Who are the Biggest Land Owners in the World

In this article, I will share with you the biggest land owners in the world and how much land they own. You will be shocked to know that the King Charles III of England won 6.6 Billion acres of land. Most of them are in Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Canada, and Australia. 

Top Ten Biggest Land Owners in the World

Let’s start with the No.1 land owner the new king of England King Charles III. The asset was previously owned by his mother Queen Elizabeth II.

1. King Charles III


On the surface of the earth, there are 36 Billion acres of land in total. King Charles III owns one-sixth of them (formerly owned by Queen Elizabeth II). That is astonishing, marvelous. I don’t know if this is true, but a lot of research shows that this is the true wealth of the most influential kingdom in the world. Yes, he owns a huge amount of land, but the list will go on. Continue reading, and you will get shocked once again. That’s my promise to you.

  • Total Land – 6.6 Billion acres (Largest land owner in UK )

2. House of Saud

King Salman is the 2nd biggest land owners in the world. He was the King of Saudi Arabia. His family’s wealth is estimated -at about $1.4 Trillion. Now their crown prince Mohamed Bin Salman is the new King of the country and he is trying to change the whole game in Saudi Arabia by developing massive infrastructure buildings that are going to blow the western world away. His primary focus is to become the center point of the world as it was back in the middle ages.

  • Total Land – 830,000 Sq. Miles

This guy is famous all over the internet, a celebrity. He does a living that way. He has a $500 Million Yacht to do the party in the water, a $300 Million French Chateau (a villa), and a painting by Leonardo Da Vinci worth around $450 Millon. This guy lives like a king as he is. 

3. Pope Francis

You know how powerful the Sovereign of Vatican City Pope is. He also holds a huge amount of land in Vatican City. Almost own the whole, as they say. The information on Pope is, but we can say that the Pope is a wealthy man. The most important part the has the highest power in the Catholic world. That is the source of wealth, I think.

  • Total Land – 117 million acres

Pope Francis (Jorge Mario Bergoglio) was selceted a new spiritual leader in 2013 (formally this wealth was owned by Pope Benedict VI who died in December 2022).

4. King Mohammed VI

He is the King of an African country Morocco. Morocco is the center point of trading between Europe and Africa. It started back in the middle ages, and today it does the same way. That is the primary source of wealth for the King. If you visit Morocco, you will see that business is everywhere, just like Gujrat in India. Every person knows how to do business. History has proven where the businesses are, people are, and the money follows it.

  • Total Land – 175.6 Million acres

5. King Maha Vajiralongkorn

He is the King of Thailand. He is the only son of King Bhumibol Adulyadej. In 1972, he was made crown prince by his father. He is the tenth monarch of the Chakri dynasty, and the 5th biggest land owners in the world. He has total assets of $43 billion as of January 2021.

  • Total Land – 128 million acres

6. King Gyanendra


It’s funny and shocking that King Gyanendra owns Mount Everest (south side). The north side is ruled by China. He holds about 57,000 square miles of land, the whole of Nepal. You might laugh at the claim of Mount Everest, but technically it’s true according to Nepal. So he can sell a mountain, is no it? No, not like that. He owns it but can not sell it. Just kidding, no one tried to buy land there.

  • Total Land – 57,000 square miles of land (Mount Everest Owner)

7. King Abdullah II

He is the King of Jordan and the biggest land owners in the middle east. It is a small country in the Arab peninsula. He owns the whole country, a country full of desert. His net worth is estimated at $1 Billion. A recent Pandora paper claims that he has over $100 million worth of properties hidden in the country. I think he has way higher money than people say. He is a King man, Not a businessman.

  • Total Land – 35,637 square miles

8. King Wangchuck

He is the King of Bhutan. A peaceful country with lots of love. His kingdom is operating peacefully for centuries. A public ceremony in 2008 marked 100 years of monarchy in Bhutan. In his case, the data says, he has a total not of 15,000 agricultural lands not in the acre. His net worth is estimated at around $35 Billion.

  • Total Land – 15,000 pieces of land

9. King Letsie

Letsie is the King of a small country in Africa name Lesotho. The most interesting part of this guy is that he owns a Diamond mine. That is the primary source of his wealth.

  • Total Land – 11,718 square miles

10. Emir of Kuwait


Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah is his name, don’t laugh at the King. The total land area in the country is seven million acres, and this guy owns more than 60% of it. They say his net worth is $1 Billion. But it is not true as you can see how much land and business he has. The problem worth the royal people is that they never reveal how much money they have.

  • Total Land – 4.4 million acres

If they do, it will have an effect on their reputation, and people will respect them as they did earlier. That is why they never allow any research companies to analyze their wealth. But, you can be sure that all these kings and high-profile personnel have more money than we think.

Final Word

All these data might not be real, but a lot of people believe they have that kind of money. I think it’s true as they are hiding it. So, here are the biggest land owners in the world. If you enjoyed my work, please share it on your social media. More articles are down below.

Who is the largest landowner?

King Charles III of England is the largest landowner in the world with a total land area of 6.6 Billion acres (one-sixth of the world.)

How much land the Saudi King owns?

A total of 830,000 sq. Miles of land is owned by the House of Saud in Saudi Arabia.

How much land is in there in the whole world?

There are about 36 Billion acres of land all over the world.

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