount attracts people. You can give them free wi-fi for a year, free maintenance, or anything free that can help them to lie there with ease. Let me tell you:

  • Free is not a price. It’s an emotional hot button. Press the right place, and the phone will ring.

26. Design Your Newsletters

So far, you have collected many emails from various platforms. Now it’s time to use them. Design your emails in a way, that creates visits to your site or any product recommended. 

There are a lot of platforms for email marketing you use to market your property through emails, and those are: 

  • Sendinblue
  • Mailchimp
  • Omnisend

These will cost you some money, but if you have a good following on your email, I suggest you sign up and use one of these.

27. Leverage Virtual Reality


Virtual reality, or VR, is booming right now, and people want to experience the homes. You can use this to convince them or create a virtual video of that house and try to sell it out. Many agents today are using this lead generation method to sell properties online. You can do the same.

28. Hire A Photographer or Videographer

Hire a Pro Videographer or photographer. Many agents do not do this, but in today’s world, it’s necessary for agents. 

  • What looks attractive sells.

A pro guy can make your property look attractive, which will bring leads to you from TikTok, Instagram Reels, or YouTube videos. It will cost you good money, but it works.

29. Leverage Lead Generation Sites

These are my final real estate marketing ideas. Use those lead-generating sites, and those are:

  • Real Geeks
  • Placester
  • Propertybase GO
  • Zillow
  • Chime

All of these will cost you from $300 – $500. But, they can give you some quality leads. Try it.

30. How to Generate Real Estate Leads

While doing the marketing for your business, make sure you do not disturb the big giants. If they notice you, they might block your path. Avoid direct contact with them, and don’t compete with them in your advertising campaigns. You will fail.

Last Words

So here are the top 30 real estate marketing ideas you can use to get more real estate leads. Some are free, and some will have a little cost. Some are unique, some are regular, some online, and some offline. It’s up to you how you use these marketing ideas in your favor. Good luck. Thanks for reading.

How do you market your property for free?

The best way to get free clients is through referrals. Ask people for referrals, do not be shy, and some of them will agree.

What is the best real estate marketing idea?

I think the direct mailing system is the cheapest and the most effective marketing idea that agents can use to sell homes. It is direct and super effective.

How to get more leads naturally?

Build a system of referrals, send direct mails, send SMS on occasional days, use door hangers, and ask your old customer about how they are today. Be real and get more leads naturally.

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