How to Become a Real Estate Agent with No Experience?

In this article, I will share with you fifteen tips on how to become a real estate agent with no experience in your area as a beginner. These tips not only help you to understand the business but also it will help you generate more real estate leads for you.

How to Become a Real Estate Agent with No Experience

Let’s have an overview of what those steps are, and then I will explain how to become a real estate agent with no experience. Let’s start with the first one.

1. Your Real Estate Brokerage Niche

Your first work in this business is to find a great niche, your uniqueness. You can choose to sell different kinds of property, like:

  • Apartments
  • Single-family homes
  • Multi-family homes
  • Commercial retail
  • Offices
  • Raw land
  • Warehouses
  • Storage rooms
  • Mobile homes
  • Industrial properties

You must choose a niche. Otherwise, people will get confused. People like experts, like he is an expert in Apartments in our area, he can help us get the best unit for our needs. People’s first choice is experts and them the house.

To become an expert real estate agent and build a band that only deals in Apartments, you should niche first and then advertise your brand with it. Like, get your dream home near the river. 

Choose a niche before you even learn the remaining 14 tips that I will share with you on how to become a real estate agent with no experience.

2. Research The Market’s Demand for Your Service

How to Become a Real Estate Agent with No Experience

Don’t start a real estate business just like everyone else. You will fail most likely. Analyze the market where you want to start a business. Try to find an opportunity, a problem, or a gap that needs to be filled.

Do some due diligence on your competitions, those who can block your path, and how you can beat them by doing some different. In business, the best service does not always win, but uniqueness does. 

Look for growth in the market. Answering the following question:

  • Job opportunities in the market
  • New startups or retail shops
  • Transport facility
  • Class of people, rich or poor
  • Your competitor’s sales data

All these will help you identify the demand for your service. Don’t jump into any market. The market will punish you. Do the due diligence properly, and then go for it. 

3. Will Your Business Become Profitable?

Just ask the question, the business you are about to start, is it going to become profitable in the long run? Will it stay in business after ten years? It is the most important question a real estate agent you must ask.

If you don’t analyze the data, you will suffer in the future, as most new businesses do. On average, 90% of new businesses fail within 18 months of starting. The main reason for this is cash flow, don’t become one of them. Research well enough and then make a move.

Ask other real estate agents and take data from them. What kind of businesses are profitable well in this area, and how they are doing it. Gather data and put them in CRM software to analyze it better.

4. Write A Detailed Business Plan

You need to write a business plan before you even move forward on how to become a real estate agent with no experience topic.

So after you made your research and learned that your business might become profitable if you give your 100%. It’s time to create a business plan. A business plan contains everything you would do to run and manage the business effectively. For example:

  • How are you going to generate more leads
  • What is the best way to manage the whole business
  • Cash flow management
  • Employee management
  • Customer management
  • Buyer and seller listing 
  • Network building and
  • Your commission

Make a complete plan of all these and act according to that plan, Don’t change your plan frequently. It will damage the flow of your business because of the compound effect.

The compound effect will act as follows: once you start your car, don’t stop. Otherwise, you have to restart the car. It will take more time to reach that 100 mph. Think deeply, take as much time as you want but create a plan that works. Not everything will work your way. Don’t assume that. Use data to support your real estate business plan.

  • There is no luck, only your hard work.

Build a good business plan and then collect the money to start.

5. Estimate The Total Capital to Run The Business


Things might not go according to your plan, and you have to be ready for that. A business takes time to become successful. Give it at least a year to establish yourself in the market. 

For that reason, you must calculate how much money you need to run the business smoothly. All the expenses you can think of like:

  • Office Rent
  • Internet Bills
  • Real Estate License
  • Real Estate Marketing Campaigns
  • Travel Expenses
  • Employee Salary

Estimate all and calculate how much do you need? You need $10,000 to manage the business. It’s not the final capital. It can vary in every area, I think. So, prepare that money and then start the business.

6. Finance The Business by Yourself or Bring A Partner In

Brother it is one of the most important step on how to become a real estate agent with no experience. You need to finance your business anyhow.

You can finance the whole business by yourself as a single real estate agent or collaborate with someone else to start the business. But remember, a partner can be a pain in the ass. 

You have to take permission from him for everything you do and that can be frustrating. I am okay with that, and I think it is better to have two minds than one. But can you handle it?

Because my friend, no bank will not lend you money at the very beginning. Banks need some proof of some asset value to give you a business loan. That’s why a partner is the best option you have to start the business.

7. Apply For A Small Business Administration Loan

Look, most banks will not give you a loan, but some will. If you having problems finding a good partner, then your last resort is a small business loan. Some small finance banks are ready to give you a loan if your application sounds suitable.

