10 Creative Canva Real Estate Designs to Get More Likes

In this article, I will share the ten best Canva real estate tips to make your design stand out with a little effort. As you know, Canva is the best graphic design platform for a beginner who never touched Photoshop and knows nothing about designing art. 

With a simple drag-and-drop option, Canva makes it easy to design anything you want within a few minutes as they provide 100s of inbuilt real estate templates on the platform.

Ten Creative Canva Real Estate Tips

I personally design everything for my site and social media using Canva. The free version of Canva is powerful. But the pro version will give you many free stock images, clip art, and templates that you can use to design faster. First, use the free version, and then if needed, sign up for the pro version. 

1. Use Inbuilt Canva Real Estate Templates

Start using some Canva real estate templates that you will find in the template section. There are templates for every type of marketing a real estate agent needs.

Those pre-made templates are designed to help you create quick posts for our Social Media Posts, Physical Mails, Newsletters, and Infographics. Plus, you can also find new designs to make your own template out of it as a branded design of yours. They are easy to use. Just try them. You will see.

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2. Use Grids to Give It a Unique Touch

You can combine your images and other items into a grid in Canva. For me using grids saved a lot of time and enhanced my designs. You can choose the grid you want for your design and how you want to place it. Everything is there in Canva.

3. Don’t Use too Fancy Fonts and Colors

Use HD Photos from Library, Pixabay, or Pixels

Use normal sans serif font and a few colors with it. Don’t make it fancy or filled with many colors. Design it in a way that looks good and does attract attention to a particular thing. And don’t worry about the pixels. On the web, pixels do not matter. Only when you print it, then a 300px is required. So make it normal and save your time.

4. Use HD Photos from Library, Pixabay, or Pixels

Don’t use any low-resolution images. It can make your property listings look unprofessional. Use high-quality images from Pixabay, Unsplash, and other royalty-free sources or from the Canva library. The problem is on a free plan, the quality you can export is limited to 80. If your budget supports it, use their pro person and get a 100-quality image that looks more stunning.

5. Explore all the Cliparts, Shapes, and other elements

Canva gives a built-in library of clipart, human faces, homes, agent, shapes, and many other elements. You dont have to go to other sites like Cleanpng.com, and Freepik.com to find those Canva has it all. Use those arts, shapes, and other designing elements if you need them. 

6. Make Sure Your Text is Grammarly Correct

I myself made this mistake while putting text on my social media posts. Use Grammarly or any grammar correction tool to make the writing look professional, and then use them on the design. A simple grammatical error might ruin your brand name. 

7. Think Out Side of the Box

You dont always have to use photos and text in your design. Use arrows, circles, lines, and other Canva real estate elements to draw the client’s eye to certain parts of the image or to guide them to click at a certain spot. You can do anything by thinking just a little outside of the box.

8. Delete Unnecessary Things

When choosing a Canva real estate template, you will find many designs that are not required for your design. Remove them instantly. Don’t think let them stay as it is. No, it’s your design, and you should be responsible for its attractiveness. Those things might make the design cluttery. You should remove them and all other unnecessary things that come with default.

9. Save Your Time Using These Tips

Save Your Time On Canva Using These

In Canva, there are many new things to learn. Taking time to learn those features will pay off later. But here are some instant tips you can use right now to save some time. But most of them are available with the PRO plan.

  • Connect all your social media accounts to Canva and post them directly with the PRO plan. 
  • You can also schedule those content and send them at a selected time.
  • Select a special template for each social media platform and design the post by using it. So that you don’t have to wonder which template to use for the next post.
  • You can also save time by automatically redesigning a single post for all the social media accounts. Canva can do that for you. You will create one single post, and Canva will create different-sized posts for you automatically.
  • You can also use a transparent image if you need them for a design. Canva covers it all.

In short, to save your precious time, you can do many things with the PRO plan for a little fee every month or the yearly plan.

10. Combine Real Estate Templates for a Unique Design

Canva has hundreds of templates created specifically for real estate agents and investors. Here is a little detail about what you can expect from the site.

  • Over 150 real estate templates
  • Over 80 Real estate flyers.
  • Over 70 real estate business card designs.
  • Over 50 newsletter templates.
  • And many video templates, social media graphics, slide shows, yard signs, and brochures.

Just explore them, and you will know what to use for your project.

Last Words

So these are the ten best Canva real estate tips that I can give you from my experience. The free version is good for a basic design. But the PRO version is suitable for a professional real estate agent if you have the budget. I hope this article helped you to know more about Canva real estate design. Thanks for reading.

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