Top 10 Real Estate Business Cards Ideas to Get Extra Leads

In this article, I will share ten real estate business cards that can boost your leads and sales in a few months if you make them professional, clean, and to the point. But to do that, you first need to know who you are targeting. What is your primary goal behind this? Write that down, and then design your real estate card according to that.

As you may know, real estate is a business of personal connections. It is critical to build a trusting relationship with potential buyers and customers. A business card will help you maintain that relationship and help you get more referral leads.

Ten Best Real Estate Business Cards

You might think most buyers and sellers use the web to search for home listings and open houses. But that is just 45 percent of them. Most people prefer direct in-person conversation when buying their house as it’s a huge investment, and no one will ever invest without verifying everything about the agent.  

A recent study says more than 40% of home buyers and sellers find their real estate agents through a referral or friend. People are searching for homes online. But they are buying it offline through an agent. That is what happing in today’s world.  

Here is a quick review of the home buyer percentage

  • 45% buy homes from the Internet search
  • 30% from the real estate agent
  • 8% from yeard signs or open house sign
  • 8% from a friend, relative, and other referrals
  • 5% from the developer
  • 3% directly from the seller
  • 1% printed newspaper ads

Obviously, you can boost your online engagement using a blog or social media posts, but that is all to get online leads. What about offline real estate leads? What about the remaining 55 percent of home buyers? 

Here a business card will help you to keep that water following. So here are those real estate business cards you can use to design a simple yet professional card.

1. Keep It Simple

real estate cards for clients

You have heard that saying Make it so simple that an 8th-grade kid can understand what you are doing. Your goal is to grab their attaining in seconds. So keeping that business card simple will do that and encourage them to turn over the card and know about you. The front page must be simple.

You can add all the necessary information like a phone number, name, email, address, and website on the back side or on the front site if they do not disturb the view of your name and tagline or your logo. I would say, hire a designer, pay him a few bucks, and create your business card if you are new here.

2. Make It Stand out with Rich Colors

You can use a business card that is rich in color and look professional. The agent used a simple design focused on his name and a tagline with the brand name on the other side. When you are reading those, you will look at the below contact info part once.

You can see the Color is the first thing you may have seen. That is why first select a rich color and then highlight your goal and what you want to tell them about your business.

3. Highlight Your Value

You must show what value you are offering to your potential clients. Now all the values you offer could not fit that small business card. But with a direct website link, you can direct them. For example, visit our site to know how much your house is worth for free.

If you can add a value that no other property agent is offering in the town, then it’s good. If not, direct them with a free gift to your website and use the landing page to get their email. But be professional all the time else they will throw that card away.

It’s applicable if you are new. If you are a well know agent, then just your brand, name, and contact are enough.

4. Target Your Niche

luxury real estate business cards

If commercial real estate is your niche, your business card should reflect that. The above real estate card provides all the necessary contact information for your target your potential lead. Although you can alter and test anything on the list but take this business card as an example that you can use while designing it. 

5. Add a Little Humor

Use humor or not depends on you but if you do, do it this way. Humor represents your personality and an image to potential clients. If you use a business card primarily built for referrals, you can use a little humor, as those clients know you personally. 

You can give referral business cards to established clients or someone you meet who is not interested in buying or selling but has a friend or family member looking for an agent to buy a house. But use them carefully.

6. Use Round Edges Card

The rounded edges of the business card are attractive. It looks elegant. You can use any online template to build those but know they will cost you a little more but will attract people’s attention. Do it professionally, or they will throw it away, as to them, it may seem like a good design, not a business card. Keep that in mind. 

7. Use a QR Code

It’s not recommended for you to use a QR code because of the privacy thing in today’s world. But if you are giving to an old client, then you can add a QR code to direct them anywhere you what that will add some value to them. 

As you know, a QR code can be easily scanned on any smartphone device and linked to your landing page. Then, you can use lead capture forms to gather contact information, just like the free gift.

8. Make the Background Dark Black

If your card is not delivering many prominent leads, you might consider changing the background color to a dark black one. A dark black background is elegant and draws attention. 

But you have to redesign it once again, which will cost you some time and printing expenses. But it will be worth it if this business card starts to get leads.

9. Use your Tagline in It

One of the best real estate business cards that anyone can use is to add a catchy slogan or tagline. A marketing tagline or brand slogan will highlight your brand and business style. It shows your eagerness to find a wonderful home for your clients. Use a tagline in the back, and they will feel motivated.

10. Don’t Be Afraid to Try a New Concept

The ideas I have shared are excellent. But don’t be afraid to try a new concept. Because the world is changing rapidly and people’s choices and tastes are also changing. You have to look modern. To do that, you may need to redesign your business card every year. Do it with a new design and see what works best. 

Do’s and Don’t when Designing Real Estate Business Cards

real estate business card Do's and Don't

When designing real estate business cards, you should know what to do and what to not. This list will help you in the process. So that your card and you as a gent look professional.


  • Choose a quality card
  • Add your socials and website
  • Include a good contact option
  • Add a logo of your brand
  • Add your license or NAR-certified relator
  • Add your MLS number, if possible
  • Highlight your specialty


  • Don’t make anything messy
  • Avoid cluttering the card
  • Never use more than two colors
  • Never use odd-shaped business cards
  • Don’t use a house photo
  • Never forget to proofread to find any mistake
  • Don’t hesitate to use pre-made templates

Last Words

So use these professional real estate business cards, and increase your referral leads and sales over time. Plus, design the card in a way, that is eye-catching and encourages people to know about you. Make your business card professional using those do’s and don’ts, and treat it like a lead-generating tool. I wish you the best of luck. Thanks for reading. See you soon.

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