Top 10 High Paying Real Estate Jobs to Kick Start Your Life

In this article, I am going to share with you ten high paying real estate jobs that will kick-start your career and life with a bang. All these career options come with a good salary package if you are a qualified person.

Let me tell you, a high paying real estate jobs is the first step you will take to make it big in the big real estate industry because it takes real-life experiences to get things done. 

You can not learn those things by reading some books. Real estate is a practice business. You have to go out to sell the property.

The Ten High Paying Real Estate Jobs

What will you learn if you choose a career in the industry? You will learn:

  1. How to handle tough situations
  2. How to communicate effectively
  3. How to negotiate with people
  4. How to persuade people
  5. How to generate quality leads
  6. How to sell properties

All these take real-life experience and practice to make it work at the right time. So choose one of these high paying real estate jobs from the list below.

1. Home Loan Officer

It’s the high paying real estate jobs. Loan offices make the most money, from $63,937 to $343,253 per annum. There are three main types of loan officers:

  • Commercial loan officer
  • Mortgage loan officer
  • Consumer loan officer

In every property business, a loan is required to develop buildings. People take a lot of loans to buy a house, a car or start a business. All these needs an agent to help them make the transaction faster.

  • Average Salary: $199,395

And you know, debt is the new money in this information age. Banks pay good money to loan officers and some commission from the customers. In total, they make a lot of money.

2. Real Estate Analyst

high paying real estate jobs Analyst

One of my favorite career options. Because the most important thing in the real estate business ‘The Due Diligence’ is done by this guy, an analyst.

  • Average Salary: $112,710

Their main work involves:

  1. What property is good or bad
  2. What to buy or sell
  3. What is the main problem in this house
  4. How to make the most profit out of it
  5. How to identify more unique opportunities to invest

Everything related to property analysis aka Due Diligence, is done by a real estate analyst. They make about $79,710 to $186,186 per annum.

But to become an analyst, you need to know everything about the property market, property industry, and the flipping business. Otherwise, it’s hard to find a job in this category. 

New businesses are very selective when selecting an analyst for them. So make sure you are well qualified.

3. Property Manager

A property manager manages a whole community or the whole building. Whatever happens, he is responsible for that. If a tent faces some issues, he will solve those.

It shall be your daily job to manage the whole community in a building. You will solve all these issues:

  • Water supply
  • Electricity
  • Wifi connection
  • Car parking
  • Small repairs
  • Disagreement between tenants

Like he is the king of the building. Most managers live there with the tenant to work effectively even at night. For that reason, they make good money, about $78,700 to $135,441 per annum.

  • Average Salary: $105,209

Some managers change the commission on the rent they collect, about 4% to 6%. There are big businesses that provide property management services. If you own a property and can’t manage it properly, they will do it for you by asking for some fees.

But one thing you should keep in mind, the tenants will try to avoid payments. You must become a devil-like person. Otherwise, they will not make payment on time. The owner may fire you.

Be a devil and collect rents on time no matter what.

4. Home Inspector

Every investor needs a home inspector before purchasing a house. A home inspector verifies all the legal codes in that area and math them with the property. Codes like:

  • Minimum square feet
  • Build up area
  • Carpet acra
  • Compliance requirements
  • Water quality
  • Electrical systems
  • Plumbing systems
  • Indoor and outdoor inspections
  • Safety hazards and structural defects
  • Resident’s complaints

A professional Home Inspector checks all of these. They make $49,103 to $90,000 per annum. They also advise people what property to buy.

  • Average Salary: $79,429

I think it’s a pretty cool career option, and will give you tremendous experience if you want to start a business in the near future.

5. Real Estate Appraiser


An appraise makes around $57,606 to $142,000 per annum by appreciating the value of a property or a house. 

Let’s say you have a property worth $100,000. This guy will help you to increase the price by adding some amenities, a parking space, wifi, washer, and dryer. So you can sell it for up to $120,000 or $150,000. 

  • Average Salary: $61,340

But to become a property value appraiser, you have to know what is happening in the market and how to make this property better than other similar properties in the area.

That shall be a challenge, but the challenge is accepted. I love this job, and the salary is also good. You can try it.

6. Escrow Officer

Escrow is a separate third-party company that makes the deal possible in any circumstances. When you sign a property deal via an Escrow, no party can default that deal. They have to make the payment on time. An Escrow officer manages all of this.

They are also called Closing Agents in some countries. But, I prefer Escrow officers. They make $41,558 to $72,134 per annum and some bonus tips after completing the transaction.

  • Average Salary: $57,334

Some people will say these are not heavy work. An Agent can handle all of these. Yes, that’s true, but when you are talking about a $10 Million deal, then an escrow is required to make the purchase on time and with no extra hassle.

If you are making a big transaction, hire an Escrow to make the deal safe.

7. Foreclosure Specialist


Forclose means someone took a mortgage loan to buy a house, but they are not making payments anymore. In that case, the Bank will send an Agent to resolve this issue.

