10 New Real Estate Agent Checklist You Must Follow

In this article, I will share the best new real estate agent checklist that can help you run the business without trouble, and you will have leads from the beginning. And a few more at the end to expand your real estate business to the next level that many newbies forget.

As you know, becoming a real estate agent is not an easy journey. The first year will be difficult as you have to do all the work from visiting the house, marketing your brand, managing data, and building relationships with clients. You are in charge of everything.

Ten New Real Estate Agent Checklist

Most agents focus on building their relationships rather than focusing on more lead-generating options at the very beginning. Because they know the biggest lead generation tool is a referral from a friend or an old customer who loves your service.

You may have seen it. Those big giant agents get the maximum of their leads via referrals. If you follow this new real estate agent checklist, the chance of your success will be higher as you will not struggle least in those parts.

1. Enroll and Pass Your Real Estate License Exam

Your first step in this process is to get a state-approved real estate license. Without it, you can not deal in properties. Sign up for a licensing course available to you, or you can do it online by paying about $320 in total for the course. They will teach you everything you need to know to pass the exam.

When you are ready, sign up for the exam and take it. People say you must get over 70 marks to pass it, but 60 is enough. Then you will get your license within six months, and then you can start the real estate business.

2. Train Yourself by Getting a Job

Get a Job with a Good Brokerage Firm

Don’t just focus on getting the best commission rate. You need a little more in order to succeed in this business. Before joining any brokerage firm, ask the following question.

  • Are there any additional costs?
  • Do they provide any additional services?
  • Do they offer any training, and if yes, what kind of?
  • Can I use the company’s reputation when dealing with a client?
  • Will they provide leads, or do I have to work for them?
  • Will the company pay for marketing and other expenses?

You should choose a brokerage firm that offers good training opportunities, not just that gives good commission. The training will help you in the future, not the commission.

3. Set Up Your Email and Voicemail

Setting a professional email is easy with a domain name. Don’t just use Gmail for your business, like john@gmail.com. Use a professional email like john@yoursite.com and maybe a Hotmail for your personal stuff. Gmail looks very basic.

Write a voicemail script if you are unavailable. Something like this: 

Hi, you have reached John of Vice Estate. I am currently assisting another buyer. Please leave a message, and I will try to return your call as soon as possible. Thank you.

4. Create All the Social Media and Property Site Accounts

It’s time to create accounts, a lot of them. Set up your new business pages on the social media platforms you plan to target. Also, let your friends know via your personal social accounts that you are open for business. Ask them to follow you.

When done, create a certified real estate agent account on the property selling site and sign up for MLS listing sites. Use Zillow, Trulia, and other well-known sites and create your account. Also, build a LinkedIn account for professional people who want to contact you. 

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5. Let Everyone Know You Deal in Properties

Let Everyone Know You Now Deal in Properties

Just announcing on social media platforms might not be enough. Share this news personally with people you know. The effect will be higher than those social media friends you met a year ago.

You can reach them via email, direct message, text, phone, or sharing with them on occasion or party. A face to face talk and phone conversations convert better rather than email and text. Focus on them more, and the chances of referrals will increase.

6. Get a CRM Software

Now it’s time to choose a CRM software and learn how to deal with data. You can start with free real estate CRM apps like Asana, Monday, and Trulia and if needed, move on to the paid version. 

A CRM app is a way you organize your contacts, leads, and all the business data you will have in the process to make sure you are doing everything according to the plan. It will tell you what is working and what is not and what to do about it. Every agent uses them, and you should too.

7. Learn More About Your Local Market

Study your local market well and try to find out what is happening. Where is the trend going, and how can you benefit from it? Pay close attention to the average home price, days on the market, and expired listings. Become an expert in your local market so that when you get a lead, you will be ready for the answer that they will ask.

8. Order an Eye-catching Business Card

Business cards are essential for people to remember you. A business card shows that you are a serious agent and they can trust you. Design the business card in a way that looks simple yet eye-catching. 

Design it explaining what you are good at with some contact info and a website to direct them to learn more about your work. Order a graphic designer to create a card for you, and then when you visit someone, distribute them. The effect will be longer.

9. Start to Build Your Website

Hire a web designer and build your blog with a landing page if you are not that techy person. You can use WordPress to build a simple website. It will cost less than $100 a year and is very user-friendly. 

And also, do some SEO for your blog to rank them in google. So you can get free leads via search engines. But it will take time to rank at least a year. But building a site is filled with great rewards as an agent.

10. Learn More About Real Estate Sales

The last new real estate agent checklist is to learn more about the real estate industry. As a beginner, you know nothing. Just taking a course will not teach you all the ins and out of the industry. Learn more. The faster you can, the faster you will get leads, and the faster your business will grow.

More New Real Estate Agent Checklist for You

More Real Estate Agent Checklist for You

The list is endless, but these additional new real estate agent checklists will give you a good start in the game.

  • Have a reliable car.
  • A lightweight laptop.
  • A good camera phone.
  • A filing system.
  • A professional website.
  • Use Zillow and Trulia for your research.
  • Research all the nearby schools, crime rates in the area, reviews, average home prices, and other valuable information.
  • The proper real estate licenses with insurance.
  • An accounting app.
  • Your lead-generation ideas.
  • A transaction software.
  • Useful mobile apps for agents.
  • MLS search engine signup for real estate listings.
  • Learn Google map tricks.
  • Build a daily prospecting routine.
  • Create a business plan.

Last Words

So these are the must-have new real estate agent checklist you should follow to grow your career and business faster than everyone else. I know these are not easy, as I have explained. But with good discipline, you can do it. Follow the checklist step by step, and your work will be smoother. Good luck. Thanks for reading this article.

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