Top 10 Real Estate Chatbots to Send Automatic Replies

In this article, I will share the ten best real estate chatbots that you can use to collect contact information, book appointments, qualify leads, and answer frequently asked questions that the buyer may be asking. Some chatbots in this list are free, and some cost a few bucks a month. Choose according to your needs.

A chatbot uses AI (artificial intelligence) or ready made scripts to serve its clients. It can answer questions and give updates on what’s happening with their property deal. You can use these real estate chatbots on any messaging platform, including Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct, SMS, WhatsApp, and other web chats.

Chatbots are gaining popularity, especially after the craze of ChatGPT in recent times as a way to automate tasks. Instead of typing out the same message many times, you can set up a chatbot to send automatic replies to your clients. Every agency uses some form of real estate chatbot for their business.

What Real Estate Chatbots Can Do for You

Here is a list of what a chatbot can do for you and your business.

  • Answer FAQs related to buying or selling properties.
  • Provide buyers with property-related information.
  • It can collect contact information. 
  • Book appointments and property tours.
  • Get applications from clients.
  • Qualify leads based on the data.
  • Manage your meetings effectively.
  • Help buyers with their search for a new home.
  • Guide buyers to real estate agents.

1. Mobile Monkey Bot

Our first real estate chatbot is Mobile Monkey. It allows you to use chatbots across your messaging channels, such as Facebook messages, Instagram direct, direct SMS, and other web chats. It can give you all the tools you need to respond automatically to your client without making them wait. 

  • Pricing: Mobile Monkey offers a free gift with limited contacts. But with a premium plan of $10 per month, you can add more as per your needs.

It offers a visual chatbot builder, templates, artificial intelligence (AI), and integrations with other third-party services, which makes it easy to connect with your real estate CRM or any other data management tool.

2. The ChatBot

The real estate ChatBot app for agents

The next one on our list is ChatBot. Yes, the name is the brand name. It is a paid real estate chatbot platform. It can give you real-time updates, automatic listing, and lead capture. The ChatBot allows clients to submit their contact information and lets you follow up with it. 

  • Pricing: ChatBot does not offer a free plan. The starter plan will cost you around $52 per month. 

If you are interested in an all-in-one customer service solution with many third-party integration options, you can go for ChatBot.

3. Tars Chatbot

Tars bot is one of the most trusted chatbots all over the world. Many big companies like American Express, SBI, Nestle, TATA, Bosch, and many others use this chatbot. It is a customer service chatbot that helps you communicate with your clients. 

  • Pricing: There is no fixed price or free trial of the Tars chatbot, but with a request, you can use them. 

You can use it to answer questions, provide support, and handle transactions, especially in the financial and banking sector. It can also help you keep track of your current listing appointments.

4. Tidio Chatbot

Tidio is a free customer service and marketing platform perfect for lead generation and answering FAQs of your clients with many templates. It is a very popular real estate chatbot and live chat for agents with thousands of users and positive reviews.

  • Pricing: Tidio chatbot offers a free plan with a few limitations, but the premium will cost you around $16 per month.

You can also use this app as a free CRM software to manage our client’s data, like tagging visitors, creating customer databases, and grouping your audiences by buying, selling, and renting.

5. Brivity Chat

Brivity is a highly customized Chabot for real estate professionals with many features, especially for realtors, including marketing and sales automation solutions. You can use it for lead qualification and lead nurturing, CRM, auto-generate landing pages, click-to-call, text lead capture, listing alert email, and community data.

  • Pricing: Brivity does not offer fixed pricing but offers a demo. You can use that and then talk about pricing.

But it may be expensive when compared to other chatbot platforms. You have to pay a premium fee for those extra real estate-specific features Brivity offers.

6. Engati Bot

Engati is also one of the popular real estate chatbots. It is also used by many reputable companies like Dubai Properties, Larsen & Turbo, GSK, PWC, Jack Daniels, and many others. Engati is the virtual agent that helps you connect with buyers, renters, and sellers. 

  • Pricing: Engati also does not offer fixed pricing or a trial. You have to contact them for the pricing and demo.

It helps interested clients rent or buy a property and collects their contact details. It is a good bot for engaging online leads and improving customer experience.

7. The Landbot

The Landbot app for agents

Landbot helps you create simple chatbots in minutes without any professional coding. It offers many designs ready to customize and connect to your real estate management system.

  • Pricing: Landbot is free forever for the basic plan, and the premium plan will cost you about $30 per month.

Landbot is also used by many high-profile companies, like Coca-Cola, Nestle, Media Markt, and many others. Indeed it’s one of the best free real estate chatbots in the market.

8. The Collect. chat

Collect. chat is for those who want to improve their customer support and sales processes with time and money-saving options. It can automate all of your time-consuming tasks. 

  • Pricing: Collect. chat also offers a free plan with limited responses. The premium plan starts from about $24 per month.

The app provides many features that make it easy for real estate sales. If you are a beginner, you can start with this chatbot.

9. The ManyChat

ManyChat offers unique features. You can use it to create bots to allow your clients to schedule property viewings via social media. You can set up social media marketing campaigns with ads inviting clients directly to chats. 

  • Pricing: Manychat has a free plan that you can use, and the premium plan will cost you about $15 per month.

You can use it to create a bot that will answer FAQs from potential buyers and schedule property viewings.

10. The ReadyChat

It is not a chatbot tool. It uses humans for chatting. You can share your property listings, and a dedicated team of operators will handle communication with potential home buyers for you. Their customer service can provide recommendations on how to improve your listings. 

  • Pricing: ReadyChat’s basic plan starts from $199 months with 24 hours customer support.

Ready chat is like dealing with a human, and for someone, it’s more convenient to talk to a human. But the price is very high. It’s suitable for big real estate companies.

Last Words

So these are the best real estate chatbots you can use for your business. You can start with the free bots, and when your requirement increases, purchase a premium plan. Do use a chatbot if you want to smooth your customer service experience, especially in the fast messaging world.

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