10 Real Estate TikTok Ideas to Make the Algorithm Like You

In this article, I will share the best real estate TikTok tips that will help you gain more hearts, comments, and followers as you know how trendy and addictive the platform TikTok is. If you know the algorithm and target to appear in the For You section, you can have a chance to go viral quickly. I will share what to do to go viral and how to use those trending songs and other viral ideas.

But first, get familiar with the app and try to find out how the thing works. Post a few trial videos, find out what works best with the analytics TikTok provides, and then plan your content accordingly. Try to capture people’s attention in the first three seconds so that they remain interested, engage with your videos, and ultimately start to follow you. 

Ten Best Real Estate TikTok Tips Leveraging The Algorithm

The primary reason TikTok spread phenomenally is for its For You page and its algorithm-driven, quick feed of video content. The videos that appear on the user For You feed are curated using their location, interests, search history, and the way they interact. These metrics determine what content TikTok gives to its users. 

New users like you can create content that has the potential to reach a wide audience and even go viral without any promotion. Using these ideas and opportunities can save your marketing budget. So here are those ten real estate TikTok tips you need to master.

Trendy songs and music are a huge part of real estate TikTok content. Most trendy songs reach their full potential or get the No one spot on Spotify or Apple music after they go viral on TikTok. Over 90 percent of users believe music is critical to the TikTok experience and over 95 percent of top-performing videos use trendy songs and music that makes them go viral.

Those viral songs create an addiction in the human mind, and people rewatch those videos many times, hence increasing your engagement and chance of going viral. So, keep track of those trendy songs and create videos on them.

2. Use Real Estate TikTok Hashtags

Use Real Estate Tik Tok Hashtags

Using the right hashtag can hit the right audience. TikTok users search and the algorithm recommends content using hashtags in different trending niches. If you use some well-planned hashtags, it can boost your engagement by over 40 percent. 

Here are a few rules on what hashtags to use on your real estate TikTok lead generation videos.

  • Use broad hashtags, like #SummerHomes.
  • Use niche-specific hashtags, like #NewMobileHomes.
  • Use trending hashtags.
  • Don’t use anything too specific, like #HomesAt23bStreet.
  • Experiment with hashtags to find out the best-performing ones.

You can also spy on your competitors and copy their hashtags but do it with a plan, not randomly. It may hurt your videos.

3. Identify Your Real Estate Niche

Real estate is a broad niche, and you don’t want your viewers to have confusion about what services you offer. Sticking to single niche content with a consistent post is the key to getting in front of interested viewers, especially in the For You section. A niche tells visitors what you and your company in all about. 

The more relevant and specific each of your content will be, the more likely TikTok’s algorithm will push your videos in front of people, who might be interested in that content. The analytics will tell you where your videos are seen and from where it’s getting the engagement. Then using those metrics creates similar videos to come again in front of those viewers. Maintain your niche, especially at the beginning stage.

4. Spy on Your Competition

I don’t recommend it at the beginning stage. Use this real estate TikTok tip after you have spent some time on the platform. Your competition can tell you what you are doing right and what you need to improve. They are doing something that you are not doing till now. That is why you are getting results like they are getting. 

So when looking at your TikTok competition, try to answer the following question.

  • What videos are getting the most views and engagement? 
  • What is their audience discussing in the comments?
  • Which topics are they covering the most and what not?
  • What type of content are people asking for?
  • Can you produce similar content but far better than them?

If you can answer these questions, you will have ideas about what to work on next and how to improve your engagement. But don’t copy directly. It will create a plagiarism issue, and TikTok will not boost your videos. Take inspiration but create your own videos.

5. Use Text and Captions Creatively 

Use a catchy caption that creates curiosity. It can tell visitors and the platform what the video is all about and why they should watch it completely. Plus, the ability to watch videos with a small text and caption allows users to enjoy your videos anywhere. 

Research says videos that have a short caption or text within the video perform relatively well compared to those, that do not. It helps increase overall engagement. Do use a good caption in your real estate TikTok videos.

6. Re-post Using a Plan

Re-posting is the only thing that most new real estate agents do not like. They think that people will know that you have re-posted them again, and it will create a bad impression. So they spend multiple hours per day creating unique content.

But re-post your old videos time on time. Every day people scroll through hundreds of videos on several social media apps. Chances are that they have missed some of your old content, the platform did not recommend them earlier, or if they have seen it, they have probably forgotten about it. 

Re-posting means just keeping your audience alive, as creating those new videos will cost you time and money. Re-posting your old videos with a little change can save you time and help you gain more engagement. But don’t overdo it. People will unfollow you.

7. Use CTAs but in Limits

Use CTAs in TikTok for real estate lead

Do not become that agent who uses his TikTok account to promote his new listings and beg for new leads. If you do that, people will skip it, and on time TikTok algorithm will not recommend it. Use CTA (Call to Action) but in limit.

First, you need to build a loyal following, and then after some time, test those CTAs at the end of your videos. For example, click the link in the bio to know more about these homes. That way, people will click, as they have already trusted you, and you are giving them extra value by clicking that link. Think about value, not just click. Your CTA will work marvelously.

8. Post With Consistency

You may have heard the super inspirational quote Consistency is the Key, and for TikTok, it is. They love fresh content like any other social media platform. If you post at least one video a day, the chances are the algorithm will start to push your content as it seems a genuine person is creating videos for them. 

I have seen many people produce over ten videos in a day. You dont have to if you dont have that budget. But posting more frequently will surely help you reach more people and gain new loyal followers.

9. Measure What is Working

After following all the real estate TikTik tips, measure what’s working and what’s not. Identify those videos that have performed the most and know what made them do so using TikTok’s analytics.

After identifying those metrics, plan to create similar videos with similar intent and then post them and see if that is working. If it works, then know you have found a good hack if not, try another. Continue this till you have identified the algorithm for your types of videos.

10. Use a CRM to Track Them All

You also need to keep track of your content time by time. Use a real estate CRM and put all of your video data side by side, and track them. The CRM will help you plan your future content better and keep you organized.

Last Words

So these are the best real estate TikTok tips that you should use to break the algorithm and gain more likes, comments, and followers on your account. Use CTAs in limits so that people trust you when they click, and use re-posts to keep them engaged, all the time. I wish you the best of luck.

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