How to Sell Land Without a Realtor as a Beginner

how to sell land without a realtor

In this article, I will share how to sell land without a realtor, which is absolutely possible if you use any of these seven ideas. Yes, you have to work a bit more, but it will be worth the time if you have found a good buyer who can pay good money for your land. … Read more

The Complete Process of Real Estate Development (A to Z)

What Is the Process of Real Estate Development

In this article, I will share the exact process of real estate development as simply as possible. Because a lot of people think the land development process is very complicated and takes a lot of time and effort to develop a big building. But that might not be 100% right if you have a good … Read more

How to Calculate Real Estate Depreciation with Examples


Real estate depreciation for is very confusing for most people. But, in this article, I will explain the depreciation act to you in the simplest form that an 8th-grade kid can understand. This real estate law is mainly used for tax savings. I will share how you can reduce your real estate tax near zero using … Read more

How to Become a Real Estate Developer as a Beginner

How to Become A Real Estate Developer

In this article, I will share with you how to become a real estate developer by following ten simple steps. Steps that can help you to think the unthinkable in the real estate business and make you a billionaire. There are more than 256 real estate billionaires around the world, and the number is growing … Read more