10 Best Real Estate PPC Ideas to Generate More Active Clicks

In this article, I will share the ten best real estate PPC tips for generating more active clicks and leads for your business. PPC stands for Pay Per Click. You will only pay when a lead clicks on your ad. It is one of the most cost-effective lead generators for an agent as it can capture actively searching clients on various search engines.

A PPC ad may appear at the top, bottom, and banner sections of the Search Page (SERP). The most popular form of PPC ad is Google and Bing, with Amazon, Yahoo, and Yelp also. PPC advertising remains one of the ultimate ways to reach your target audience with low competition.

Ten Best Real Estate PPC Tips

Before I share those PPC tips, I want to let you know how a PPC campaign can help your business grow. Let’s take an example. When a client types in Homes for Sale in Miami. Instead of advertising to the masses, you can target the exact place and the keyword for potential leads. It will save you money and help you get quality leads. 

Nowadays, Google ads do not allow ad targeting based on Zip codes for privacy reasons, but you can target them by a radius like between 50 miles from here. So here are those ten best real estate PPC tips for you.

1. Know Who is Your Ideal Customer

Before you plan your real estate PPC campaign, answer these questions to clarify what exactly you want.

  • What areas do you want to target?
  • What type of homes do you want to sell?
  • Who is your ideal customer for both buyer and seller?

To do this, use the free tool Google Keyword Planner to find related keywords based on what people are actively searching for and see how they might perform. You can also use Ahrefs, Semrush, and other well-known keyword research tools but the Google Keyword planner is free for advertisers.

Now let the artificial intelligence of Google Adwords do the work. The tool will recommend how to use your funds more effectively and have the most effective campaign with projected monthly and quarterly performance. But you can also do it manually for better control.

2. Create a Good Landing Page

Optimize your landing page for PPC ad

When the visitor is looking through that landing page, make sure they do what you want them to do (contact you). To do that, consider using lead capture software with a catchy lead magnet that invites them to enter their contact information by giving them something for free, like a free home valuation service, a free PDF, or a free subscription. People like free things.

Google pays attention to the relevance and usefulness of your landing page connected to your ad. Make sure that the landing page is exactly what the user is expecting. Otherwise, your ad will not perform well enough.

3. Improve the Ad Quality Score

Google uses a Quality Score metric to determine how good your ad is for the user. Pay close attention to this Score. It will help you make the best choices when designing your PPC campaign. 

If your ad is of good quality in the eyes of Google, it will get more impressions and clicks, and your CTR will improve, which ultimately will bring you more money in sales. Improve your ad Quality Score.

4. Deliver a Stand-out Feature

Improving ad quality might not be enough. You also need to deliver some stand-out features with it, like Sitelink extensions that show what specific landing page a click will lead to. It will provide direct access to what they want to know. 

If Google is saying your overall Quality Score is low, know you need to make some changes. Don’t push or fight Google on this. They want your ad to do well. Improve and change if Google says so.

5. Improve your Overall Optimization Score 

Google AdWords has a feature called Recommendations. It shows how to improve your ad. For example, the tool may suggest new keywords that a target audience is currently using, which makes it more relevant to your ideal audience. 

When you apply these recommendations, your optimization score will improve. A better optimization score will lead to a higher CTR and more leads to your real estate business. It’s an advance real estate PPC tip, but you can have a try.

6. Write a Great Ad Copy

Whatever you do, you must make the ad copy great and appealing. 

A well-written ad copy is concise, clear, and to the point. Your visitors must not face confusion on the link they are about to click. What is your offer, and what to expect if they click it? They must know that. 

Very simple, supply the demand. Don’t try anything fancy. Just follow the basic economic model and make it simple and clear.

7. Create for the Target Audience Specifically

A specific ad will catch your client’s attention and tell them they have found what they are looking for. It will fulfill their needs and wants and motivate them to take the next step (Click). You need to identify the exact problem and offer a solution to it. Designing this part is difficult, but if you hire someone that will make your work easy.

8. Advertise on Bing also

Advertise on Bing also for PPC

For many professionals, Google is the only way to run real estate PPC campaigns. Yes, Google is the biggest of them all, but Bing is a worthy opponent, and you should not miss it. Here is a quick idea of what Bing can do for your PPC campaign. 

  • There are more than five billion searches on Bing every month.
  • One-third of the users on Bing have a household income of over $100k.
  • The average age of Bing users is 35.
  • Over 35 percent of US desktop searches are on Bing.
  • The maximum not of people who use Bing is in the US.
  • Bing PPC ads also show up on Yahoo Search Page.

So after looking at this data, I am sure you don’t want to miss Bing for your real estate PPC ad campaign. In Bing PPC, you can target a large number of easy leads left out by other agents.

9. Follow up with Your Leads

After applying these PPC tips, do follow up with the lead. Your campaign will then become successful when those visitors will become good leads, and to do that, you have to get in touch with them and follow us once a month or two.

It can be as simple as a phone call, text, social media engagement, or in-person talk. It depends on your customer and how they like it. Be patient and continue the process. You will see the result soon.

10. Other Real Estate PPC Tips

  • When calling the leads, pretend you are calling a friend, not a client. Create a friendship that lasts.
  • Monitor your CRM daily to see who is active, and try giving them a chat online.
  • Set up each lead on a monthly market based on the areas.
  • Use tags to filter your leads.
  • Use the urgency filter to find hot and cold leads.
  • Always focus on providing value. So when the time comes to buy a property, they call you first.
  • Redesign the follow-up process and learn from other successful agents.

Last Words

So these are the ten proven real estate PPC tips that agents use to get more active clicks and leads for their business. If your budget supports it, you can run ads on multiple search engines, especially on Bing, as there the competition is low compared to Google. I wish you the best of luck.

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