Top 10 Unique Scripts for Real Estate Cold Calling

In this article, I will share the ten best scripts for real estate cold calling that you can use to generate more leads for your business. As you know, cold calling is very frustrating. Most people will not even listen to you for a minute. But with a good script and follow-up, you can grab their attention and pitch your offer. In the end, it’s an art of negotiation.

Ten Best Scripts for Real Estate Cold Calling

There are some basic rules for effective real estate cold calling that you must follow to get the best result. Here are those tips.

  • First, research your client. Find their needs and preferences. They must know that you understand their requirements. 
  • Build your real estate cold calling scripts and practice them. It will give you the confidence to talk.
  • Show some enthusiasm when calling someone. Buying or selling a house is a big decision. Your clients must feel you are ready to help to get them what they want. 
  • Grab a phone and call a client and try to understand the situation.
  • Prepare some scripts for different situations. Take advice from other agents.

Follow all these cold calling tips before you call an interested buyer. You don’t want to ruin the relationship on the first day. Be careful at first. Try to gain their confidence and then pitch your offer. So here are those real estate cold calling scripts.

1. Script for Introducing Yourself as an Agent

Use this script if you have never met that person. It will help you understand their interest. If he does not respond, don’t worry, you can come back later. Here are your scripts for real estate cold calling.

  • Hi, I am John from ECP Realty. It feels good to finally reach you. Is it a good time to talk? 
  • (Wait for the response) I understand that you are busy. It’s Mr. Samson, am I right? 
  • (Wait) I completely understand you are short on time. I will get to the point.

With this real estate cold calling script, you can understand their interest. Whatever you find, note it down and use it in your follow-up phone call.

2. Script for Pitching Your Offer

Before you pitch your offer, you need to understand why that person would sell their house. The reason can be anything. But here, your task is to convince them that you can help them get a better deal or save them more money. Here is a script that you can use to pitch your services.

  • Hi, I just came across your listing on Zillow, and I have a few questions regarding the home. Are you the homeowner, Mr. Jason?
  • (Wait for the response) my name is John. I am currently working with EXPO Realty LLC. I called you because I know a few people looking for homes like yours. Would you mind sharing your asking price?
  • (Let them respond) That is great. Are you working with any agent right now?
  • (No) okay. May I ask you why exactly?
  • (Understand the problem) I understand, but I would like to give you some information that might help you get a better deal. It is something you want right, Jason?
  • Great. Let’s meet over a coffee. Does tomorrow evening work for you?

The real estate agent is humble and tries to help the client, not just pitch the offer. The client has a problem, and you can solve it. That is the primary thing here, solve this problem.

3. Script Using the FOMO 

real estate cold calling Using the FOMO technique

Fear-Of-Missing-Out (FOMO) creates an urgency in their mind. If you are making an aggressive sales pitch without hurting their emotions, you can use it. Here’s the script.

  • Hi, I am John. I work at JBC Realty. I wanted to share a quick update regarding the housing market in Florida. Almost 22 homes have been sold, in the last 90 days, and I have recently sold a house owned by Mr. Jason for $95,000 near your location. Do you know Jason?
  • (Yes) Great. So, where were you before you moved into this neighborhood? Are you planning to move again?
  • (Yes) when are you planning to move and where?

Depending on their response, you can offer them the solution. But let them know you have helped many people sell their homes as social proof, and you can help them too if they are willing to make the sale in a month. Create an urgency. So they fear missing out on the best deal.

4. Script for Internet Leads

When writing a script for real estate cold calling to target internet leads, you have a bunch of information about the client. You can use them to become friends and conduct a meeting. The script can go like this.

  • Hi, I am Eric, working with EricRealty. I was going through my notes and noticed that you did not purchase the home you were looking for. Did you make a purchase in recent times?
  • (No) we have some good homes that you may like. Do you want to have a look?

The situation and the problem might be different. But depending on the response, you can alter your script. You can also use CRM software to track the lead activities and call them.

5. Scripts for Open House Events

Hosting an open house can help you find potential buyers, get new referrals, and become a great way to know more about the area and the people who live there. Here is a script for you.

  • Thank you for coming to this event. I met a couple of homeowners today. I will visit them soon, to know the neighborhood better. If you are interested in listing your house on the market, leave a contact, and I will help to sell it as soon as possible and notify you of any updates on the market.

It will build relationships, and people will be happy to leave their email or phone No to get some free help.

6. Script for Someone You Know

If you know someone, you can get a head start. You can build up a conversation and then make your pitch. Here the script would look like this.

  • Hi Mathew, this is Sam. We met at the Real Madrid match last month, remember? How are you doing?
  • (Let the conversion begin, and after a few minutes, come to the point). 
  • I have told you I am a real estate agent working for JC Realty. I am getting in touch with friends and family to know where they live currently and if they are planning to move. Have you considered anything regarding this?

If he says YES, you can move forward. If he says NO, you can still have a casual conversation and gather information.

7. Script for a Short Pitch

Cold calling script for to the point talk

If you want to make a short pitch and save time for your client, you should use this script for real estate cold calling.

  • Hi, I am Sam, working with FC Realty. My company has some good buyers interested in homes in your area. Are you looking forward to selling your house shortly?

The message is simple and to the point. Many clients love this kind of pitch that does not waste their time. But you need to know the person before you pith this, or this may backfire.

8. Script for a Struggling Seller

Some seller has many negative experiences with realtors when selling their homes. They struggle and feel defeated. Here is how you can help them out and make them live again.

  • Hi, is this Robert Peterson? I am Sam from EXPO Realty. I came across your house listed while checking it. Have you had any success with it?
  • (No) the market is a little slow. How long are you on the market?
  • (Wait) have any buyers approached you?
  • Where are most of your buyers coming from? Are you relying on the recent Instagram post you made?
  • (Wait) thanks for sharing this information. If there is anything I can do to help, let me know. We have a few buyers who may be interested in buying your house.

It is a tough conversation. You do not want to look like those nasty realtors that the seller is not happy with. You have to make your mark and become a genuine person. If they change their mind, you can ask them the asking price.

9. Script for Expired Listings

The expired listing shows that there is some issue with the house. Don’t address any problems but talk to the client, give them free information and build trust before you schedule a meeting. Get some information and then pitch your service. Here is a script you can use.

  • Hi, I am looking for Mr. Jason. I am Sam, working with EXPOZ Realty. I recently checked that your home is listed as expired. Are you still considering selling it?
  • (Wait) if you sold this house, where would you move to?
  • (Response) that’s great. How soon?
  • So, what stopped you from selling it?
  • (Keep the talk going and convince them that you can sell their house).
  • I might be able to sell the house. I use referrals to sell homes. What would be the best time to give you a simple demo? 

Now, this conversation is very long. I hope you get my point about how to start and keep the talk going and why they have changed their mind about not selling it.

10. Script for Leveraging a Recent Sale You Made

If you have made any recent sales use that as social proof. This way, anyone who wants to sell their house will know that you are the right person for the job. Here is the cold calling script.

  • Hi, I am Sam from ABC Realty. Am I talking to Mr. Jason?
  • Just contacting you to let you know that We have sold a house at 52 DC St for $85,000. Many buyers in our hands would love to buy a home like yours. Are you interested in selling?

If the client shows interest, you can provide them with more information regarding the sale.

Last Words

There is an unlimited no of scripts for real estate cold calling. I have just shared the ten that most agent uses. You can also design your own script to target a specific client. The more creative and human you look, the better the chances they will agree. You can pitch any of their real estate scripts and use them in your cold calling. I wish you the best of luck.

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