Top 10 Wholesale Real Estate Software to Boost Your Earnings

In this article, I will share the ten best wholesale real estate software you can use to boost your sales and profit in months. All these real estate software will help you do the following things.

  • Scouting around for a probable property
  • Converting owners into motivated sellers
  • Finding new buyers or investors
  • Closing a deal with a great profit

You can not manage all of these by yourself. You are required real estate wholesaling software which will make your work easy. 

What is Real Estate Wholesaling?

It is a process of selling properties wholesale. Most people think that, but it is not like that. Wholesaling real estate is different and unique and not available in every country. Here is how the system works.

A wholesale agent does not sell properties. They sell the contracts of those properties to an investor and make some profits from it. If you are a wholesale agent, you will look for an undervalued property in your neighborhood. 

If you have found that, you will create a contract (A Right to Sell Contract) with the owner of that property. The contract will say, I will help you get $70,000 (let’s assume) for your house, and the rest will be mine. And you can not sell it without my approval.

Then that agent will find some investors who are interested in buying that. He will ask for $80,000 from them. They will settle for $75,000. The owner gets his $70,000, and the wholesaling agent makes a profit of $5000 in the process. That is how the game of real estate wholesale is played.

Ten Best Wholesale Real Estate Software

So here is the ten best wholesale real estate software for you. Use them and boost your property sales in months and earn a good commission from all of them.

1. Prop Stream

Prop Stream an amazing real estate wholesaling software

It is an all-in-one tool with everything a wholesaler, realtors, and real estate agents need for their businesses. With Prop Stream software, you can gain access to over 150 million property records in MLS format. 

With this feature, you can conduct nationwide searches and get detailed information on potential investment properties, like:

  • Who is the owner
  • Their past transaction details
  • Loan balances, if any
  • Foreclosure lists, if any
  • And much more

It also has an automatic follow-up feature, which allows its users to consistently reach out and remind interested buyers of their services and save time on the repetitive process. It is a proven real estate wholesaling software.

2. Freedom Soft

The best Skip Tracing wholesale real estate software out there. They have access to over 100 million properties and a lead finder button that lets you narrow down the search.

Use their filters based on zip code, property type, ownership status, year built, and property characteristics to take your research to the next level.  

Freedom Soft can also help you find both private and cash buyer wholesaling deals. But some people say they sometimes crash. But don’t worry. They are updating it frequently to solve this issue. It is the perfect real estate software for Skip Tracing.

3. Call Porter

Call Porter helps you to improve inbound and outbound calls. The best part is that it has 24 hours live call answering feature. So that you never miss quality leads from both buyers and sellers. They will always get a response on contacting your wholesaling business. 

They also offer some amazing features, and those are as follows:

  • Real estate scripts
  • Call recording options
  • Schedule appointments

Plus, they offer you custom phone numbers for marketing purposes. To follow up, Call Porter is the best.

4. Call Tools

Cold calls are not easy, and many newcomers face much trouble dealing with arrogant customers. But CallTools solves all these. They have a predictive dialer that allows you to get through massive lists in no time. 

Plus, it will call for you and only pass answered calls to your agents. You can use their tools to get more real estate leads. And those are as follows.

  • Power Dialer capability
  • Predictive Dialer option
  • Interactive Response
  • Email Templates
  • SMS design

All these can help you to convince your clients at the right time possible. If you do cold calls, use this wholesale real estate software.

5. Property Radar

It is map feature software. The heatmap Property Radar offers will make the process of your targeted area easy. They let you draw off specific locations on your target market with over 200 filters. 

You can narrow down your search as much as you need to find properties that fit your investment profile. You can integrate Mailchimp in it effortlessly for better mail performance. For Map personalization, use Property Rader.

6. Yellow Letter HQ

Yellow Letter HQ one of the best wholesale real estate tools

Direct mail marketing is the most common medium for wholesaler real estate investors. And it has proven to generate leads for centuries. It’s old but still works to date.

Physical mail is more effective than email. Yellow Letter HQ help you with some amazing feature like:

  • Letter Design
  • Postcard Design
  • Skip Tracing

You can use these to send your clients attractive direct mail that they will surely open.

7. Deal Machine

The best part of Deal Machine is it allows you to track yourself and your team in real time. It has a driving-for-dollars tracking feature that lets you mark out streets you have previously analyzed from your overall marketing campaigns. The same feature also helps you track field team activity in real time.

It has a batch Skip Tracing facility, unlimited property owner lookups, and direct mail systems. You can also use their filters on foreclosure and cash buyers. And you know how important those cash buyers are for wholesale real estate.

Overall it’s a Deal machine that will automate you and your team. It’s one of the best wholesale real estate tools out there.

8. Smarter Contact

SMS is more interactive than emails, you know it. This software helps you send and manage your direct SMS wisely. They have some special services that can make your SMS management very easy, like:

  • Sending Ringless Voicemails
  • 2 Way Messaging
  • Auto Responders

These are very useful features when trying to generate leads via direct SMS. Use Smarter Contact if you don’t want to miss your real estate leads.

9. Google Data Studio 360

Google Data Studio app for real estate

It is a proven software for anyone who wants to manage their data effectively. Data Studio turns your data into easy-to-read, easy-to-share, and fully customizable dashboards and reports.

Most professional real estate wholesalers use this software, and you can too. The best part is it is free. Anyone can use it.

10. REI Pro

REIPro helps you to analyze any wholesale real estate deal with their all-in-one feature. It helps you close more real estate deals. As you know is a big problem for many wholesale agents right now.

You can use this software to run instant skip tracing and look up important property information for any investment property across the country. 

It can maximize your real estate leads, marketing campaign efforts, and better management of all your property data, all in place. If you want to close more deals, use REIPro.

Last Words

So these are the best wholesale real estate software for you to generate more leads and sell more houses quickly. Some are paid, and some are free. Follow the links and buy the software you want. Good luck. See you soon. Thanks for reading.

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