7 Real Estate Google Ads Ideas to Build a Lead Pipeline

In this article, I will share seven proven real estate google ads tips that work and can get you quality leads if you target the right clients. Because in PPC adverting, keyword research, geo-targeting, search intent, bid strategy, and the way to write those ads are everything. You must learn how to use them properly if you want more conversions from your google ads campaigns.

Google Ads is a popular and one of the biggest forms of PPC advertising platforms. It is an excellent way for real estate professionals to get their listed properties in front of buyers looking to buy a house in their neighborhood.

What is PPC Advertising?

You may be thinking, what is this PPC? PPC advertising is a form of online marketing in which businesses pay to display their ads on search engines and other websites like Youtube and blogs with relevance to the ad. 

An advertiser will only pay Google when someone clicks on the ad and visits your landing page. After that, it’s your duty to convert that lead into a potential buyer. The real estate google ads will only help you get those potential real estate leads. That is all. 

But how to set it up in the right way? So that our money don’t go to waste? You will know that, but first, you need to understand how google ads work and how you can get the most out of it. 

How Do Real Estate Google Ads Work?

There is a bid section on Google Adwords where you can bid for specific keywords related to your business, and if you win that bid, your ad will appear in Google search results and the other platforms you choose.

You can also show display adverting or video adverting through it. When someone searches for those keywords, the AI will show them your ads, and a few of them will click on that and land on your site to know more about your service. 

But the question is how to target only those who are really interested in my service. You don’t want anyone to click and then leave the site without inquire further. That will waste your money and efforts. Targeting the customers is the key to real estate google ads success.

Here Google Ads gives you a lot of options. You can target your probable purchaser by location, demographics, interests, and what type of device they are using. 

There are many filters that you can use to target with more efficiency. Google also gives you a free keyword research tool, Keyword Planner, to know which keywords to target. But that’s not all. Do the AdRank, and The Quality score checks to make your ad more relevant to the visitor. Here is how.

1. The AdRank and Quality Score

AdRank and Quality scores are the most important factors in the PPC world. It is a value used to determine the placement of your ads and whether they will show. It is calculated on a scale from one to ten. The higher it is, the better. High-Quality Scores that are close to ten, meaning your ad and landing page are more relevant and valuable to someone searching for the keyword. 

It is measured by CTR (Click-Through Rate) or you can say how many people click on your ad when displayed. Although, you can improve your CTR with some changes so that you can get more clicks and the quality of your ad improves. Google gives a lot of weight to this CTR. They will rank an ad based on how many people clicked through. It is one of the most important factors to consider when designing your ad.

Google says an Ad Rank is calculated using the bid amount and auction-time ad quality, including expected click through rate, ad relevance, and landing page experience.

2. Geo-Targeting Your Google Ads for Real Estate

real estate ads Keywords Research

Geo-targeting is just your location-based targeting that is valuable to real estate as it is a land and location-based business. Using this Geo Targeting, you will only show ads to people who live in your target market.

A recent privacy update in Google restricted the ZIP code targeting. But still, you can target using a radius distance. Just choose a specific point on the map or an address and then decide on the radius from that point you want to target, like, 20 miles around it. For real estate google ads, it is a must option that you need to use for ad targeting. 

3. Keywords Match Types

Now move to the Keyword section. As you know, setting up a Google Ads campaign is one thing and generating a good amount of leads is another. It’s all beak down on your keyword research. There are three match types to choose from for your ad campaigns.

  • Exact Match: As the name says. It appears on searches with the same meaning or intent as the keyword. The exact match gives you the most control over who sees your ad. But it reaches fewer searches than the other two.
  • Broad Match: It appears on searches related to your keyword, including those searches that do not contain the keyword terms. Like, you are targeting a city where those kinds of people live. 
  • Phrase Match: It appears on searches that include the meaning of your keyword. Google can understand what you mean by your search like a friend. Based on that, they will show ads.

4. How to Do the Keyword Research

Now move to the main keyword research part of google ads for real estate. Use these tips while researching your targeted keywords. First, have a plan, research your market, intent keywords, and competition, and then design your ad campaign. Here is the list.

  • Select your target customer and location.
  • Extract your researched keyword list.
  • Re-analyze gain to choose the best one.
  • Organize all your keywords into categories.
  • Spy on your competitor’s keywords to find more ideas.
  • Identify the intent of the keyword. 

5. How to Write Winning Real Estate Ads

How to Write google ads for real estate

If you want to write ad copy that stands out and beats your competitors, you need to think differently than everyone else. Although you can spy on your competitor and know what they are targeting and then make your plan to beat them. But that is for advanced professionals. For a normal ad design, you should do the following.

When you design your ad copy, it should match the intent of the search, be aligned with your target keywords, and addresses their pain point or problem with a solution. A product is a solution to a problem. It is all about supply and demand.

If a buyer is searching to buy a house in Florida and in a specific place, you can use the following points to design your ads so that it’s get clicked more often. 

  • Select the target market (where the buyer is).
  • Make it relevant to their search by finding exact match keywords or others.
  • Use some social proof to let them know people trust you.
  • Include a CTA (call to action). Don’t lose them, hoping they will come to you. Direct them using a CTA.
  • Design the Ad Headline catchy. Take inspiration from newspapers and the ads on the streets. Learn a bit of copy writing. Remember, people will read the Headline first. Spend 90 percent of your ad design time on that. 

6. Types of Google Ad Campaigns

Select your real estate google ads campaign. What do you want to run and where to run? Based on your budget, choose any of these three that suit your business well.

  • Search Ads campaigns
  • Display Ads campaigns
  • Video Ads campaigns

7. Google Ads Bidding

There are two options for bidding on your keywords. Those are Automated and Manual. Google works on automated bidding, which is very convenient for you also. You allow them to adjust your bid based on your competition. You can also set a maximum budget. When it’s reached the budget, the ad stops.

Manual bidding is a very professional way of targeting. It allows you to adjust the bid amounts for your ad groups and keywords. It gives you the opportunity to cut out your low-performing ads and use that money on a better-performing ad. You can choose any of these.

Last Words

So these are the best seven real estate google ads tips for you as a beginner. There any many things I have discussed here, that are a bit professional. They will help you while designing your ad campaign. Use your brain, plan the campaigns strategically, and then spend money. If an ad is not working well, stop it and focus on more that is working. Thanks for reading this article. See you soon.

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