Plus, you can approach some investors to finance the startup. Some small investors will fiance them, but most of them will not. So, you must knock on every door to get the finance as soon as possible.

Now that you have analyzed the market, selected a niche, made a business plan, and are ready to finance the business for a year, it’s time to get the wheel going. Go get a real estate license.

8. Get Your Real Estate License


Visit your state’s real estate regulatory website and apply for a real estate license with a small fee of $200 – $300. In some countries, you have to give an exam, and in some, you don’t. No exam is required, just fill out the form and get your license in a few months.

But if you have to give the exam, find everything you need to pass it. The pass mark is 60. You will find a PDF that explains the whole process and the syllabus of the exam available on that website, and then you study for and pass it. 

And after 3 to 6 months, you will have the license to deal in properties. A license is a must to deal in properties. Otherwise, the jail is waiting for you. If you do not have the lice then make a full stop on learning how to become a real estate agent with no experience

9. Choose A Location for Your Office

Your office must be visible where people can see it from far away. Don’t make your customers wonder, is it here. Use sign boards and direct them as fast as possible into your office. 

If your clients feel frustrated, they will prefer not to go there and might lose the business. That is why you must choose a good location for your office and try to make it on the first floor near the main road. 

I know the rent is high there, but that is where most businesses are. So, choose a good location for your office. It will help you generate more leads and more sales.

10. Equip Your Office with Gadgets

Now equip the office with gadgets and other required things like if you are really serious about how to become a real estate agent with no experience.

  • Computers
  • Printers
  • Furniture
  • Purified Water supply
  • Internet
  • Virtual reality (VR)
  • Projector
  • Others

Equip your office, so you don’t have to hurry to the market when you need something badly. For example, when showing houses to your clients, use a projector on the big screen. That will have more effect than a small laptop screen. Use good colors in the picture and maybe, a VR to help them feel inside the house.

Look, If you want to sell more houses, equip your office and your team. Don’t cut your expenses. Use them to sell your property faster.

11. Open A Business Account in A Good Bank

Your next step is to open a bank account in a reputable bank. A business account is different from a personal savings account. Without a proper business account, you can not deal in properties and can not file for tax returns. A business account is a must to buy and sell a house.

Note: Create soft and hard copies of every document you use and put them somewhere safe. You might need them in the future. It is a good practice most successful real estate agent follows to get out of trouble. You can do the same.

12. Set Up An Amazing Website

Marketing is vital and you need to learn along side with the technical parts of how to become a real estate agent with no experience.

Set up a great website with amazing pictures and videos. It will give them a great first impression. You might know it more than 50% of buyers search for a house online and then visit the site to decide if the agent is good. If you can show them you are good, they will call you, and you will get a lead.

In social media, the same things can happen. When you post something online, you are helping them solve their problems with the information in your post. That is how you will build trust among your clients. Set up a good site and use advertising to attract home buyers to your website and to your office.

13. Make A List of Your Contracts

You need leads and then you can master this topic on how to become a real estate agent with no experience.

Make a list of your known contacts and tell them you are an agent. If they need a house or their friends need one, you can help them. Tell your contacts, colleagues, and others who can help you get a free lead by referrals.

It is a good practice, but agents do not follow it. You know, over 32% of real estate leads come from referrals. So if you want to become a successful real estate agent, tell everyone that you deal in properties.

14. Advertise Your Business Online and Offline

But don’t just pray for referrals. Advertise your business online and offline. Use Facebook ads to target your specific customers. Google ads are okay, but in real estate marketing, I think Facebook ads are better.

Plus, use banners on the street, handbill, and fund a local seminar where home buyers may come. By putting a noticeable banner, you will become known in the market. If someone is ready to buy a house, they shall contact you. Advertise, and generate leads. Otherwise, no business will come to you.

15. Some Special Tips for A Beginner Agent

How to become a real estate agent with no experience? You must be ready to work seven days a week with no vacation and be ready to visit the client after 10 pm. You must commit 100%. Your motto should be, I have to get it done, no other options.

Commit to yourself that I will make it work. That is the best tip for a real estate agent because it’s difficult out there to sustain a business. You will fail and face rejection, but you must get out and try again. Never give up. Fail more but never quit. You will win one day. That’s a guarantee.

Last Words

So, these is how to become a real estate agent with no experience with my fifteen best tips for in a few years. If you follow them well with passion, success is waiting for you. Best of luck. Thanks.

Can you become a real estate agent with no experience?

Yes, you can with just a simple real estate license. Give the exam and pass it and sell properties.

How much will it cost to become an agent?

Your main expenses will be the license course fee which is about $320 and all the other stuff that you need to find a client and set up an office.

How to start a career in real estate?

Get a license, choose a niche, learn the negotiation, set up an office, and generate leads to become a real estate agent.

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