10 Real Estate Infographics Ideas to Boost Your Engagement

In this article, I will share ten real estate infographics ideas that can boost your engagement on your social media pages and search engines as they have the highest engagement rates, just below the video. They are great for SEO and building backlinks from authoritative sites to your site. 

You can improve your conversion rates when working with real estate infographics, as visual marketing has a unique attraction factor. It can be the perfect landing page for your customers to give them all information in a single place and can know your value instantly. 

The beauty of infographics is that it shows up first for every search, even before the article in Google. So if you want to be on the first page, here is your opportunity.

Ten Best Real Estate Infographics Ideas

Infographics are visual presentations marketers use to simplify complex data and analysis into a much more understanding visual representation using graphics, images, text, colors, and more. 

Many pre-built infographic templates are available online for free, designed for the real estate industry, like explaining market research using a flowchart, a map representation, and a visual list. Although the design can be anything you want. But it must create engagement as creating these infographics takes a good amount of time. So here are those real estate infographics ideas you can use to get more social media engagements and backlinks.

1. Share Real Estate Stats

Share Real Estate Stats as graphics

People love stats. Create real estate graphics that simplify complex statistics and make it easier for them to remember. If you do this consistently, your visitors will begin to trust you, and you will become their favorite source of new real estate stats.

2. Just Sold Infographics

Create just-sold real estate graphics that showcase your latest sales, explaining who bought it and for what price and the location of those homes. It will tell your visitors that you are a genuine agent and know how to find good quality homes at affordable prices. Just sold real estate infographics show why they should choose you as you have the result in front of them.

3. Real Estate Document Infographics 

Document infographics are always in demand as real estate law changes year after year. If you create an Infographic listing all the documents your customer will need when buying a house, they will increase your overall engagement. It does not have to be fancy, just a simple checklist with a few new rules.

List your documents in the right order with a few icons. Use a good template, and make it stand out on your social media too. If it is relevant, people will start to post it on their social media and websites, giving you a genuine backlink and SEO boost, as these will signal to Google that the page has some quality information.

4. Price Comparison Infographics

You can also do a price comparison checklist to let them know why the price varies from property to property and area to area. But be transparent and present it in a way that looks real and promising. Use special colors to highlight a few points. So that the customer can read them easily. Create a solid infographic that simplifies the various prices in the house.

5. Home Improvement Tips

These kinds of real estate graphics are super visual to the human eyes, and they not just tell but shows the ways and instrument used to improve a house. You can share what colors are trending nowadays, some interior design tips to improve the look of the house, floor design, home valuation tips, and other hidden repair hacks that most people are not aware of. Use this infographic idea.

6. Share Weekly Market Updates

Share Weekly Market Update as graphics

Share weekly market updates on what’s happning in the housing market using monthly market stats. You can get the house from the MLS listing graphics as they combine that info in one place. You can take all the data from there and create your own infographic. Take the most interesting market updates and post them on your social media and website.

7. New Events Infographics

If you are organizing an online event, create a graphic around it and let people know what benefit they can get if they join. Many realtors use this idea to promote their webinars and try to grab people’s attention. Use it, as everyone loves free webinars.

8. Home Buying Tips Step by Step

You can also share the whole home-buying process in step by step format. Finding a beautiful home, analyzing it, arranging the finances, and ways to make their dream come true is a long process that takes about 90 days to complete. If you tell people what to do next, people will appreciate your knowledge and engage with your real estate infographics.

9. How to Choose a Good Real Estate Agent

Choosing a good real estate agent is always a pain. If you tell them what to look for in an agent and when to avoid them will give you trust and a genuine response from the visitors. That way you will promote yourself and help them find a good agent. Maybe they will approach you as their primary agent. You have that chance.

10. Property Location Infographics

Create a location infographic that shows the map and exactly where the house is located by pointing out the nearby schools, colleges, hospitals, parks, train stations, and bus stations. You can keep these location real estate graphics simple or broad, as per your business needs.

But also explain the safety of the neighborhood, the average price, and the demographics ad how it can impact their life. Use icons, images, and colors to make your infographic more appealing.

Last Words

So these are the best real estate infographics ideas you can use to improve your engagement and rankings by gaining quality backlinks from authoritative sites. But you must design them professionally and make them more appealing to your client. So that they appreciate your work. Thanks for making it to the end. See you soon.

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