10 Real Estate Copywriting Rules for Attracting New Leads

In this article, I will share ten real estate copywriting rules you must know to attract more clients through your online and offline ad copy and blog headline. It starts with understanding what your clients really want and what might persuade them. 

For example, some want a house but are short on budget, some do not care about the budget but want the best house possible with lots of amenities, and some want a balance between them. You have to know what you are targeting and who is your ideal customer. 

Then you can write an eye-catching full of benefits ad copy, blog headline, and landing page to influence them to take the next step using some creative copywriting ideas. And that is to click on the link or take the phone and call you.

Ten Real Estate Copywriting Rules for You

In simple terms, real estate copywriting is the art of writing content for digital or print material that influences your probable purchaser to buy a house. A good and influential ad copy can make a huge difference in online ad clicks and phone calls on the offline market.

Today, most ad campaigns still use the old form of marketing, like direct mail, brochures, flyers, TV ads, street signs, promotional events, google ads, Facebook ads, and many other online listings ads. In every place good real estate copywriting is required to get the most from your marketing expenses. It’s the ad copy that makes all the difference. 

So here are those real estate copywriting tips to get the most result from your marketing and organic lead-generation efforts through blog headlines.

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1. Use the ROT Copywriting Method

Copywriting is all about writing all those headlines that people see most of the time over 95 percent and will definitely click. Here ROT can help. It means the results they want, the list of objections they have, and the time it will take. 

It is a world-class copywriting rule that many ad experts use to make their ad copy more attractive and capture the attention of the targeted audience. Here is an example.

  • Results: Buy a wonderful house.
  • Objections: They probably do not have that money right now.
  • Time: They need a house in quick time.

Combine all three and try to come up with an ad copy that answers their question. Write at least 25 headlines for it, then see what looks the most promising and then use it.

2. Focus more on The Headline

Look, in real estate copywriting, it’s all about the perfect blog headline. I also try to improve my article’s headline to be as attractive as possible without misleading visitors. The first thing people will see is your content’s headline in your ad copy, blog title, Youtube video titles, and social media post captions. And 95 percent of them will think once before clicking it.

Focus your maximum efforts on the headline and try to make it appealing. If your CTR is not good enough, although your ad and content are good then know you have to modify your headline. There are many online tools that you can use to design your headline with some Power words, Numbers, and Emotional feelings. Create a headline that appeals to your client. So they click and read the inner ad or blog.

3. Make it Simple and to the Point

copywriting for real estate Make it Simple

Don’t overwhelm the user with log format text. Instead, use concise and clear language so they can understand the message quickly. If there is any confusion, rewrite your ad copy until it makes sense.

Write in plain English without being boring, and keep your sentences short but interesting to capture attention quickly. Create more manageable paragraphs. So all the information becomes easy to find. If you write your headline and this small introduction well, your visit may convert into leads.

4. Use Power Words to Evoke Emotions

The Power words bring power to your ad copy or your headline. They can evoke emotions in the visitor’s mind and make them take the next step. For example, use words like Dream House instead of Beautiful House or Best home instead of Nice home. But use only one power word in an ad copy. Don’t use them aggressively, as it may create a bad impression.

5. Tells an Attention-Grabbing Story

It is much easier to sell a house when there is an engaging story for it. For example, the house had a famous owner, or the neighborhood has a rich history and is a place for tourists. So find a story and use it in your ad description, slogans, and landing page. You will see your real estate leads will improve.

6. Give Them Benefits, Not Features

Show Benefits, NOT Features in copywrtting

Don’t explain to them all the features your house has. As nobody cares. They want to solve their problem, which is a quality house at an affordable price in a good location and you must also focus on that. You can write something like this:

  • Quality housing at an affordable price with a good location near David 26 st neat the highway.

Remember, clients don’t care what features your properties bring to the table, but the benefits attract them. It motivates clients to take the next step. Display benefits, not features.

7. Make Yourself Look Like an Expert

Selling yourself as an expert via your real estate copywriting is one of the best skills you can master. People like experts who know what they are talking about and can deliver what you are promising. So deliver your expertise in a way that is easy for the reader to understand on your landing pages and ad copy.

8. Use Eye-Catching Photography with a Caption

Using beautiful photography in your ad copy with a catchy caption is one of the most effective marketing strategies you can adopt for your business. It works as it appeals more to the eyes of potential buyers who are looking for dream homes. Catchy visuals create space in the human mind psychologically that they dont forget soon.

9. Use Online Copyrighting Tools

There are tons of AI copywriting tools available online for free to create a perfect Headline for your ad copy or your blog headline. And there is ChatGPT, the new game changer in the AI world. Use those coping tools and create the most promising ad copy for you to use that look human and encourage people to take the next step.

10. Try Different Headlines

As a thumb rule says, write a minimum of 25 headlines before you select one. That way, your headline becomes the best version that can ever exist. You can also use headline generator tools that are available online to get an idea of what specific word to use in your ad copy. 

Those tools can give you attractive headlines by following all the rules. But I think you should use your creativity that will make the copy more human. And also, keep track of what headlines get the most clicks by altering them time by time and fixing the one that has generated the most clicks.

Last Words

So these are the best real estate copywriting rules you must follow when designing your ad copy and blog headline or landing page. It will help you get more clicks and leads to your real estate business. But use them keeping in mind the Value and Benefit, not just more clicks.

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