10 Creative Real Estate Closing Gifts to Get More Referrals

In this article, I will share the ten best real estate closing gifts for your client to get more referrals from them. But, finding the right closing gift for each buyer and seller you work with is quite challenging. These tips will help you choose a gift they will like and admire.

With these best real estate closing gifts, you will remind your clients that you care about them. More importantly, they can count on it for years to come. You will never let them down. You are their friend.

Ten Best Real Estate Closing Gifts

Whatever gift you choose, you must select the one they will appreciate. It could be an amazing portrait of the new house, a personalized gift basket, or something green that will make them live again.

It does not matter how expensive or normal the gift is. The main point is the closing gift must touch their hearts. So that the relationship can grow even stronger and you get more referrals from that person. That is your primary goal here. The goal is to hold them for life and make them proud by serving their referral friends. So here are those ten real estate closing gift ideas for you.

1. A Fancy Dinner

To make a lasting impression on their hearts there is no better gift than a fancy dinner in a fancy restaurant. Choose a good restaurant near them and make the reservation, let the restaurant know who to expect them, send a special cake or a bottle, set up a babysitter, and most importantly, book a good car. Your client deserves a hassle-free peaceful night.

2. A Portrait of Their New Property

Gift them A Portrait of Their New House

Everyone is proud of their house. A portrait of their new house will surely add some emotions to their heart if you present it well. It will remind them that it is the best decision they ever made and who helped to get that house. It is a gift that is meaningful and personal. But you must design it accordingly.

3. A Unique Hand Made Wooden Art

If you give them handmade wooden art that is unique and shows some class, they will appreciate it and hang it on their wall. The effect will be almost the same as the portrait of their new house.

There are many wonderful wooden arts that you can find online on Amazon and many other home decor sites. But choose something that has a deeper meaning. Otherwise, it will become a stone after a few days.

4. A Personalized Gift Basket

Design a gift basket with a variety of items. Most property agents gift this to their clients. You can mix it with some expensive and some normal good-looking gifts in it. You will design it in a way that looks wow from the outside. It depends on the customer. Use it carefully as not many people like these kinds of gifts.

5. A Luxury Pen that Shines

Some people just love Pens. They always carry a pen with them. If you know the taste, you can gift them a luxury pen that will surely make them happy, and it will create a good bond between you two as you know their inner feelings. You can also engrave the pen with their name to make it special. 

6. A Once in a Lifetime Experience

Gift them A Local Experience

If your client is adventurous, then give them a once-in-a-lifetime journey. They may want to take horseback riding lessons, skydive, or do anything they dream of. That way, you will fulfill their dream, and they will never forget you. A live experience is valuable to the person who loves traveling.

7. Smart Doorbell 

A smart doorbell will make your client feel safe. It is one of the best features to add to a new home. They will feel protected. When someone rings that doorbell, they may check on the app to discover who it is. Clients appreciate useful real estate closing gifts like this one.

8. Other Useful Gadgets

Not just the doorbell. You can offer any device that they most like will buy. For example, you can install a CCTV setup, smart home system, solar system, Alexa, Google nest, a small garden, or anything you like to gift. Give them something they need, not what you like them to receive.

9. A Landscape Architect

Landscaping is a housewarming present for new homeowners. It will have a good effect on the view and atmosphere of their house, especially for a client who loves landscapes. It may be expensive, as you need to hire a landscape architect for it. 

10. Ask an Agent

There is unlimited real estate closing gifts that you can give to your clients. You can ask other real estate agents what they normally give and how much they spend on average. You will have an idea and more options for you to gift.

Last Words

So these are the ten best real estate closing gift ideas that boost your relationship with the client and can give more referral leads. But let me tell you, not every client is worthy of gifts. You must choose who to give it to. Your budget is minimum, and you must spend it wisely. I hope you now know what to gift your clients. Thanks for reading this article. See you soon.

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