10 Best Free Real Estate CRM to Automate the Lead Generation

In this article, I will share the ten best free real estate CRM you must start using if you are a beginner and know nothing about this kind of software. Also, use these if you do not have the budget to buy premium software for your business. These real estate CRM will give you a good start while managing all the data in one place and at a time. 

You can also track all the processes and marketing campaigns you are doing. The app will send you automatic notifications if a lead is qualified and help you in your lead generation and client relationship management. You must use one.

What Can You do with a Free Real Estate CRM Software?

There are many things you can do even with free CRM. Some best options are listed below.

  • You can use it for team collaboration
  • Buyer and seller prediction
  • Tasks and to-dos list 
  • Calls management
  • Social media integration
  • Brand marketing
  • Email synchronization
  • Team communication
  • Lead generation idea naturing 
  • Follow-Ups and the remainder
  • Email marketing
  • General reporting
  • Automatic follow up
  • Tracking
  • Authentication with other apps
  • Integration with your vendor
  • Calendar and dates
  • Transaction management
  • Property listings promotion
  • Lead routing and capturing
  • Document storage and management
  • Sending newsletter management

Ten Best Free Real Estate CRM

You must be thinking, why do I need to use a CRM app? What is the need for it? Let me tell you, a real estate CRM will help you organize all your information and tasks about new incoming leads and also current and past clients.

For each client, you can add information such as the contact information, sales opportunities, the source where the contact came from, additional notes, and tasks to track the client and for follow-up. So here is the list of the best free real estate CRM software for you.

1. CRM from Your Brokerage

Use real estate CRM from Your Brokerage

The majority of brokers provide a free CRM for their agents. Many highly reputed brands, like Keller William Realty, Realogy, and many more, give free real estate CRM for their agents. That is the best option for you. If they do not provide you, you can ask for it or opt for a third-party app by following the list below.

2. HubSpot CRM

You may have known HubSpot as a blog. But they also offer a free CRM for life. HubSpot is not exactly a real estate CRM, but you can do almost all of your basic work with it. The only problem is you need to customize the CRM before using it for your real estate business. 

Dont try something complicated like creating dedicated accounts for each of your clients and putting data over them. It will be hard and time-consuming. You can do all the basic work. For more advanced work, you need a premium CRM.

3. Streak CRM

Streak CRM is an extension for Gmail, and you can use it from inside Gmail. You dont need a separate website to log in and manage the data. You can manage everything from Gmail. Just install the extension and create an account for it, and you are ready to use the real estate app with Google spreadsheet include in it.

It’s handy, as it lives with your Gmail, and you can do all the basic work by not opening another app, which is very time-saving. Streak is a good option for new real estate agents.

4. Real Office

It’s also great software and one of the best free real estate CRM out there because of its features. Real Office is simple and easy for new real estate agents who want make things done without having to set up something customs like the HubSpot CRM or all of the headaches.

With RealOffice, you can manage clients and leads in their database, set follow-ups, plan the next day, and send marketing emails, newsletters, and all the above lists that every other free CRM offers.

5. Podio CRM

Podio CRM

Podio is a customizable customer relationship management like a traditional content management system like WordPress. You can add third-party apps, extensions, and software for investment management, time tracking, email management, texting, calls, property information, and lead forms directly from the app. It is overall the best CRM you can use. 

6. Really Simple Systems

Really Simple System CRM is best for follow-up reminders and task management. But they also offer many other good features like document storage, sales forecasts, search and filters, customer records management, data import and export with support with webinars, email, online chat, and video tutorials. The features do not end, like unlimited for even the free version. You can try this one.

7. The Reel Geeks

Real Geeks provides a website filled with full-featured sales CRM primarily focused on generating leads. It has many features and filters to get the most out of your marketing efforts. For example, when a lead is qualified, you will receive an automatic notification with the source and geographical area. 

The system will send you follow-up triggers. You can also use email integration. If you want a CRM only for lead generation, then Reel Geeks is the best option for you to go with.

8. Bitrix 24 CRM

Bitrix 24 is a virtual platform designed for agents. You can set up video chats inside their CRM with clients and teams, as it allows an unlimited number of users. But screen sharing requires an upgrade to a paid plan. The best part is that CRM offers a good learning curve if you never touched a CRM before.

9. Total Brokerage

The features Total Brokerage offers can be overwhelming. The things this real estate CRM offers is unimaginable, yet they offer it for free, at least a few of them. It’s a good software loaded with lead, marketing, and transaction management options with some good accounting tools. 

You can use it for auto-responders, drip campaigns, customizable reporting, a built-in HTML editor, and whole database management. It’s an all-in-one CRM for you. Start with the free version, then if needed opt for the paid one. 

10. Google Sheets

Google sheets is not a CRM. We all know it. But the features it gives are not too different from a basic CRM. You can use it like a CRM with a few columns and row management in the spreadsheet. The best part is it’s completely free. As a new real estate agent, start with a Google spreadsheet, then move to a good CRM for more features and options.

Last Words

So these are the best free real estate CRM software for a new real estate agent. You try all of them and use the one that suits you, and then if you think it’s working very well for you, you can go for the paid version. For a professional real estate agent the paid version will be worth the investment. I leave that decision to you. Thanks for reading this article. See you soon.  

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