How to Find a Qualified Real Estate Mentor Near You

In this article, I will share how to find a real estate mentor who can guide you and point out those mistakes that may lead you on the wrong path in the journey. A mentor not just helps you follow the best road but also helps you to become better, more successful, more wealthy, and more human.

But before you select any mentor, you need to know who is a real-life mentor, as the world is filled with fake gurus selling courses online and influencing you with a fake dream. You have to be careful with those people and find who is a real-life mentor.

Who is a Real Estate Mentor?

In short, a real estate mentor is a person who is in that position where you want to be in the future. That is the best definition I can give you. 

If you want to become a good real estate agent or an investor, follow those who have achieved that, not some showing off thing on social media, as most showcase people are not that wealthy. They seem super rich, but inside they are broke.

  • A real-life mentor is in that position where you want to be in the future.

There is a huge difference between a wealthy person and a rich person. Don’t go for the shiny object. Find someone who is a good human being and knows the value of success with a strong base.

Why are Real Estate Mentors Different?

You will see an average real estate millionaire never drives fancy cars. He lives a simple life and drives an average car like everyone else. But people know that person is wealthy. 

  • Try to find those people who are wealthy from the inside. Like the root of a tree, and live close to you.

Because if you can not reach that person and talk to him face to face while you are in trouble, those mentors are not worth it. A mentor never will give you fish but teach you how to fish.

But know mentorship is not given or it’s not anything you can get by just following someone. No real mentor wants a student because they don’t not have the time to deal with an immature person. You have to show them effort, that you are very serious and are willing to do what it takes.

They will never ask for money from you as those fake gurus do it online. I am talking about a person who lives near you. You have to target that person. Convince him and be patient as long as it takes. One day he will accept you as an employee, maybe without any basic fee. 

But anyway, do it. Don’t go for money at the beginner, learn as much as you can and then ask for mentorship along the way.

Ten Ways to Find a Good Mentor

Ways to Find a Good Mentor

Now, if you can’t find a real estate mentor in your neighborhood, you can look elsewhere, which I dont recommend, but you do not have any option. Follow these points.

  • Look in your office and try to establish a connection with the most successful person.
  • Look at once who you know in your network and how successful they are. Choose one who matches your goal.
  • Attain some free training courses and determine if the advisor is worth it.
  • Find investment opportunities with a partner who is successful.
  • Join local meetup groups and the network event and find him.
  • ‘Dont look at social media. Most of them are fake.’Dont look at social media. Most of them are fake.
  • Volunteer with social causes those mentors are involved in.
  • Go to the place where those people hang up.
  • Ask a friend if he knows someone like that.
  • And lastly, show some effort that you are worthy and then ask for mentorship. They might hire you.

Only choose these points if you can not find a real estate mentor in your neighborhood. A known person is always the better one when it comes to mentorship.

How to Find The Best Real Estate Mentor?

Now the last tip when choosing a real-life mentor who will support and guide you.

  • Be selective and find someone who is the future version of you.
  • Contact other real estate investors and attend local real estate investor association meetings.
  • Get referrals from your friends, realtor, and financial planner.
  • Find a paid mentor if you can’t find anything which is not recommended.
  • Don’t trust someone on the spot. Verify their detail and track record, and then go for it.

Last Words

So this is how to find a real estate mentor in any area you live. But be very selective and never get scammed by those fake gurus. Think once more before buying a mentorship program. It’s your money, and you have to take care of it. Follow these tips, and you will find the mentor you need. Good luck.

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