That specialist will try to solve their problems and help them to make the payment faster for their mortgage by understanding their situation. If they refuse to do so, the agent will kick the family out of the house with the help of local Police because Bank has the legal right to do so.

  • Average Salary: $51,726

I understand that it is a tough call, but it is what it is. This job is not for weak and humble people. You have to become a devil to make it a successful career.

You can have a salary of $38,425 to $54,751 per annum from the beginning. After some years, you will earn more and more. Some people make millions by selling 100 – 500 foreclosed homes every year.

There are some people who run businesses only on foreclosed houses. They take the contract from Bank, kick people out of it, list it, and sell it for the Bank by taking their commission.

They get a commission for their service. That’s how they make money. This career option can make you rich if you can make it work. 

There is a movie you can watch to understand the whole game, and it is “99 Homes”, played by Andrew Garfield and Michale Shannon with a rating of 7.1 on IMDB.

8. Property Title Examiner

The most important thing in the real estate business is checking the Property Title. Is it okay or not? Because the maximum no of disputes occurs here. 

People will scam you by showing a fake Title copy of the property. If you don’t check it well, you will lose the property and the money.

  • Average Salary: $48,822

That’s why a title examiner is required to check the Title of the House from inside and outside to identify a legal problem related to it. 

The most important thing in a property deal is the Sale deed and Title deed. Your job as an examiner is to check the title properly. You will make around $41,558 to $81,000 per annum in this job.

9. Real Estate Bookkeeper


It is an accounting real estate job. All the documents in an investment firm, are managed by a Bookkeeper. One single mistake can cause you to leave the job.

All real estate investors do bookkeeping to solve any future issues with their investment. For example, somebody sues him for property. He can use the documents to get out of the legal problem.

  • Average Salary: $48,750

In every office, there is a separate room for bookkeeping. You will work there. It’s tough, know it. You will make around $35,280 to $52,920 per annum.

Most people do this as a freelancer. They make a lot of money by doing these on a digital platform. Softwares like:

  • Quickbooks
  • Realtyzam
  • Wave

All there offers a good platform to do the bookkeeping. Your company will check it once a week or maybe once a month if it’s too big. Make sure you present it simple way to make a good impression. It is a good real estate job from home. You can apply for it.

10. Property Leasing Consultant

A leasing consultant makes $28,923 to $35,527 per annum. In this job, your communication and negotiation skills must be professional. 

You will convince the tenants to rent that house as soon as possible for that, good communication and closing skills are required, which they will teach you in the training phase. But they will check your confidence before hiring you.

  • Average Salary: $35,527

You see, the price of houses is increasing every year, and that are forcing people to rent houses. You can do this work in any property Residential, or Commercial. The path is wide open.

The only thing you need is confidence in your speech to get hired.

Commercial Real Estate Jobs

So now you have understood all the high paying real estate jobs. If you let me choose a career option from the above list as an investing job, I will choose the real estate analyst or the real estate appraiser. 

Because these are the toughest job out there as it involves data management and making the best decision possible for your company. So they can buy the best house or sell it for the best price possible.

Personally, I like these options as both will give you a decent salary if you are qualified. But, the problem is there is some limited vacancy for this kind of job. 

You can try it in your city. Look for companies who need this kind of specialist and then try it out.

Highest Paying Real Estate Jobs with No Experience


Now what will suit you for an entry-level job as most of you will not have much experience? Try for the property leasing consultant or home inspector under an experienced man. That way, you will learn the ins and outs of the work, and they will be happy to train you if you are a quick learner.

Highest Paying Real Estate Jobs Description

Now go and check the job descriptions with your preferred company and select one that suits you better. Remember, you can apply for any job you want as a beginner, but make sure you know a little about the work you are about to offer. Otherwise, they will not hire you as you know nothing, and you might damage their business rather than help them.

Analyze the company well before going for the interview, be confident, communicate clearly, don’t hesitate to answer, and just be yourself. Interviewers want a leader, not a follower, so act like one. Good luck.

Last Words

All these salary numbers are not final. They might change over time as the economy changes the average salary will change.

So there are your top ten high paying real estate jobs that you are looking for with a good starting salary. That can really kick-start your career and life.

What is the highest-paying real estate job?

Home Loan Officer is a high-paying real estate job with a salary of up to $343,253 per year.

What is the lowest-paying real estate job?

A leasing consultant is the lowest-paying real estate job with a salary of up to $35,527 per year.

How to make more money in a real estate job?

Start investing your money as you already have some ideas on the local real estate industry and use it to gain a profit like a side business.

Can you get a real estate job with no experience?

Maybe not, but you can work under an experienced agent to learn the business and then apply for a good job, and you will get accepted.

What is the best real estate job description?

It depends. Most interviewers want a leader, not a follower, so act like one. Analyze the company well before going for the interview, and be confident.

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