10 Best Real Estate YouTube Channels I Have Subscribed

In this article, I will share the ten best real estate youtube channels that I watch to increase my real estate knowledge and feel the luxury homes within the house that those agents show us in the top cities around the world, which cost millions of dollars.

You may know some of these Youtube channels as they are popular, like Grand Cardone, Tom Ferry, and BiggerPocket channel, and you know their content is top-class. 

Ten Best Real Estate YouTube Channels

The problem I have encountered is that many agents make videos about real estate but do not share everything. Some promote their listing on YouTube, and some just make videos without providing much value to their viewers. I have neglected them all in this list and listed the best real estate youtube channels that give some real stuff to their viewers.

1. BiggerPockets

Joshua Dorkin founded the company BiggerPockets in 2004. It does not need any introduction as it’s a massive real estate YouTube channel that covers almost everything. Today, BiggerPockets has over one million subscribers. They also have a website, podcasts, informative books, and many online tools to help you succeed.

  • Founder: Joshua Dorkin
  • Subscribers: 1.02 million
  • Total Videos: 2600+
  • Other Services: Podcast, books, and blog.

The channel offers unique and fresh content on investing, how to find, analyze, and finance properties, tips and advice, success stories, podcasts, and testimonials. If you are looking for a real estate channel that covers everything, BiggerPockets is the platform you should go with.

2. Ryan Serhant

Ryan Serhant real estate youtube channel

Ryan Serhant is a real estate broker, author, producer, and TV star of the Million Dollar Listing NY show. His channel gives you access to some of the most insane real estate listings in America that you only can think of in your dreams. 

  • Founder: Ryan Serhant
  • Subscribers: 1.3 Million
  • Total Videos: 332+
  • Other Services: Author, producer, and TV star.

All his real estate Youtube videos are eye-catching and feel good to watch.

3. Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone is the founder and manager of Cardone Capital which manages over 1 billion in assets. He is very enthusiastic about teaching people about real estate investing, how to sell, and how to create a 10x life, as his 10x rule is the best seller worldwide.

  • Founder: Grant Cardone
  • Subscribers: 2.33 Million
  • Total Videos: 5,500+
  • Other Services: Books, podcasts, and blogs.

If you do not know him and are interested in real estate, then there is some problem with you. You can not miss his lead generation, marketing, investment tips, and lessons on how to become a better salesperson. He is the best sales trainer right now.

4. Tom Ferry

Swanepoel Power 200 has ranked Tom Ferry the #1 Coach in real estate for seven consecutive years. He is also the #1 New York Times best-seller author of Life! By Design.

  • Founder: Tom Ferry
  • Subscribers: 540k
  • Total Videos: 1,600+
  • Other Services: Podcast, books, and blog.

His podcast Tom Ferry Podcast was named one of the Top ten Business Podcasts in 2019. He can make you a PRO if you follow in his footsteps in this real estate world.

5. Graham Stephan (4.2M)

Graham started his real estate journey at the age of 18. He has sold millions of dollars of properties. I have seen his interview with Kevin O Larry, where he shows him an investment and how Larry responded to it. Graham shares his success, failures, and experiences in this channel.

  • Founder: Graham Stephan
  • Subscribers: 4.2 million
  • Total Videos: 880+
  • Other Services: Podcast, training videos, blog.

Some people say he is a youtube millionaire rather than a real estate millionaire. But his videos are informative, and I love them, especially his podcasts, where he featured many top professionals to explain their journey.

6. Kevin Ward

Kevin Ward real estate channel

You may know Kevin by his book YES. It’s a best-seller book on real estate negotiation. He is the founder of YES Masters Real Estate Training, one of the fastest-growing training programs in the world. 

  • Founder: Kevin Ward
  • Subscribers: 187k
  • Total Videos: 1,000+
  • Other Services: Real estate coach, book, and podcast.

He has built his business from zero to selling over 100 homes a year. His mission is to help agents accelerate business growth through cutting-edge training and mentoring.

7. Erik Conover

Erik Conover is a real estate agent and filmmaker in New York City. His channel features the most incredible luxury homes on the market, insights into his personal life, and personal real estate moves. 

  • Founder: Erik Conover 
  • Subscribers: 2.14 million
  • Total Videos: 221+
  • Other Services: Actor, agent, and real estate advice.

8. Flipping Mastery TV

Here you will learn everything about wholesaling, land flipping, and much more real estate advice. If you want a straightforward learning experience, it’s one of the best real estate youtube channels to go with.

  • Founder: Jerry Norton
  • Subscribers: 418k
  • Total Videos: 1,700+

9. Mike Sherrard

Many people know Mike mostly because of his eXp realty training. He has trained over 3,000 agents on how to leverage social media to grow your business. He is helping realtors become modern and scale their businesses using innovative strategies.

  • Founder: Mike Sherrard
  • Subscribers: 73k
  • Total Videos: 425+
  • Other Services: Courses and podcasts.

He ranked top 30 realtors on social media worldwide and the #1 Realtor on Social Media in Alberta.

10. Darren Kriz

Darren is a real estate agent who brings viewers into homes beyond their wildest dreams, and most of his videos showcase million-dollar homes that are stunning to watch. He is also active on TikTok. You can follow his short videos there.

  • Founder: Darren Kriz
  • Subscribers: 92k
  • Total Videos: 227

Last Words

So these are the best real estate youtube channels I watch to increase my knowledge and know what’s happening in the housing market. These videos are very informative, with many free webinars and blogs for you. Start with the first one and then check the rest.

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