Top 10 Free Real Estate Courses I Have Found Online

In this article, I will share the ten best free real estate courses I have found online that you can sign up for and improve your real estate knowledge. But when it comes to certificates, it’s rare. Most free courses will not give you any certificate. But the education is solid. To get the certificate, you may need to buy it.

These courses are offered by Udemy, Coursera, LinkedIn learning, and many top universities around the globe, like Yelp University, MIT, Harvard, and many more. You just enroll and get all those videos for free to watch and learn with a few PDFs and practice sheets. 

Ten Free Real Estate Courses on Online

Most free real estate courses might contain PDF lecture notes, slides, videos, and additional resources, and some courses offer assignments, projects, and exams from the original course for your practice. But you can not submit them to the university. 

Free course means you are on your own with almost no support from the Lecturer. But in some rare cases, they give support and a certificate. You have to check that. So here are those free real estate courses that I have found online.

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1. Real Estate Investing for Beginners

Peter Harris, the author of Commercial Real Estate Investing for Dummies, created this course for absolute beginners. You will learn everything about commercial real estate investing and what it takes for anyone to own their first commercial real estate investment property.

  • Platform: Udemy
  • Duration: 6 hr 39 min
  • Instructor: Peter Harris
  • Ratings: 3,250 ratings (4.6 stars)
  • Students: 56,000

You will also learn the different asset classes and which one to target and why, with many evaluation rules and processes to make a deal easy like a PRO. Peter also warns us about the common pitfalls and how to avoid them when investing in commercial real estate with many of his own secrets. 

Plus, special tips for investing in Apartments, Self Storage, Mobile homes, Shopping centers, and Office buildings. A beginner should not miss it as it is one of the best free real estate courses right now.

2. How to Become a Real Estate Agent

free Real Estate Agent course online

How to become a real estate agent is a short and simple real estate course created by Jeff Crowe just 30 minutes long but explains everything you need to know to become an agent from scratch. 

  • Platform: Udemy
  • Duration: 30 min
  • Instructor: Jeff Crowe
  • Ratings: 1,730 ratings (4.7 stars)
  • Students: 24,160

It will teach you about the pre-licensing process, the real estate licensing exam, and strategies for choosing a broker. Take this course if you are absolutely new here.

3. Yale University Courses on Coursera

Yale Universities Courses cover nearly every department with real estate, sciences, math, writing, social sciences, and business. The courses offer lectures via video, audio, and written transcripts with exams and other resources.

  • Platform: Coursera
  • Duration: 34 hours
  • Instructor: Robert Shiller
  • Ratings: 24,164 ratings (4.8 stars)
  • Students: 1.4 million

For example, Financial Markets by Robert Shiller is a free lecture course. Over 1.4 million are already enrolled. It teaches you about those ideas, methods, and institutions that allow human society to manage risks and enterprise with financially-savvy leadership skills.

4. Construction Finance

Construction Finance by Ibrahim Odeh covers fundamental economics for various construction projects with a basic explanation of terms, definitions, and calculations. He also explains the importance of cash flow and risks in construction finance.

  • Platform: Coursera
  • Duration: 18 hours
  • Instructor: Ibrahim Odeh
  • Ratings: 1,000 ratings (4.8 stars)
  • Students: 28,000

The course contains many case studies, project management, construction finance, real estate basics, and financial modeling. A long but worthy course for you to enroll in.

5. Starting Your Career in Real Estate

Starting your career in real estate is a short course by Future Learn, a well-known online course platform like Coursera. In this course, you will learn the role of property investment, development, and management in globalization.

  • Platform: Future Learn
  • Duration: 3 weeks (2 hours weekly)
  • Instructor: Victor Nicholls, Edward Shepherd, and Emma Street
  • Ratings: 186 reviews (4.8 stars)
  • Students: 26,660

It will also teach you about new career opportunities and how to build a career in this field. The course is designed for a beginner who knows nothing about the global real estate industry.

6. Seven Streams of Real Estate Income

Seven streams of real estate income is a short course. It is available on LinkedIn Learning with over 4.7 ratings. The course share seven ways to earn money in the real estate business with reviews.

  • Platform: LinkedIn Learning
  • Duration: 50 mins
  • Instructor: WealthFit
  • Ratings: 100 ratings (4.7 stars)
  • Students: 10,180

Plus, some special tips to generate cash flow quickly and creative ideas for creating passive income. You will have all the basic knowledge about the real estate industry and how to get started. 

7. MIT Free Real Estate Courses

MIT is a great place to locate some free training, offering one of the largest libraries of free courses. They allow students to search for courses by topic and department. These courses provide downloadable lecture notes, assignments, and projects from the original course. Here are some free courses that MIT offers with limited knowledge.

  • Real estate finance
  • Real estate capital markets
  • Real estate investment

8. Real Estate Exam Preparation

Real Estate Exam Prep courses

Real estate exam preparation is the perfect course for you if you are about to take your real estate licensing exam also with interested in learning the concepts of real estate.

  • Platform: Udemy
  • Duration: 58 min
  • Instructor: Jeff Crowe
  • Ratings: 484 ratings (4.0 stars)
  • Students: 11,000

The curriculum of this course will cover what you need to know to be prepared for the real estate exam and pass it. It includes all the topics for you, like License law, Financing, Agency, How to value property, Types of ownership, and Negotiations.

9. Courses offers a number of training videos with live webinars and practical tips for real estate professionals. All the courses are in demand, and you can register to access them. Their videos contain quick tips to full-length tutorials. 

Many courses by are made by their professional agents who teach how to properly use social media, team building, and lead generation. With a account, you can access those courses.

10. Introduction to Negotiation

The Introduction to Negotiation course will help you be a better real estate negotiator. They give a framework that will allow you to make arguments that persuade your clients. You can predict, interpret, and shape the behavior of your clients and then take action accordingly.

  • Platform: Coursera
  • Duration: 58 min
  • Instructor: Barry Nalebuff
  • Ratings: 4,484 ratings (4.9 stars)
  • Students: 478,000

Please Note

I don’t guarantee that all the free real estate courses discussed here will remain free forever. They may not. Please check each and every course before joining. This article is for educational purposes only.

Last Words

So these are the best free real estate courses I have found online that you can enroll in and learn on the way. Some courses will take more time than others, but the lectures will be worth it if you invest that time. 

If you have any doubt, you can contact those instructors on LinkedIn, as on free courses, the instructor does not always offer any support. What course you will choose is up to you. Learn more and earn more.

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