10 Real Estate Door Knocking Ideas to Get New Leads

In this article, I will share the ten best real estate door knocking tips that you can use to get a better result. As the term door knocking says, it is a process of knocking on the doors of interested homeowners and telling them about what you have to offer with a little introduction of who you are.

Most agents use this idea to put a seed in the mind of their prospects to see if they are open to selling their house or buying. The scripts for real estate door knocking goes something like this:

  • John, your house is amazing. Is there any possibility of selling your house? Would you be interested in selling? We can help.

You can also use a detailed explanation of something like this.

  • Hello, sorry to bother you, Sir. My name is Jason, and I am the listing agent for the Realty Park down the street, 221 Baker St. We have received multiple offers, as you can see here (a printed contract), and, of course, we can only accept one. The home sold in this neighborhood well above the asking price, and these other buyers are still looking for a home. Do you know someone who would like to sell their house?

You are asking for help here, not asking directly. Plant the seed, and they will call you if interested or at least refer someone to you. It’s a great way to get quality real estate leads.

Scripts for Real Estate Door Knocking 

Real Estate Door Knocking Scripts Suggestions

There are many templates you can use in your door knocking strategy. But the question is will that work? That is why when wringing a script for a real estate door knocking, address the problem quickly so you can have their attention. Here are some more examples.

  • Hi, it’s Eric from Expo Realty. I am stopping by to see if you have any questions or interest in moving anytime soon.
  • Hello, my name is James. I am an agent with EXPO Realty. I noticed that you want to sell your home. We have sold many homes above the asking price. Here you can see their reviews. If you want a better price fast for this amazing house, we can help. 

There are many unique ideas real estate agent uses to build a good relationship with the customer. Some of the ideas are given below.

  • Cold or warm opening template.
  • No answer template (let them decide later).
  • An opening for a Neighbor you are working with.
  • A neighbor whose house you have sold.
  • A neighbor who is selling or just sold a home.

The ideas, social proof, and other psychological tricks can be unlimited. But the more unique your script and the more research you will do on that person, the better your chance will be to get them to read it. First, try to build relationships. It is the key to success. 

Ten Best Tips for Door Knocking in Real Estate 

Before I share those ten tips, I want you to know the amazing benefits real estate door knocking provides. Here are the most important ones.

  • Door-knocking costs less and helps you generate quality leads.
  • You can control the campaign. You have a script that provides you with exactly what to say. You have backups for most counter-responses that people say. 
  • You can build relationships from the very first day.
  • It can help you to beat the competition as door knocking is used by a few agents.
  • It increases the chance of getting leads. You design your script in a way that gives a solution to their problems and supplies their demand. 
  • It helps you boost your brand identity in the market. Here, you introduce them to your brand. You show your face and character, deliver your message, and leave behind a printed paper with more info about you. 

Now, if you are still not using this door-knocking you are missing out. Not just that you can also use door hangers if they are not available right now. Leave the door hanger, and the effect will be better when you visit them for the second time. That is also a good marketing strategy. Start today using it by following ten real estate door knocking tips.

Best Real Estate Door Knocking Tips

1. Dress Well Enough

No one likes an amateur. Show the client that you are qualified with a good impression. Choose a dress that looks professional but comfortable when walking from door to door. Have a suit and well-polished shoes.

2. Be a Human

Don’t just tell them all that shit that no one wants to hear. First, be a human. Be kind and understanding. Use emotional intelligence when choosing your words and actions. Thank the people for their time.

3. Identify When to Knock

You must know when to knock on a particular door. No one likes disturbance. Knock when the client is open-minded. Night time is not good as people want to spend time without their family or watch their feveroit show. The daytime and especially a sunny day is a good time for door-knocking.

4. Do Some Research on the Client

You want to know them before approaching clients. It will help provide them with information on how much their home is worth and how quickly they can sell it. Give them accurate information else you will hurt your credibility yourself. Don’t have the info, don’t give it. Don’t preach any fake words.

5. Research Selling History in the Neighborhood

Target homes that have sold for a good price in the past. They will likely sell again. You can use that data to offer to sell those homes or to use it as social proof to show it to someone else.

6. Tell Them the Real Worth of the House

The best way to grab their attention is by telling them how much their property is worth in the current market. You can use some online sites to determine the average price of that house in that neighborhood. Use to attract them.

7. The Neighborhood Qualities

You can not change the location of a house. It stays. No matter how good the house is. If the neighborhood is not good, people will not buy them. So target those neighborhoods that are close to schools, hospitals, gyms, and the metro. Your efforts in door-knocking will become prosperous.

8. The Most Valuable Homes

What do people value the most? The ease of living. So the most valuable homes will be found where the school is closed, hospitals are accessible, good GYM, and a convenient metro journey. Target those homes and the area for your door-knocking.

9. Leave a Marketing Material Behind

Whenever knocking on the door, don’t just leave. Leave with a marketing material like a printed advertisement behind. If interested, they can reach you via this. Design that paper in a way that attracts them. So they read it. If it’s not attractive, they will not read it, and your efforts will go to waste.

10. Thank You for Your Time

Before you leave the place, thank them for their time. Not many agents do this but doing so will increase your professionalism, and you will look like you are a human being with a good character. Do it, and you will see the changes in your leads.

Last Words

So these are the best real estate door knocking ideas with ideas for your script. The strategy is huge for its low cost. But the work involved in it is something that most people do not want to do. If you to beat your competition with a low budget adverting, you must do the door knocking in real estate. Thanks for reading this. See you soon. 

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