10 Realtor Safety Tips to Save Yourself from Getting Hurt

In this article, I will share ten realtor safety tips that can save you from those horrible situations that many agents are facing today while dealing with open houses, remote properties, vacant homes, and a neighborhood where the fear of attack always follows them. 

NAR’s Member Safety Survey says more than 30 percent of realtors reported being in a situation that caused them fear. Places like unsafe environments or areas, vacant or remote properties, and unlocked or unsecured properties.

Ten Best Realtor Safety Tips to Follow

Here, you will meet many clients on the journey. But not all of them will be pleasant and cool-minded. You need to know how to trick them if they attack you or try to do something that may hurt you or your real estate business. You have to be ready all the time. 

That is why follow these real estate agent safety checklists and know how to exit the situation if you are ever locked in it. Be completely aware of your surroundings using some research on the place and the person you are dealing with. So here are those ten must-have realtor safety tips for you. 

1. Let Someone Know Where You are Going

Let someone in your office or your personal circle know where you are going, why you are going, when you will be back, and who is your client with some details like their name, phone number, and any other relevant contact information. If you think it may become risky, then ask someone from your colleagues to call during your scheduled meeting to make sure you are safe. 

2. Verify Their Identities with a Document

Verify Their Identities with a Document

You should always verify your clients with legal documents and know how accurate their identity is and why you should not worry about that. Ask for a photocopy of their government ID before meeting any client, especially when you show them the house. If you do that, the chances are no one will ever able to scam you in this business.

3. Don’t Share Your Personal Information

Don’t make this mistake by sharing every contact detail you have at the beginning in order to look like a friend to them. Yes, you want to look trustworthy, but never share personal information with any unknown person instead share your business details. 

Never reveal where you live, how many children you have, where they go to school, and your plans after work. If someone is asking all these, know the problem has arrived. You must neglect the visit.

4. Always Stay in the Light to Avoid Attacks

Always try to show properties during daytime hours. But if you have to show them a house after dark, be aware and avoid going to any darkened room or lane. Stay in the light as much as possible so everyone can see you. 

Never go to a place where it is not safe there to travel at night. Not for you but also for your clients. If something happens to them, you will be responsible and a legal dispute may appear. Be careful.

5. Be Aware of the Area

I have seen these. There are some neighborhoods where normal citizens do not come out at night, and agents do not deal there after dark. If you ever found yourself dealing with that kind of neighborhood, be aware of it all the time.

It is one of the best realtor safety tips you should use to be safe. Before entering the house, take a moment to scan and answer these questions.

  • Are you noticing something unusual? 
  • Is there anything that can harm you or your client? 
  • Are all windows and doors locked? 

Try to predict what may happen to you and what can cause that. I would say, avoid those places, no matter how high the commission rate is.

6. Walk Behind Your Clients if You Notice Something Unusual

When showing a house to a client, have them walk in front of you and let them explore by themselves, especially in a situation, where you can not turn back, like when going downstairs. Never leave yourself in a vulnerable position where they can attack you. Talk to them to direct them to specific areas of the house but walk behind.

One more thing that you should know. If a client attacks you in a remote location, you will not have many options to save yourself. The best defense is not to go there or delay the visit until you have collected some background data on them. If you hurry, you will get hit. Know it. 

7. Don’t Let Them Drive

Don't Let Them Drive your car as a realtor

Many clients will want to drive your car by telling you what a wonderful car it is. Can I drive? Don’t let them. Don’t think about running the relationship. Tell them in a friendly way and get rid of that idea. Always drive your own car to keep yourself safe.

8. Set a Physical Button Ready for Emergency Calls

Just tell me, how fast can you access your phone to dial 911? It should not be away, rather than one button press. Keep your phone within reach during a visit to ensure you can easily access emergency numbers if needed. 

Nowadays, there are many Spy watches with GPS location sender features. You can buy one of those and send a message to your office if you get attacked.

9. Be Extra Careful When Checking a Lonely House 

Bring a friend, or team up with another real estate agent. So you have another person with you. When you leave the house go through all rooms, check all doors and windows are locked and check closets and other spaces to ensure those are as is it before you visited them with the client. 

10. Know a Little About Self Defense

Self-defense training is good but not a must-have talent for realtor safety tips, but you should be prepared. Many communities near you offer self-defense courses. You can join them for a small training. You can also carry some defensive weapons, a pepper spray, a licensed firearm, a pocket knife, or an emergency beacon. Whatever fist you. Knowing a little about self-defense, especially if you are a woman. It will save you from many disasters.

More Real Estate Agent Safety Tips

More Real Estate Agent Safety Tips
  • Avoid showing them photos that display something expensive in the house.
  • Don’t agree to a remote location house unless you already know the client.
  • Drive through the neighborhood before you let your client visit it.
  • Look for exits prior to showing a house to a client.
  • Keep exit doors unlocked in case you want to run.
  • Don’t wear any expensive jewelry.
  • Leave your purse in the car.
  • Dress professionally and don’t look like an amateur.
  • Buy a personal security app if possible.
  • Trust your instincts because they don’t lie.

Last Words

So these are the best realtor safety tips that you can follow to keep yourself safe while visiting a remote location house, open house, or a bad neighborhood. Your clients will not be as good as you expect them to be. You must be ready all the time to defend yourself. Know life is far more important than business, and act that way. I wish you the best of luck. Thanks for reading. See you soon. 

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